I’ve been sitting around today and thinking about all the posts I’ve missed out on the last week. One of them is the Creed review, which I swear to fuck I will have up by midnight. The other thing is a little something about our old friend Brianna Wu. Oh, and before I forget, here’s this Sunday’s cartoon! We now have a whole section dedicated to that up top, if you wanna check it out. It’s under the Adventures of Skull Ralph tab. But, for today, I’m gonna put it in this article. For future reference, I’m gonna try to run strips on Saturdays, Sundays, & Wednesdays, depending on the artist’s (Christine E.) production rate.  38

The thing I wanted to touch on real quick before I hit up the PS4 again, is the controversy over tweets NBA superstar Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha made late last night. She pretty much called out the current trends in fashion as being ill-suited to her more subtle tastes. This set hoes everyone off on a rampage

This sent radfems on a rampage, because stating your opinion about scandalous sartorial choices is now something to be shamed over. She wasn’t going at anyone who decided to choose racier styles anyway, she just said it wasn’t for her. Why should that cause problems? And even if she was slut-shaming (lol), who cares? Maybe some people need to hear that shit like that every once in awhile. If you really think about it, she’s only talking about clothes anyway. She didn’t speak on who or how often people fucked, only that fashions that make her look like a tramp aren’t going in her closet. Plenty of women feel the same way. Why should Ms. Curry be attacked over this? My bad, I forgot. It’s about trying to score points for radical feminism.




And she was attacked, by the way. Here’s more from the Twitter madhouse…







Wait, what?! That’s not covered up? She’s showing her fucking legs, during the middle of a fashion shoot, mind you. This isn’t some night out on the town or a trip to the store. It’s in a professional setting designed to highlight her beauty. Even then, it’s not in the least bit risqué, in my view. Fucking idiot. Anyway, let’s get to some more logical (and funny) tweets before I get out of here and let you guys comment.

Right off top, the person who tweeted the trash above gets destroyed.

(It’s almost 13 minutes long.)






Like I said, this whole thing was just too humorous for me to pass up. I think it’s safe to say that Ayesha Curry will not be losing any sleep tonight. She’s married to the best player in the NBA, she’s cool and successful in her own right, plus she’s drop dead gorgeous. Oh, and she has a cute ass daughter who captivated the nation last summer. I’m sure she’s super concerned about this whole thing.