The Internet is a terrible time sink some days, but I didn’t waste the entire night. At least I have some things to write about. One of them is the nasty display Arthur Chu put on last night. If you’re a longtime reader of this site, I don’t have to tell you what a vile man Chu is. You already know. If you’re just joining us, well, click those links, because I’m short on time. But anyway, the bastard sunk even lower last night. It does appear that he’s found his new calling, at least: race hustler. 

To be fair, this is the same guy that ridiculed the minorities of #NotYourShield. So it’s not really new. Maybe it just seems like he’a being more blatant with it. After spending all day spewing hate about the Sad Puppies campaign, he then went after a man’s family:


He didn’t stop there:

The funny thing is, after this disgusting display, Chu had the gall to claim that he didn’t actually care about whether or not Brad Torgersen was a racist, despite spending an hour or more painting him as one. As usual, Arthur Chu is not a very good liar. Something good did come out of all this, though. We got to see Mister Metokur blow him the fuck out for our viewing pleasure:N2TvkqI

How can people like Chu claim to be arbiters or morality? He just attacked a man’s wife and kid, then piled onto another family for good measure. SJW thought truly does warp the mind. Arthur is in so deep that he will lash out at any target the radical feminist mob marks out for character assassination. There are no bad tactics, only bad targets, as the SJWs love to say. Chu lived out those words last night.

  1. Arthur Chu is nearly as entertaining as watching a monkey try to fuck a football.
    I’ve never seen “I’m still relevant, look at me, I’m special!” spelled that way before.

    Fuck this autistic dumb-ass.

    1. The monkey really doesn’t know any better. It’s a monkey.

      Maybe Chu doesn’t know any better either, because he’s not really a human, but a human-shaped artichoke.

  2. My wife is black and middle eastern. This guy is a sick cunt ass piece of shit to reduce people’s loved ones in objects.

    Btw don’t forget randi Harper is spewed no her shit live for an hour on FLOSS Weekly at 9:30am pacific time this morning at

    1. Update: Here’s Randi, getting smoke blown up her ass by her friends (and patreon backers, believe it or fucking not) at on FLOSS Weekly for an hour, this morning:

      GG are people who “are in a war against SJWs and SJWs are people who stop and say hey we might not want to be jerks to minorities”.

      Then she goes on to talk about a new project she’s working on where you can register your social media account to their service and it’ll automatically track all the people who communicate with you to build a harassment profile to tell you how terrified you should be (I guess?) by the people communicating with you (since harassers tend to harass you across more than one social media site… like Randi did to that poor data guy by chasing him to facebook when he got tired of her shit on twitter).

      Near the end, the one amusing part was when Randall (yes, the guy behind all the perl books over the years) asked Randi if she modeled her block bot after the one that PadreSJ (another TWIT host who has featured a block bot he was doing ages ago for twitter on their Coding 101 show series). She had no idea who Padre was and totally came up with it on her own, she affirmed.

      Oh, another funny thing. Apparently the show “got harassing emails when they announced she was going to be on the show”. Right. “harassing”. I guess *everyone* has bought into the idea that if you say “hey, this person is actually a serial harasser themselves, so please don’t just give one side of the story for an hour”, you’re “harassing”.

      Oh, then they ended by calling her brave. For.. I guess writing some code or something?

  3. Okay, I’m convinced, Chu is really on our side and is using the man covered in shit principle. He cannot be accidentally sabatoging this much

    1. If that’s the case then it’s the greatest fucking ruse in history. They’ll build a giant granite dildo statue in his honor.

      Unfortunately, I do believe he’s that stupid.

  4. Arthur Shrew… I mean Chu has got to be the most vile and repulsive examples of wasted intelligence (assuming he has any at this point) currently. He strikes me as one of those old ladies that grabs her purse anytime a man a shade darker than her is a block away. Yet this mofo has the nerve to accuse others of racism? This is a man in need of serious time away from the computer and who needs a girl friend or possibly a hooker. Maybe some time in the real world will do him good.

    Sadly this would be the same person who would claim the earth is racist because everything is a different color.

    1. This guy needs serious, intensive care in a mental health facility, preferably with generous doses of electro-shock therapy. He is not fit for the real world.

  5. Chu is the bottom of the barrel. It doesn’t get lower than insulting a man’s family so you can keep scoring petty political points off him. If I were Torgersen, I’d beat the simpering beta smirk off Chu’s pudgy little rat face.

  6. Jesus, I want to punch Chu in his mangina SO HARD.

    Fucker spends several hours ranting about what a “racist” Torgensen is (going on no evidence aside from the propaganda being spoonfed to him by SJWs), then shrugs it off with an “I don’t care” when he can’t deal with being called out on his shit. Fuck you, Chu – you can’t go on a rant accusing someone of being a racist for “funsies” and then just walk away from that shit when it bores you, much like how you walked away when you could have reported a rape.

    The only racist I see is the asshole who accuses a man with a black wife and child of racism, merely to push an agenda and “win” and internet argument. That’s fucking disgusting, and it’s that same SJW mindset of “feels over facts” that led to Rolling Stone’s “muh rape culture!” shitshow.

    Go fuck yourself with a 2×4 covered in rusty nails and barbed wire, Chu.

