I was about to go to write about something else other than Arthur Chu, for the second time tonight. Earlier, he got bumped by Zoe Quinn, and her little millionaire beta-boyfriend, Alex Lifschitz. This normally wouldn’t be notable. Stories get bumped all the time, I just usually don’t talk about it that much. What made this case weird, was that Arthur had actually called me out on Twitter earlier out of the blue.

He seemed to be saying that he was a big figure in GamerGate, due to the amount of times I had written about him here on the site. Now, the tweet was mocking me, to be sure. But it also seemed to be filled with some real egomania. I can’t exactly criticize someone for tagging someone out of the blue on Twitter, since I do it all the times. Still, the quote was a bit strange: CHUI followed it up with a quote of my own, going into his bullying from earlier in the day:

But, we’ve seen that from him before, as nasty as it is. It’s not something that’s going to excite a lot of people. You’ve read about it already, so unless he does a new or novel type of harassment, it’s not huge news. It’s not like he’s one of the main players in GamerGate, anyway. He’s an ancillary figure.

But when someone sends me proof that he ignored rape, I have to report it. What’s really funny, is that I’ve read the column where he mentions it before. Twice. But it still didn’t register. It took a YouTube video to really put it into focus. The interviewer wasted no time going in on his heinous past:


But I have known nerdy male stalkers, and, yes, nerdy male rapists. I’ve known situations where I knew something was going on but didn’t say anything—because I didn’t want to stick my neck out…

Arthur chalks up his lack of conscience to “human nature.” I don’t know about you, but it’s not in my nature to allow rapists to go unchallenged. If I don’t think I can stop them physically, I’ll call the cops. I’m not about to let a woman get raped. Who the fuck does something like that, ever? Not only that, does he think he deserves a gold star for coming out now? He deserves a kick in the face, possibly worse.

He also needs to come clean now on who these rapists are. The statute of limitations in Ohio for felony rape is 20 years. Arthur Chu went to school in Pennsylvania. The statute of limitations there is 12 years. If he really wants to make up for his past, he should go to the authorities, and tell them what he knows. Anything short of that, would be hypocritical. So, expect him to laugh it off, and do nothing. Because these people are nothing, if not hypocritical.

  1. The ego of these people. He has the balls to go after HotWheels for running 8chan with a past like that? Fucking hell.

  2. What the fuck Chu?!?!. You were taught that rape was ok?
    What kind of fucked up school did you go to where it was part of the curriculum?

    The man is a coward in every sense of the word.

    1. The irony is here, that every single gamergate supporter would report such activity, despite being ‘misogynists’ and having a “toxic” culture.

    2. Pretty sure people like him have no problem with men raping men (whether it being in prison or not) or women raping men. But if a single woman has ever been raped anywhere for any reason, it’s worse than the Holocaust, Stalin’s rule and Pol Pot’s reign combined, and he can’t bring himself to report such a terrible atrocity because of his “cowardice”.

      Either that or he’s just a hypocritical douche. I’m betting on douche.

      1. But if a single woman has ever been raped anywhere for any reason, it’s worse than the Holocaust, Stalin’s rule and Pol Pot’s reign combined

        Unless it’s by another women, then anyone who has a problem with it is a misogynist.

  3. God, what a fucking slayer. Alpha stud.

    Vagina everywhere quivers in his presence and melts at his touch.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if he implicates some poor asshole just to feed his own power fantasy.
    This guy is delusional and dangerous.

  5. Poor dude is so thirsty for attention, saying stupid shit non-stop on Twitter to get a reaction from us and in hopes of getting Senpai Quinn to notice him. I don’t even bother to respond to his inanity – I just watch him act like a clown and laugh.

  6. Wow, I’m so surprised Arthur would say something so ludicrous! He’s always struck me as such a reasonable person. The kind of guy that tells me how I should behave as a black woman.

    That explains why he’s made no comment on Kluwe being part of AGG after he ignored the sports stars abusing young girls. Presumably he’s also happy to have Chris Chan too, since he thought it was appropriate to doodle rule 34 of him and Megan Schroeder and becoming indignant when she said drawing it and circulating it online was disgusting.

    No Arthur. It is not the fault of the gaming community that you are a sick fuck. It is your fault that you are a sick fuck. Time to be a grown up and take responsibility for the things you do or do not do. Kthx.

  7. What I don’t understand, I’m a nerd/geek/whatever and none of my male friends have stalked, raped, etc (although some have made asses of themselves). So my question is, what type of friends does Mr Chu have? Because you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. If you surround yourself by assholes… he either likes the abuse or he wants to be an asshole.

  8. Isn’t this why GamerGate keeps trucking on? ; b

    Because these people don’t have enough self-respect to police each other and take their jobs seriously.

  9. So that little bitch can talk shit, but is a fucking coward to take action against rapists. What a waste of life.

    1. Really speaks to the psychology of an avid SJW. Over compensating with feminism to try and cleanse themselves of past mistakes.

