You guys remember Bahar Mustafa, right? Well, in case you don’t, let me give you a short primer before I start this one up. On this very site, I wrote…

Then we have Bahar Mustafa, who’s now under investigation by the police. Talk about an offensive piece of trash. Then again, she hasn’t falsely accused anyone of rape…that we know of. So I guess she’s not quite there yet. But I’ll be damned if she isn’t trying. Here’s a little background on her, from Encyclopedia Dramatica:

Bahar is a 27 year old, privileged girl who bangs on about anarchism and communism despite living a privileged, sheltered life. She majored inwomen’s studies gender studies (feminists insisted the name be changed to make it look less like and obvious scam) at the prestigious and expensive Goldsmith University, which was undoubtedly paid for by her parents. She now lives in their 450,000 pound home (which is incidentally also how much her mum weighs) while insisting she is a downtrodden minority and preaching for the downfall of society, one in which she feels she would fare quite well, despite being unable to get a job, her own flat and probably having trouble using the microwave by herself.

The combination of being a rich, 20-something, living at home, jobless college grad with a degree in feminism and an anarchism t-shirt, means Bahar couldn’t be a bigger cliche if she had brightly coloured hair, a nose ring and daddy issues. Which, of course, she does.

As well as this, when she faced charges for her hateful language…

#IStandWithBaharMustafa is the big thing in my Twitter feed today. Why? Well, she’s facing charges for her controversial statements over the last couple years. She tweeted out “#killallmen,” among other things. If you’ll recall, she was featured in news reports worldwide for her discriminatory statements about white people. She doubled down on that hateful rhetoric, saying it was impossible to be racist against Caucasians…

Honestly, I’m not too broken up about a dumb bitch getting her just desserts. I still agree with what Master Milo said earlier. It’s bullshit that people are trying to criminalize language and comedy in particular. On the other hand, the Mustafa crowd are the ones responsible for this sorry state of affairs. So, I don’t feel sorry for this cretin in the least.

A couple weeks ago, she talk about Master Milo and others who had lended support to her during this time, and she was a lot less that charitable

Controversy-monger Katie Hopkins and conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos were amongst a few of your unlikely allies – I’m interested to know what your feelings were about them backing you.

Well they are not my allies – I did not ask for their support and I don’t want it. They stand for everything I’m against. I was so embarrassed when Hopkins tweeted in support – I would never accept the support from an attention seeking, classist idiot who thinks immigrants are less than vermin. I did enjoy watching the twats of the GamerGate scandal squibble online over whether or not to offer support to a feminist-slash-social-justice-warrior because not to would mean that their entire free speech platform would come crashing down. To them, and many other right-wing pricks, free speech means the right to be as offensive as possible. For many of us, free speech means the right to bring the injustices of the state to the fore so that we can organise against it without fear or intimidation, prison, or death.

I guess you can’t expect any kind of gratefulness from an SJW hate monger like Ms. Mustafa. She’s a cunt, plain and simple. Well today, she got her just desserts. She’s been run out of her position at the Goldsmiths Student Union over allegations of bullying and harassment. I know! Who would have thought a delicate flower like Bahar would be up to such things? There must be some kind of mistake. Surely a reasonable young woman like herself wouldn’t act like that. From her public Facebook post:


I know you all are just as sorry for her as I am. Send her some well wishes, in whatever manner you deem appropriate. You can start by voicing your opinion on her resignation down below, in the #BasedCommentSection.

  1. couldn’t have happened to a more less liked person. I hope this continues to follow her for years to come and she is considered poison to anyone who hires her.

    1. something tells me she’s going to get a cushy job courtesy or either mommy, daddy, or one of her parents connections. Because her reputation and attitude is terrible.

  2. “It is with deepest regret and heartache that I will be announcing my

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    Bwahahahahahaha aha ha ahahahahahaha aha ah aha hahaa

    That’s fucking rich!

    1. “woman of color”. LOL. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out she’s pulling a Rachel Dolezal because she wanted to climb up a few rungs on the Progressive Stack.

      1. I tried to find a picture of her parents but sadly I couldnt find one. It wouldn’t surprise me if mom was white just like the mother of the “who hired you!?” bitch.

    1. She sure looks non-white, doesn’t she? She probably claims her name is the source of all her problems, the ones she never lists.

