We’ve talked about Portland here on the site a couple times. Not because it’s a great city, although it might be (I’ve never been). It’s not even because you can buy a fat sack of legal weed there, which is a lovely trait. No, it’s because since Donald Trump has been elected, there’s been at least two riots in the downtown area.

Ah…make that three. As always, at least here on TRR, we turn to our completely unofficial and unpaid (at least by me) Portland correspondent, Mike Bivens…among other sources…








Best to have a good insurance policy if you plan on operating a business in downtown Portland, Oregon.

  1. The only thing left to be said at this point is the true extent of the reasons these idiots need to knock it off for their own sake if nothing else….and why they wont. I’ve been meaning to write out and send you a ramble about it but I just started a new contract and I’m busy with stupid shit.

  2. i wonder at what point the police and government will get fed up with them and just call in the national guard (or put up a order where those rioting will be shot)

  3. This shiit is so far beyond the pale!
    Way past time to pull out the .50cal street sweepers on these worthless fukcs!
    Antifa is a clear and present danger to liberal cities!
    We sure don’t see any of them raising helll and tearing stuff up out here in west Texas!!

    1. They keep the fuck out of red states or if they do they take their masks off like the police say and be good little terrorists. They know they’ll get shot if they do that shit outside of libtard land, and they don’t know burning down their own cities will just make more than 80% of states vote red because hindsight is… *shades* 2020.

  4. Instead of “Little Beirut”, how about “Little Detroit” or “Little South-Central LA”? Since it’s been 25 years ago the Rodney King riots happened and 50 years ago, the 1967 Detroit riots happened.

  5. Burn it to the ground you shittbags. It’s not my where I live so why should I give a damn.

    Let it burn!

    Talk about shitting where you sleep. Just like a bunch of dumbass animals.

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