You guys remember Bahar Mustafa, right? Well, in case you don’t, let me give you a short primer before I start this one up. On this very site, I wrote…

Then we have Bahar Mustafa, who’s now under investigation by the police. Talk about an offensive piece of trash. Then again, she hasn’t falsely accused anyone of rape…that we know of. So I guess she’s not quite there yet. But I’ll be damned if she isn’t trying. Here’s a little background on her, from Encyclopedia Dramatica:

Bahar is a 27 year old, privileged girl who bangs on about anarchism and communism despite living a privileged, sheltered life. She majored inwomen’s studies gender studies (feminists insisted the name be changed to make it look less like and obvious scam) at the prestigious and expensive Goldsmith University, which was undoubtedly paid for by her parents. She now lives in their 450,000 pound home (which is incidentally also how much her mum weighs) while insisting she is a downtrodden minority and preaching for the downfall of society, one in which she feels she would fare quite well, despite being unable to get a job, her own flat and probably having trouble using the microwave by herself.

The combination of being a rich, 20-something, living at home, jobless college grad with a degree in feminism and an anarchism t-shirt, means Bahar couldn’t be a bigger cliche if she had brightly coloured hair, a nose ring and daddy issues. Which, of course, she does.

As well as this, when she faced charges for her hateful language…

#IStandWithBaharMustafa is the big thing in my Twitter feed today. Why? Well, she’s facing charges for her controversial statements over the last couple years. She tweeted out “#killallmen,” among other things. If you’ll recall, she was featured in news reports worldwide for her discriminatory statements about white people. She doubled down on that hateful rhetoric, saying it was impossible to be racist against Caucasians…

Honestly, I’m not too broken up about a dumb bitch getting her just desserts. I still agree with what Master Milo said earlier. It’s bullshit that people are trying to criminalize language and comedy in particular. On the other hand, the Mustafa crowd are the ones responsible for this sorry state of affairs. So, I don’t feel sorry for this cretin in the least.

A couple weeks ago, she talk about Master Milo and others who had lended support to her during this time, and she was a lot less that charitable

Controversy-monger Katie Hopkins and conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos were amongst a few of your unlikely allies – I’m interested to know what your feelings were about them backing you.

Well they are not my allies – I did not ask for their support and I don’t want it. They stand for everything I’m against. I was so embarrassed when Hopkins tweeted in support – I would never accept the support from an attention seeking, classist idiot who thinks immigrants are less than vermin. I did enjoy watching the twats of the GamerGate scandal squibble online over whether or not to offer support to a feminist-slash-social-justice-warrior because not to would mean that their entire free speech platform would come crashing down. To them, and many other right-wing pricks, free speech means the right to be as offensive as possible. For many of us, free speech means the right to bring the injustices of the state to the fore so that we can organise against it without fear or intimidation, prison, or death.

I guess you can’t expect any kind of gratefulness from an SJW hate monger like Ms. Mustafa. She’s a cunt, plain and simple. Well today, she got her just desserts. She’s been run out of her position at the Goldsmiths Student Union over allegations of bullying and harassment. I know! Who would have thought a delicate flower like Bahar would be up to such things? There must be some kind of mistake. Surely a reasonable young woman like herself wouldn’t act like that. From her public Facebook post:


I know you all are just as sorry for her as I am. Send her some well wishes, in whatever manner you deem appropriate. You can start by voicing your opinion on her resignation down below, in the #BasedCommentSection.