      1. Because a bunch of writers that doesn’t toe there line or write Doctor Who fanfiction won awards they deserved. Fun they accuse sadpuppies of rigging the awards. You know because it’s not like these people pretty much destroyed the credibility of almost every independent game festival out there.

      2. The hate is primarily because Brad is heading up Sad Puppies 3, not that he was one of the ones nominated by the SP campagin.

  7. I would not care if Arthur Chu killed himself. He is the lowest of the low, and whenever I think he’s sunk the lowest you can sink, he fucking digs himself even deeper.

  8. Wait, I recognize that initial tweet’s author. That’s fucking -Clark- from Popehat.

    Arthur must be insane to pick a fight with those guys. Those guys were neutral on GG, trending slightly towards disapproval. He’s going to shove them right into our camp with this kind of asinine behavior about Sad Puppies.

  9. Wow that is some forward thinking.

    Marry a black woman so 21 years later you can be as racist as you like and use her as a shield. Maybe Elton John isn’t really gay, he is just building up his defense for when he goes on his inevitable homophobic rant. I cant wait.

    The sad thing is its assholes like Arthur Chu that are using race (his own) as a shield for shitty racist behavior because “reverse racism doesn’t exist”.

    Well yeah there is no such thing as reverse racism because its just racism no matter what race its against. All it takes to be a racist is to dislike someone purely based on race. That’s it. You don’t need to be in a position of power or authority or “privilege”. That would be discrimination.

    Prejudice – hatred or dislike of someone based on race/gender/sexual orientation/nationality/religion

    Discrimination – Treating someone differently because of your prejudice against them.

  10. I cant believe how insulting they are to a persons family like that!

    Ok I can as in I have seen it before but its still insane! My lady is “white” if someone accused her of using me as a shield because she likes to draw girls with big tits etc…

    I would seriously wanna punch that person in the nose and I’m sure that would go the other way around as well. People care about each other Chu we arent all building our lives around an agenda…

  11. Hey Arthur Chu, you starting to sound like the Kim Jong-un of the gamerghazi camp, the jig is up for you Sir, even industry insiders & outsiders can see through your vile, despicable attempts at race baiting & smearing , your temper-tantrum antics & calling Bi-Racial couples + their relatives ” racists ” speaks of the” Cognitive dissonance ” you are experiencing as the ideological demagogue idiot you have became recently, even your ex-fans can see you for who and what you are now.

  12. “SJW thought truly does warp the mind.”
    It really does, I’m kinda seeing it happen to a friend now and it’s fucking depressing to see. Before he would have laughed at idiots like this (and SJWs in general) and now he’s starting to spout off about “gender roles” and parroting useless statistics like “there’s more men named John in high positions in companies than there are women.” Just a few weeks ago we were talking about how we’d like to see Internet Aristocrat come back and he was going on about how great IA is and when IA did come back, I linked his new video to my friend only to get “Oh, that guy. Yeah I don’t care.”

    The social justice mindset is fucking brain rot, don’t let it get to you.

    1. that’s how it works.
      they try to make you feel like you HAVE to agree with them else you don’t deserve to exist/everyone will hate you.
      so in the end, the mind starts to twist your perception of things to make you agree with them.

      Disgustingm truly.

  13. And all this time I thought I was getting married to my black fiancee because I love her. Thank you Chu for telling me that the actual reason I’m doing it is so I can use a racial minority as a human shield. What a loon.

  14. I was under the impression that the Sad and Rabid Puppies slates included liberals, moderates, women, and minorities. Rather odd choices for inclusion if as idiots allege the intention was to exclude such people from recognition.

    1. Your impression is correct. The overriding principle of the SP campaign as a whole is “is this a good work?”. It’s NOT “does this author tick the ‘correct’ political boxes”, not “does this author have something dangling between their legs”, not “is this author’s skin white”, or even “does this author present as the same sex they were born as”.

      And for all the talk about how non-diverse the SP slate is supposed to be, compare the demographics of SP3 to the winners of last year’s Hugos, and there’s a huge difference. Last year, all but one winner was white, with the sole exception being Asian, and all of them toed the SJW party line.

  15. Again how are we seen as the hate movement. I am seriously confused. I thought it was that the opposition was good at controlling the narrative and lying really well. No they are really fucking bad at it. And yet morons like Tim Schafer and Joss Whedon are dumb enough to believe these people when there is this much evidence out there. I know Milo is writing a book on Gamergate but I’m sure if you just grabbed all the hateful tweets from these people you would have enough material for a fantasy series longer than Game of Thrones.

  16. Chu loves his controversy doesn’t he? I don’t think he has any values at all – He’s just shitslinging on the internet

  17. If you aren’t on the SJW scream team, you are multi-ist multi-phobic evil, even if you practice what they screech.

  18. jeez he somehow managed to shit on Dave Sim’s judenhass and Neil Gaiman in one tweet..

    i’m officially done looking at twitter for the week

  19. Chu either have been bullied as a kid by blacks, whites or latinos, or he have had a female relative that have dated a non-asian dude. Either way, this have left him as a very bitter little man who is unable to let it go. Add that to how he did not do the civil and right thing that is reporting rapists to the police when he had the opportunity,, you have here a toxic individual who assumes that everyone is as spiteful, intellectually dishonest and cowardly as he is.

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