First off, today is my birthday, so it might be a little slow around here. The drama with GameDiviner (Paolo Munoz) has taken up a lot of my time the last week or so, but after today (barring some huge development), I will be ignoring it. There’s also the beef with CuntOfVivian. She told even more lies about me over night. I’m gonna address it all, one last time, and then we can hopefully move on. I’ve tried to do this three times (at least) in the past week, so we’ll see if this one holds. There’s a lot of news I’ve been missing cause of this bullshit, though, and I really want to get past it. So, I’ll try to ignore any further provocations, no matter what. 

We did a show last night immediately following Paolo’s insane stream(s), and I laid out most of my thoughts there. I wish him the best, and hope he gets well. He’s obviously got some mental issues going on right now. The things he was saying about a class action lawsuit, and starting up a “GG Civil War” website were delusional, to say the least. He also revealed personal information about me that I shared with him in confidence. I don’t truly believe that was an accident, but I am choosing to forgive it nonetheless. I won’t blame a disturbed individual for their mistakes during a turbulent period. Seek help, and stay the fuck off Twitter. Of course, he’s not doing the latter, as we’ve already seen today:

(BeninCitizen is an idiot. He had nothing to do with any of this lol.)

Even though I had nothing to do with this man’s breakdown, and he admitted it in his surreal stream, that hasn’t stopped my enemies from spreading misinformation. It’s shameful, but what can you do except come here and correct the record? Here’s some examples:

More untruths from the SJW-lite CuntOfVivian. I wish I could tell you guys I’m surprised…but that would be a lie. I guess after the asswhipping Jack Outis handed her last night, she’s looking for any way possible to try and bring me down. Sorry, Viv, but it’s not going to work. You’ve been heavily exposed, and your shine has gone down several notches. I don’t care how much bullshit you try to spread about me. It literally makes no difference at all, because my readers and supporters know what they’re gonna get where I’m concerned. I’m always going to speak my mind, and I’m never going to bow down to social justice shitbags like yourself. Please, keep up the good work, you cartoon cosplaying cunt. Also, if you have any more to say, please let’s do it on air and have a debate like adults. If not, maybe you could just keep your moneymaker shut? Never mind, that’s probably too hard for you.

I had to come write a quick rant about all this. You guys can let me know what you think about the trash down below. Or, you can just go have a cold one and some cheese dip, which is what I’m doing today. I didn’t really think I would make it to 30, much less be spending the day talking about faggotry like this, but, here I am. I love you guys, and thank you for the tons of support I’ve gotten this week. It is much appreciated. I swear to fuck that I am going to move on past this nonsense after today.

  1. You don’t owe anyone anything, Ralph. Those of us that know you and have followed you since the beginning understand what’s going on. At least, I hope so anyway.

  2. Happy birthday, Ralph! Thanks for all your dedication and hard work. You deserve a rest from all that crappy SJW drama.

  3. Happy birthday ralphy! Just what the fuck was Gamediviner thinking? I know he’s under some personal stresses, but spliting up an entire movement over that? And Cult of Vivian can fuck off with the policing of language she and her lapdogs have been up to, since when was she the boss of us?

      1. She’s causing shit, and stirring problems amongst people in GG and thinks she’s somehow doing the right thing? Also her policing can fuck right off, I’ll call PedoButts what I want (which is usually she, but so what I didn’t need her or anyone to tell me) when I want.

  4. Happy Birthday, Ralph! Don’t let that bullshit ruin your birthday.

    “Sometimes the Hero dies in the end!” – Samael (Darksiders)
    But War rides on!

  5. Happy Birthday.

    Must be a great day. Your Birthday and WWE Night of Champions tonight as well.

    As for the drama this reminds me too much of the Liana K shit a while back.

  6. Well happy birthday. 30 I remember that age. I was surprised I made it that far too.
    I’ll drink a scotch to you. Many happy returns.

  7. I’m gonna give you guys the best advice you’ve ever had. Boycott the internet for one year, save some money and go hike the Inca Trail, climb a volcano and motorcycle around Bali. No net overseas either. If you want to contact someone, send them a fucking postcard. Don’t bring a phone or computer. If you need to take pix, bring a camera and download the pix into a couple of back-up mini-hard drives through a computer at a net cafe – but no internet. If you need to call someone, use a call center. It’s old school but it’s safe and sane. That shit from Paolo is creepy and unnecessary. He is literally driving himself nuts over nothing.

  8. Man you can be a dick to people but your straight about it, thats a good quality to have to be honest…

    Happy birthday man im pouring one to celebrate!

  9. Here’s my last word on this as well:

    GamerGate can be about one thing for you, and about a dozen things for someone else. As long as we share at least one goal, that’s all that matters. If someone wants to worry just about ethics, that’s fine. My only problem is when other people tell me that it should ONLY be about that.

    Sorry, but FUCK THAT NOISE. To me, it’s about ethics, it’s about games, it’s about anti-authoritarianism, it’s about fighting against extreme leftists who want to gate-keep what games should and shouldn’t be made, to push back against sex-negative third-wave feminists who want to guilt and shame people for enjoying certain games.

    GamerGate has done so much and come too far to let schisms tear us apart from within. Let’s work to together to accomplish our goals, instead of wasting time tone policing and bickering about e-drama.

    Oh, and happy birthday to you, Ralph. If I were located closer and you weren’t straight, I’d totally give you a birthday BJ. 😉

      1. OK, thanks. Like I said before, don’t want a civil war (speaking of that, I’m looking forward to Captain America 3, because it has a parallel with what happened at the start of GamerGate.

  10. Block her, ignore her, and just focus on doing what you like. You’re allowing this crap to sidestep the more important stuff and it’ll end up just winding you up.

  11. Ralph.. dude… bro… you can’t call someone a “Cartoon Cosplaying Cunt” and then challenge them to “debate about this like adults” in the same fucking sentence, let alone the same article. It looks EXTREMELY disingenuous and undermines the intellectual authority such a challenge usually comes with.

    Otherwise though, yeah, fuck this and this drama in general. if you’ll have me, I’d love to write an op-ed about it. Maybe I’m wrong on this note, but I suspect I’m the only person who has been waiting for this to happen, and I’ve been waiting for it since the start of GG. It’s happened when and how I suspected it would.

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