It’s been a while since the sleaze-peddlers at Gawker trained their guns on us full-force. Thankfully, it’s finally happened once again. If you’re familiar with the history of our cause, then you know our war against them began in earnest when Gawker writer Sam Biddle tweeted out  “bring back bullying” as a way to take us down. After that, we cost them millions of dollars in ad revenue. We did real damage to their operation. You can search through the archives here on the site and see that. As they admitted themselves, this isn’t something they’re gonna forget.

That leads us to the unhinged column Jay Hathoway wrote today, which bizarrely gives us credit for the Sad Puppies campaign. The media is bound and determined to pass this fraudulent tale off as the truth, facts be damned.

How many times do I have to tell people that we had almost nothing to do with that? I can only think of one prominent GamerGate supporter who spread a message about Sad Puppies, and that’s Daddy Warpig. I guess it’s not surprise that he’s featured in several articles as proof of us having conspired to sway the awards. He tweeted out about it a few times with one or two big tweets. I very seriously doubt more than a handful of people went and spent $40 based on his tweets. I know that it couldn’t have been enough to sway the nominations. Still, SJW outlets like Gawker continue to repeat this verifiable lie. The funny thing is, the main ones motivating GamerGate to go sign up, are now the dishonest “journalists.”

Read this garbage yourself:

The Hugos are among science fiction’s most prestigious awards. Since the 1950s, they’ve been awarded to the genre’s best and brightest—icons like Heinlein, Asimov, LeGuin, and Dick. This year, they’re just the latest front in Gamergate’s war against women and minority fandom.

The toxic, conservative, anti-woman movement that briefly claimed to be about reforming video games journalism has allied with a group of neoreactionary authors in an effort to ensure sci-fi’s future looks more like its less diverse past.

Shorter Gawker: we hate GamerGate because they exposed us as hacks and bullies…and cost us millions of dollars.

Turns out the Puppies and the Gamergaters have an enemy in common: “Social Justice Warriors,” or SJWs, a Gamergate coinage for anyone who doesn’t want to see all geek media revert to a time before its fans had to grapple with uncomfortable concepts like race and gender.

There’s the claim that we invented the term Social Justice Warrior again. Remember who else said that the other day?

Sorry, Glenn. I like a lot of your work, but you and Gawker are both dead wrong. We didn’t invent that term, although we did help popularize it. As KnowYourMeme states:


So unless some GamerGate motherfuckers have secretly invented time-travel, we didn’t come up with SJW. That doesn’t stop the media from repeating it over an over again, though, as you can see. I wouldn’t care if we had invented it, don’t get me wrong. I use it all the time. It’s just another example of them being too lazy or too corrupt to look this shit up. It’s really not that hard.

Moving on:

The #gamergate and #sadpuppies hashtags began to overlap on Twitter and, more importantly, Gamergaters started casting votes for the authors on the Puppies’ Hugo slates.

Is there any, you know, evidence? How do you know GamerGate supporters cast ballots in support of Sad Puppies? I didn’t see any. I saw Warpig talking about it and that’s about it. Do you have any other proof? Why is it that you only show his tweets? Funny how that works.

The shit-for-brains writer goes on:

It seems like some categories, like the entirely Puppy-dominated Best Novella, are bound to fall to Gamergate…

Fall to GamerGate? There you go again, Gawker. Honestly, I should be thanking you. You’re one of the most effective recruiting tools we have. Also, you probably just sealed the Sad Puppies deal with your antics today. I fully expect that you will see a real surge now. I know I’m definitely going to register. I don’t want big, bad, GamerGate to lose lol.