I know that Ralph has already addressed this issue, but quite frankly, the importance of it is so great that the point can’t be repeated loudly or often enough:


After the recent chemical attack in Syria, the timing of which is extremely suspicious, the warmongers are rushing to blame Syria’s President Bashar Assad for the heinous act, not even pretending to be interested in actually investigating who the true culprit is. Of course they don’t care. This attack is merely the latest excuse to bring about the outcome these people have been desperately wanting for years, namely war with Syria and the overthrow of Assad. Lying the country into war based on a false pretext is hardly a new thing for Neocons, after all.

But if it was just Neocons crying out for war it would hardly constitute News – these evil maniacs do that every damn day. What’s so extremely alarming is that the Pro-war propaganda – coming from the political Establishment, the MSM and the CIA among others – appears to have convinced Trump to reverse his old non-interventionist position. Having declared “That attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me. It’s very possible…that my attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed”, Trump appears to be preparing to attack Syria at this very moment.

Doing so would be a COLOSSAL mistake. It’s not just the fact that waging a “humanitarian” war against Syria would make a mockery of the principles Trump himself outlined during his inauguration and be completely at odds with his promise of putting America First. It’s not just that Trump would be giving Americans exactly what they voted against when they rejected Hillary Clinton, the bloodthirsty bleeding-heart. No, the reason that the prospect of any US action against Assad is so disturbing is that it would put the US on the same side as ISIS and represent the first step into a quagmire that could prove even worse than Iraq.

MSM Lies to the contrary, the so-called Syrian rebels were always mostly a mix of Islamists and terrorists, whose proven exploits – like cannibalism and the merciless persecution of Syria’s Christian minority – ought to completely rule out even indirect support for them. Right now the “Syrian rebels” basically consist of ISIS, al-Nusra (al-Qaida’s Syrian branch)…and “moderate rebels” allied with ISIS and al-Nusra to fight Assad. If you haven’t gotten the message yet, Assad is clearly the lesser evil in this conflict, especially from a Western perspective. Assad is not likely to ever be behind attacks on US or European soil – ISIS and al-Qaida on the other hand…

Another aspect of the Syrian civil war that should not be ignored is that attacking Assad effectively means siding with Muslim extremists against Syria’s Christian population. Assad has been protecting Syria’s Christian minority for many years, making Syria a rarity among majority-Muslim countries, who usually oppress and even murder Christians. After the US’s last great intervention in the region resulted in the empowerment of Islamists and the slaughter of Christians in Iraq, Assad’s Syria was one of the countries taking in Christians refugees fleeing the “freedom and democracy” brought to them by America’s neoconservative faction. I will never understand why I, a European non-believer who’s a Cultural Christian at most, seem so much angrier about this than most American Christians. United States taxpayer money has been funding the destruction of the Middle East’s ancient Christian community for years, but barely a peep comes from Christian advocacy groups in the US.

Oh well, more than a few Americans seem to be at least somewhat Awake – when Obama tried to attack Syria in 2013, using exactly the same justification (chemical weapons!) that Trump would be using, the American people proved to be quite hostile to the idea. The recent health care debacle has already hurt Trump politically – an unpopular foreign intervention is pretty much the last thing he needs to be getting involved with right now.

And remember, even a “limited” intervention in Syria is unlikely to stay limited for long. These things tend to escalate quickly, as US prestige and credibility is perceived to be on the line. Any military option the US takes against Assad will make the situation in Syria worse, since hurting Assad will only help ISIS and al-Nusra – but as the situation worsens, the same warmongers now urging US attacks on Syria will use that as an excuse to demand MORE US intervention, including ground troops. And if Trump proves stupid enough to listen to them with regard to the initial intervention, chances are they’ll be capable of successfully pressuring him into escalating the war as well.

The end result of escalating US involvement in Syria would obviously be a ruinous quagmire, which would cost the US many lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. It would completely derail the Trump presidency the same way Vietnam derailed Lyndon Johnson’s presidency, plunge Trump’s approval ratings into the low 20s, and pretty much guarantee that the next president will be a Democrat – which I very much doubt warmongering RINOs like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, currently pushing Trump to attack Syria, would have a problem with. And if war with Syria puts the US on collision course with Syria’s ally Russia and threatens to bring the countries to war – well, World War 3 is pretty much McCain’s wet dream!

It should be obvious that the above reasons should make staying out of Syria a no-brainer, EVEN IF Assad has been using chemical weapons against civilians. War Is Hell, and the Middle East is a rat-hole – it’s not our job to fix the region or save these people from themselves (never mind the fact that Western interventions in Muslim countries always seem to make things worse). Even if Assad is every bit the monster Neocons and liberal interventionists make him out to be, that would still only make him about as bad as Saddam Hussein – and the aftermath of the Iraq War has shown that Iraq, the US, and the world were all better off with Saddam in charge. Same goes for Assad.

Thankfully, this is something Americans have the power to stop. In 2013 strong public opposition lead to the Obama administration to abandon its plans to attack Syria, instead going along with a Russian proposal to have Syria destroy its chemical weapons. Whether or not that was successful is irrelevant – disarming Assad is in no way beneficial to the US, but avoiding a potentially disastrous war certainly is. Trump voters need to understand that this is no time for cheer-leading or misplaced loyalty to individuals (as opposed to principles). The president they elected seems poised to make the biggest mistake of his presidency, and given how he appears to be surrounded by terrible advisors (especially now that Steve Bannon’s influence seems to be on the wane), Trump’s voters may be the only people capable of saving him from himself.