  10. Funny how most of sjw hide all kinds of skeletons in the closet and in the end reveal them sooner or later in the most disastrous fashion.

    1. You know when you have dreams? They are not actually your dreams, they are the dreams of the skeleton inside you. Spooky stuff.


    I am incensed by this man in words I can’t describe with brevity (Ian Cheong), but also with Chu for mocking NotYourShield.

    I’ve only heard him once on the radio, and that was enough. Because he believes we’re somehow just like him—race and gender traitors who buckle and become nazi’s to be cool with the in crowd. So much so that he needs to mock NotYourShield.

    It may come as a surprise to him, but me and everyone in NotYourShield were actually very lucid when we decided gaming journalism needed to get its act together. And just because his self-loathing projections make him think we’re uncle toms, doesn’t mean that’s even remotely close to the truth.

    For the subject matter…well I’m not sure what to say, in the case of rapes I think the victim needs to be protected at any cost. As such, I think it’s the victim who should decide to come forward—however hard that may be (victims of crime should have a support network so that they can freely denounce)

    1. Cheong is the Nazi. Chu is the Jeopardy winner who just wants attention-bux. Cheong is currently also calling TB a homophobe, which is hilarious, given his very public skeletons and total lack of integrity.

      1. They’re two different people? Omg I feel horrible they both look so similar.

        This is too hard, it’s like some tweedle dee and tweedle dum thing.

        I need a drink.

    1. He was always Literally Chu. He told me on twitter that Orwell once said readers are the strictest censors. When I told him no he didn’t, learn to factcheck, he linked me this: http://www.believermag.com/exclusives/?read=article_reed_orwell citing “If publishers and editors exert themselves to keep certain topics out of print, it is not because they are frightened of prosecution but because they are frightened of public opinion.” COMPLETELY fucking ignoring the next line: “In this country intellectual cowardice is the worst enemy a writer or journalist has to face.” THAT FUCKING BLEW MY MIND. I had to go get a reality check from my mother and her history professor mentor just to make sure I wasn’t going insane.

  12. And this guy is a Jeopardy champion? You think a guy with his intelligence would be smart enough to shut his fucking mouth.

    He must love the taste of leather and foot fungus.

  13. I’m starting to see why these people want gaming culture to end.

    Seriously, the things that people like Arthur Chu and Ian Miles Cheong have ascribed to “Toxic Gaming Culture”, have anyone here seen it?

    I’ve been an active part of different gaming cultures for most of my life, and I’ve never seen anything as rancid and harmful as the stuff these people claim to have encountered. What horrible underbelly of “Gaming Culture” have these people managed to scrounge up?

  14. There is only one way I can conceive anybody thinking rape is normal, and it is turd wave feminist rhetoric – all men are rapists. This ideology breeds apathetic monsters.

  15. Just like Ian Miles Cheong, can we stop Chu from smearing the image of Asian-Americans by categorizing him as “Aryan”?

  16. Ralph, God bless you for posting this. It has been SO much fun watching Chu squirm and dig his hole even deeper all day long.

  17. I think he’s lying.

    If you ever want to catch a liar, listen to their words. The interviewer asks him why HE never said stop. He never actually answers the question. He says YOU don’t feel moved to take action. He never uses the word “I” or “me” when addressing his culpability in the interview. That’s a classic deflection and a sign of deception.

    His words betray his story. If he were telling the truth, he would say that “I didn’t stop them because…” His words don’t convey any personal responsibility, because he doesn’t have any personal responsibility. Because I suspect it never happened.

    Besides, look at his face. You’ll see him smiling at random intervals. Dupers Delight? People might want to ask themselves if this guy has lied before. Some people do this sort of thing to bring attention to themselves. And we know this guy is desperate for attention.

    1. And by “desperate for attention”, I mean…he was desperate to get on the David Pakman show. And he was desperate to be declared a major player in the #GamerGate revolt. Now there’s another post about him.

      Personally, I think there may something wrong with him.

      1. I’m looking forward to his Pakman interview. I’ve been using them so far to highlight facial / hand gestures and how they give away emotions. He’s going to be the easiest one yet.

        1. Notice how he never offers specifics or refers to individuals that he knows did these sorts of awful deeds? Unlike TotalBiscuit, who comes across as credible. Because he refers to himself in these situations and his own involvement with specific persons, places and events.

          That’s the difference between a lie and the truth.

        2. Oh, btw…what emotions. I went through the Wu footage and I couldn’t see anything on her. Nothing in the forehead. Barely anything on the mouth. My video wasn’t all that clear, but I should have seen something. Especially on her forehead. There was something really weird about that video. She was hedging her statements so much that I couldn’t believe anything she said.

          Or she was stoned.

  18. I had no idea who Chu was before watching the David Pakman Show, after reading the Ralphretort I can say that I have a better idea about him.

  19. Like anyone actually believes him. He’s just trying to insult and malign a culture he’s not part of anyway he can, so he tries to come up with a way to say it’s full of rapists while absolving himself of any blame for letting it happen. It doesn’t work Chu, we already know you are full of shit.

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