The last couple days, most of you have heard about the news coming out of Australia. To briefly summarize, in case you haven’t: Target & K-Mart of Australia (not affiliated with US companies) have decided to stop selling Grand Theft Auto V,  one of the most popular games of all-time. It’s release last year was, as IGN put it, “the most successful launch of an entertainment product in history.” Hell, I just bought the fucking game again, this time for the PS4. They’re still flying off the shelves.

Here in America, we have a nasty habit of taking our rights for granted (the ones we have left, anyway). But not everyone enjoys a culture of free expression. We haven’t always valued it either. It took decades of legal battles over obscenity, pornography, satire, and press freedoms, before we got to where we are today. Those can certainly be rolled back, and they have been, in some cases. Sitting back and resting is not an option. There’s a well-connected group of people who would like to take us back, and they don’t play fair.

Jonathan McIntosh (aka #FullMcIntosh) is one of those people. He’s an authoritarian. Anyone can be an authoritarian, it has nothing to do with left or right. There are both kinds, and they unite on an issue like this. Remember that impotent little bastard Alex Lifschitz breaking a copy of GTA V? It’s funny as fuck, but it’s also illustrative.  The same guy who considers himself a hardcore lefty, agrees with fundamentalist religious nutjobs (not that all religious people are nutjobs) on video games. They both hate the capitalist society that lets each person decide for themselves. They can’t even use honest facts, either. They always have to resort to distortions and outright lies (like Anita Sarkeesian did with Hitman: Absolution). Luke Reilly explains:

“It’s disappointing, however, that the success of this petition appears to have hinged entirely on exaggeration and misinformation. The petition’s creator asserts that GTA V “encourages” players to commit sexual violence and kill women, claiming the “incentive is to commit sexual violence against women, then abuse or kill them to proceed or get ‘health’ points.” This is, of course, all false.”

So, not only do they want to censor our games, they also have to lie about it to get the job done. And make no mistake, they do want to pass laws eventually. They’ve already tried to impose some restrictions in California. Thankfully, our Supreme Court has been strong on this issue. But that might not always be the case. Liars and agitators like Anita and McIntosh and not gonna go away without a fight. That’s one reason I’ve always said that GamerGate would last years. They’re here for the long haul, so we need to be as well.

If this isn’t the wakeup call we needed, I don’t know what is. Many of you reading this right now live in Australia, and we welcome your comments on the situation there. I know they had to fight long and hard to even get games like this. Some people want to drag them back into the dark ages. Do what you can to offer your support, and also redouble your efforts here in America, and elsewhere. If we slack off, the censors will win. We can’t let that happen.


  1. I recommend having a read of reddit’s /r/Australia sub. People there are seriously pissed off at the pulling of GTA V after having spent time getting the games available and the creation of the R18+ rating for games.

    1. Yea it took years and years to finally get that rating in place so they could get access to some games. Lying to retailers and having them pulled is absurd. They wouldn’t lose a single sale or customer if they kept stocking the game not one. However by pissing off the largest entertainment audience in the world they will lose customers. Permanently. They will go to other stores where they don’t have to worry about this bullshit.

      My morals must be your morals! My taste must he yours! My opinions must be yours! If i don’t like it you can’t buy it!

      1. Yep. These retailers are just demonstrating what has been obvious to the internet generation for awhile:

        Retail stores are outdated and dying, so much so that they counter-intuitively will ban products from their stores, and even products that are best-sellers

        RIP Target Australia, long live GOG, STEAM, and digital downloads!

        1. Awaiting the invention of the teleporter so I can have things delivered to my home instantaneously. Brick-and-mortar establishments will be well and truly dead the moment a teleportation mechanism is commercialized. (We’re already fairly certain that teleportation wouldn’t work on human beings, but inanimate objects wouldn’t have trivial concerns like “will it be alive after we destroy and reassemble it?”)

  2. Reminder that to anybody outside the Gawkerverse, Jonathan Mcintosh is seen for the repugnant hateful garbage that he is. But for SJWs it’s normal.

  3. As a proud Aussie, I see it as both embarrassing & a blessing in disguise.

    It completely validates our concerns while at the same time invalidating one of their key refutations that they are not trying to limit access to games.

  4. When I heard about this news, the first thing that came to mind was that little psycho (Lifeshits) that broke the game disc in half during his speech. It was pretty obvious who were behind this thing and they must not be allowed to make further inroads in Australia, or anywhere else.

    Censorship is bad. However you look at it, it is bad. Adults should be able to make their own decisions and be held accountable for them.

    These people like to live their lives as perpetual children. No responsibility, no accountability. The state will make all the hard decisions for them, and the state will be accountable for any errors.

  5. “The petition’s creator asserts that GTA V “encourages” players to commit sexual violence and kill women”

    Do I even need to ask if these people see a problem with encouraging players to kill men?

    1. Do they check IPs? I’m wondering if the petition to get GTA banned in the first place was actually signed by mostly Australians or if SJWs around the world signed it.

  6. Allow me a libertarian dissent.
    To recount a story at a meeting of my Motorcycle org, a politician said we should be allowed to wear our “colors”. I had to gently correct him that I have the right to wear my colors to express my association, but then the businessman should have the right to refuse entry or service on that same basis.
    I think the Aussie’s are misguided, and the problems ought to be politely but firmly expressed. (E.g. OK, if you won’t sell me GTAV, I will buy it, and the other dozen items costing much more elsewhere to save petrol and reduce my carbon footprint).
    The natural counter is to ask them why they still stock all the other games, those which are more than a puzzle. Someone there (I’m in the USA) should go through and show those games that involve similar politically incorrect things.

    1. Since nobody’s mentioned the obvious counterpoint yet:

      We don’t have a problem with Target removing the game from its shelves. That’s their prerogative. What we have a problem with is the fact that they did it because they were being shouted at to self-censor by an angry mob of radical feminists, and the fact that they based their decision on lies and misinformation.

      SJWs almost never directly censor anything. They utilize lies and falsehoods to generate moral panic and scare everyone into censoring themselves.

  7. i have played many hours of this game… not once do i recall being “encouraged” to do anything(i remember something about torturing a man)

    you could just stand there and watch the weather and cars go by… being ABLE to do bad things is basic story telling


  8. It tooks years to achieve an 18+ rating in Australia. We thought that would help stop the demonisation of games by proving an adult rating for games like GTA and stop the need to censor for the Australian market.

    Even though Target and Kmart aren’t big game retailers, the way the media lapped up this sensationalist petition is a real setback. It also encourages future attacks by these groups.

  9. All along, game media sites have been encouraging and fostering this moral panic.

    All the time, we thought it would be the “outsiders” who’d make this kind of thing happen. These weird conservative adults with a chip on their shoulder.

    And at the end of the day, it was done by “our own”.

    It’s all pretty fucking disgusting.

  10. So my Aussie chums, do two things
    1) sign the petition
    2) email Target customer services and politely inform them that as a result of their caving in to liars you will not shop there, and you will encourage your friends and family to also boycott the store.

    Its worked for “Flush Rush” in the US… carry on emailing and make it happen with SJWs as well.

  11. The lies and misrepresentation in that petition are the exact same tactics used in a certain telemarketer’s videos. Might as well just copy-paste FullMcIntosh and see if the idiots in TargetAU will ban Hitman too.

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