We we last talked about former Jeopardy champ Arthur Chu, he was advocating the doxxing of a vulnerable trans individual. How could he possibly add to this sterling record, you ask? How about comparing our peaceful consumer revolt to a raving lunatic who executed several people in cold blood? Of course, the SJW crowd doesn’t want to consider Rodger a madman, but that’s an entirely different story (and one that I wrote about before any of you ever heard of me)


*Chu has also written about it before, and he tied Rodger in with gamers then, too.*

I was taken aback when I saw this on Twitter, but only for a split second. At this point, nothing that comes out of the other side surprises me.  Even still, comparing us to a crazed killer who was on a mission to kill women, is beyond the pale by a good 500 miles, or so. How does a man like Chu sleep at night? I suppose all that Jeopardy loot makes it a bit easier.

Expect more of this type of thing, as their coordinated #StopGamerGate2014 hashtag campaign continues. But they only have their media allies and the useful idiot brigade. The rest of their support appears to be coming from a botnet in the Pacific. Our opponents hypocrisy truly knows no bounds. After spending weeks calling our campaign Astroturf, it turns out their major counterattack is faker than a 3$ bill. You can’t make this shit up.


  1. Very tenuous link but I think I remember reading that Ian Miles Cheong lives in Indonesia or Malaysia. pure speculation though

  2. There are some reasonable people sucked into that hashtag. Perhaps we could reach out to them, if only to show how GamerGate and gamers aren’t the evil hate horde being painted.

  3. Even if their counterattack is fake, they are seeking to pull reinforcements from regular people. Their goal is to win over the overall public opinion, even from people who have no idea what’s going on or couldn’t care less. They are easily deceived, as they’ve been trained to raise arms at the mere murmur of perceived “misogyny”.

    #GG needs to overestimate their opponent rather than underestimate them. They need to get ahead and prove the lies wrong, or make their goals perfectly and publically clear before things get even further out of hand. Openly helping more people, such as with The Fine Young Capitalists, would be a good example of proving the lies wrong.

    The corrupt liars are reaching out to a large audience.
    #GG needs to reach out and garner support at an equal pace or better.
    I hate to admit this, but you can’t win a war based solely on honesty and transparency, especially if nobody cares to know the facts.

    1. It’s obvious that they’re scared shitless of losing. Everything else has failed, so they’re left with playing the Wounded Gazelle gambit, and they’re going crazy with it. They couldn’t counter us with facts, reason, or facts, so they have to resort to “MUH FEELS! I’M BEING ATTACKED!”, and blaming it on us with a single shred of evidence.

      Even Patton Oswalt and Chris Kluwe are getting into this, coming off as the D-list celebrities they are and desperately trying to get attention by making a bunch of anti-GG tweets in hopes of baiting us into responding to them. Be smarter than that and DO NOT TOUCH THE POOP.

    2. They’re making me lose a lot of respect for a lot of celebrities for sure…

      I saw Seth Rogen and Patton Oswalt chime in with #stopgg… Le sigh…

      1. It’s quite strange some of the people coming out in support of this stuff. One guy I’ve come across is or was a designer on Gears of Wars. He had some rationale for why Gears is acceptable by SJW, feminist standards. Other games, though, and the gaming community, so toxic and woman hating.

    3. They’re rolling hard into this because they know they’re all in danger of getting found out, but this is the time where the largest mistakes will be made. Gotta keep eyes open and keep infighting from happening.

  4. Oh hey, my tweet is linked in the article (I can haz e-fame nao plz?/s). There’s been some debate over whether the botnet is Malaysian or Indonesian, but I’ll defer to Ralph’s use of more generalized geographic terminology on this one.

    This is what happens when you’re tired and posting at 2:30 AM in the goddamn morning.

    1. Sorry. To let you know I showed some people, I’m actually in Malaysia currently on business. They studied it and said it looks like Jakarta. Honest mistake though I didn’t pick up on it until I showed some Malaysians.
      But doesn’t matter, your tweet was awesome.

      1. *checks Google* So it is.

        Regardless, the important thing here is that someone (might not even be Anti-GG. Could be malicious trolls fucking with both sides) is using a botnet based in one of the 10 ASEAN member nations to artificially inflate the SGG2014 hashtag during the time that normal people in the USA are supposed to be asleep…

        1. It amuses me greatly that someone probably paid for that service.
          “We spent a few thousand but GamerGate isn’t over?!?!!”

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