I’ve noticed a new phenomenon over the last several days. Concerned opponents of ours have reached out to us with advice about the inner-workings, and objectives of our movement. The say they just want to help, and have all sort of ideas on how to make GamerGate a better movement. Of course, they’re just doing this to help us. They have no ulterior motives. It’s just a little friendly counsel from concerned adversaries.

If you’re a student of politics, you’re probably very familiar with this tactic. Outsiders come in, try to appeal to the more moderate members of a party/group by sounding “reasonable,”  then, they peel those people off and destroy the movement. It happens all the time. That’s why discipline and loyalty are so important. We don’t owe a damn thing to the haters. We’re trying to take them down. If they don’t like our pressure? Good. That’s what we want. It’s not about them, it’s about GamerGate. Now is not the time to let up.

Most shills have a few, distinct characteristics. The shill is very skilled at turning us against each other. I’ve seen it happen with a certain rainbow-haired individual several times. She tries to fake being neutral so much, and can sound quiet convincing, if you don’t know her record. She’s admittedly anti-GamerGate, and has helped spread the false harassment narrative. So, why do we care what she thinks? We’re speaking to fellow gamers. And we’re winning. Fuck all the other noise.

Another well known personality has a tendency to try to call out people like Milo Yiannopoulos, when she’s done absolutely nothing of note for us. Yet, she actually has defenders. Why? She’s trashing Milo, and some people still give her the time of day? If someone comes in and tries to split GamerGate, they’re not really on our side. They’re in business for themselves.

I’m not saying these people should be attacked. I’m just pointing out that they’re negative influences, and need to be ignored. Those ladies aren’t the only ones. Devs like Raph Koster have the same effect, even if they aren’t full blown shills. I’ve chatted with him myself, and he can be a pretty good advocate for his side (by the way, we must always respect developers who reach out in a reasonable manner). But, Koster’s not interested in furthering our movement. He wants it to go away. They all do. Take a look at this point from him, which is typical of the character attacks (intended, or not) we see from the other side:


In another part of the AMA, people are arguing with him over whether or not GamerGate ever harassed anyone. This is a talking point from the enemy. Why are we even giving it credence by discussing it? It’s so dumb, it’s not worth wasting time on. Extremists can be in any movement…like feminism, for example. What about all of our people who’ve been doxxed? Why aren’t we arguing about whether the SJWs are a menace? This GamerGate harassment storyline is a semi-bogus talking point cooked up by Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, and the compliant media. Some people tweeted some mean things at them. Prank calls were made. Some anon said some crazy shit on 4chan (when we know Zoe was trolling the boards). None of these people were affiliated with our movement. But, we’re still harassers.

To hell with that. We’re building an alternative media, for this very reason. We can no longer trust mainstream gaming sites to tell it straight. They have too much invested in the SJW/Silverstring Agenda. They’re not going to surrender their power and influence easily. We have to take it from them. Listening to the advice of shills isn’t going to get us where we need to be. Be very wary of anyone who tries to get you to turn on our comrades, and block their bullshit out.