I was about to go to write about something else other than Arthur Chu, for the second time tonight. Earlier, he got bumped by Zoe Quinn, and her little millionaire beta-boyfriend, Alex Lifschitz. This normally wouldn’t be notable. Stories get bumped all the time, I just usually don’t talk about it that much. What made this case weird, was that Arthur had actually called me out on Twitter earlier out of the blue.

He seemed to be saying that he was a big figure in GamerGate, due to the amount of times I had written about him here on the site. Now, the tweet was mocking me, to be sure. But it also seemed to be filled with some real egomania. I can’t exactly criticize someone for tagging someone out of the blue on Twitter, since I do it all the times. Still, the quote was a bit strange: CHUI followed it up with a quote of my own, going into his bullying from earlier in the day:

But, we’ve seen that from him before, as nasty as it is. It’s not something that’s going to excite a lot of people. You’ve read about it already, so unless he does a new or novel type of harassment, it’s not huge news. It’s not like he’s one of the main players in GamerGate, anyway. He’s an ancillary figure.

But when someone sends me proof that he ignored rape, I have to report it. What’s really funny, is that I’ve read the column where he mentions it before. Twice. But it still didn’t register. It took a YouTube video to really put it into focus. The interviewer wasted no time going in on his heinous past:


But I have known nerdy male stalkers, and, yes, nerdy male rapists. I’ve known situations where I knew something was going on but didn’t say anything—because I didn’t want to stick my neck out…

Arthur chalks up his lack of conscience to “human nature.” I don’t know about you, but it’s not in my nature to allow rapists to go unchallenged. If I don’t think I can stop them physically, I’ll call the cops. I’m not about to let a woman get raped. Who the fuck does something like that, ever? Not only that, does he think he deserves a gold star for coming out now? He deserves a kick in the face, possibly worse.

He also needs to come clean now on who these rapists are. The statute of limitations in Ohio for felony rape is 20 years. Arthur Chu went to school in Pennsylvania. The statute of limitations there is 12 years. If he really wants to make up for his past, he should go to the authorities, and tell them what he knows. Anything short of that, would be hypocritical. So, expect him to laugh it off, and do nothing. Because these people are nothing, if not hypocritical.