A couple days ago, the Associated Press published a big story about Vice President Mike Pence having used a personal email while he was the Governor of Indiana. I said big, but that was more about how it was promoted than what actually came of it. They were of course trying to make the case that what he did was similar to the case of Hillary Clinton, however when you actually look at what they put out, it wasn’t the same at all. Plus, Hillary was dealing with state secrets and classified documents on her server. Pence was the governor of a mid-sized state.

It’s not the same.

Anyway, in the course of this reporting, the AP also posted the private email address of Karen Pence, who is the wife of the vice president. Her husband sent a letter to the AP asking for it to be taken down. For some seemingly malicious reason, this reasonable request has been refused.

That seems pretty fucked up to me. What’s the point of publishing his wife’s email? I guess you could maybe make the case if it was one of his political aides, or even Mike Pence himself. But this just seems designed to send abuse Karen’s way.