Antifa scum are at it again. This time, they shutdown the Milo/Shkreli event (dubbed #Shkrelopoulos) at UC Davis. It’s sad to see the powers the be there at the school bend to the will of a bunch of violent thugs who hate free speech, but things looked at a near-riot level.

Even Laurie Penny can’t deny the blatant thuggery she’s witnessing, although she shamefully tries to spin it against Trump supporters…

I’d have to agree, Martin. This is a disgrace. I also love how he goes right in the middle of these punks and starts shit-talking them.

Milo chimed in over on Facebook…

I’ll update this disgraceful story as more comes in.


UPDATE: From one of the main sites used to organize this kind of behavior

Professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos will be coming to UW as part of his “Dangerous Faggot” speaking tour on Friday January 20th and will be speaking in room 130 of Kane Hall from 7-10PM. If you’re not familiar with his work, here is a cited list of some of the disgusting behavior he engages in. We are of the opinion that this behavior can not be ignored. Instead he’s testing what we will ignore so that he can escalate. This is not a child’s temper tantrum, but an abusers strategy. Ignoring this today kills women, trans folks, Muslims, and people of color tomorrow. Silence against abusers in power is violence against marginalized people.

While some people are advocating for an approach of ignoring him, as if that will magically make the white nationalists and other bigots who support him disappear from campus that day, we feel that it is imperative that his presence is resisted. We respect the autonomy and choice of individuals who do not want to be present to oppose him whether it is because they don’t feel safe being there, they believe free speech includes allowing people to come to campus and specifically target and attack already marginalized groups, or because they will be downtown participating in the autonomous breakaway march or the multitude of other actions happening. However, we also recognize that there are plenty of people who desire to and are ready to show up to oppose Milo and we want to create a space for folks to do that.
With that in mind, please spread this call-out far and wide through your networks! Get with your crews, discuss tactics and safety measures, and get yourselves to the action if you want to help us resist the type of ideology that is engendered by the incoming regime rather than just say you are against it. Should the UW administration suddenly decide to reverse course in the coming days and decide to actually defend the multicultural, safe community it claims to to wants to create then we will be joining our friends and allies at the marches downtown. Until then, we are preparing and expecting to show up to resist Milo on #J20.
Where: Meet in front of Kane Hall
When: Friday January 20th, 6:30PM
What: Take action to resist Milo and type of world he advocates for.