      1. Thats 100% true. If you look at the other:
        Sarkeesian (31): looks like 46
        Laci Green (26): looks like 36
        Ashly Burch (25): looks like 34
        Felicia Day (36): Looks like 48
        Brianna Wu (35): looks like 50
        Leigh Alexander (34): looks like 45

          1. I agree, both Leigh and Laci have been cute before SOCJUS but afterwards …yuck!
            It seems like rule No.1 for SOCJUS is YOU MUST BE UGLY!!!

          2. It is almost as if the brain washing and mandatory lobotomy do something to their expressions and lust for life, this is what peddling victimhood does to you folks.

          3. Yeah–all that “everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic, and you have to point it all out” really ages these people and drains the life out of them.

  3. Third Wave Feminism is a con game and one which works because most people don’t look too closely at it. It claims a direct descent from the women’s equal rights and black civil rights movements in America and that confusion is where the movement gets virtually all its credibility and power from. The truth is those 20th century movements opposed laws and TWF opposes men and “whiteness.”

    The truth is TWF is a lesbian supremacy founded on a pseudo-scientific notion that men and their heterosexuality is actually a fake non-biological ideology meant to control and oppress women. When Anita Sarkeesian says she wants no equality within this system she means the system of “compulsory heterosexuality” which forces women into “binary” gender roles, e.g., marriage, family. This explains why you see this obsession with any female sexual deviancy. TWF sees itself as a back to nature movement to some imagined pre-history where heterosexuality was far less dominant.

    The third wave (intersectionality) part has been built-in from the beginning as it is based on nothing more than the idea gay women have two intersecting vectors of oppression compared to straight women. Race came along and added a third and that quickly morphed into an entire range of intersecting oppressions like ableisms.

    TWF is an ideology of hate and mental illness propelled by lies which draw in a third and perhaps majority element of extremely naive people who see themselves fighting for the long ago won battle for women’s rights and anti-Jim Crow, never realizing how much they’ve been conned by fake oppressions made up out of the heads of some truly disturbed people.

  4. “I did enjoy watching the twats of the GamerGate scandal squibble online over whether or not to offer support to a feminist-slash-social-justice-warrior because not to would mean that their entire free speech platform would come crashing down.”

    Meanwhile, in reality, the majority of us agreed that she shouldn’t be jailed or penalized for her tweets. Just because she has differing views from us doesn’t mean her right to free speech doesn’t exist. The ultimate directive of free speech is to defend all speech, even from people you don’t agree with.

    We all also agreed that she is a racist twat.

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      1. Dorothy, be a sweetheart and tell Ms. Mustafa all about this prime money making opportunity. The poor dear must be hurting for cash after losing her job.

  5. She has a different memory to me. As far as I saw, GG stood by her right to free speech no matter how banal her words. She can say what she wants, and she shouldn’t face charges for it.

    To reiterate: no matter how full of shit her words are, she can say them.

  6. Awww, my heart breaks for you Bahar Mustafa. I’m just crying right now…..from all the bloody laughter. You’re such a twat, you’re on this level of twat that I can only dream to reach. You’re my insipration Bahar. Joking aside, I hope you aren’t such a huge spaz at your new job.

    1. Agreed but I hope SHE IS as much of a spaz next time, might (but probably won’t) learn something if she keeps fucking up.

  7. ,,,,uhhh,,,,uhhnn,,,uhhh,,,just whipping up a fresh cup of ” male tears” for dat poor thirsty gal,,,ohhh,,,uhhh,,,aaAAHHHHH,,,,TAKE COVER BASED COMMENTS!! INCOMING!!,,,,

  8. “I am committed to the INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION into allegations…” (AKA the witch hunt to find and harass/bully those who got her ousted)

    Trust fund brats like this with there head so full of bullshit their eyes are brown deserve to be taken down off their high horse (and then proceed to get mud hole stomped by said horse)

    Hopefully more things like this will happen as time goes on and people start waking up to the fact that SJW’s/feminazi’s and there white knights (pun intended) are nothing to be feared and should be stood up to like any other bully.

  9. Oh good, maybe they will find a diversity officer that doesn’t want to bring back pre-50s racial segregation!

    1. “diversity officer” what else is it for if not to control how diverse people interact (or more importantly, don’t). Before them we were doing a reasonable job of getting along, slow change but impactful generational experiences only translate so fast.
      If anything people in that role should be improving the community of a campus but, oh, that is what the Student Unions used to be for before this authoritarian cult put the claws into it.

  10. it’s kind of funny how bahar made and enforced tons of rules but considers herself a anarchist but then SJW so mental gymnastics, double standards, and projection is 2nd nature.
    even her resignation would have been funny or ironic if it was not soooo very predictable.

  11. Remember, kids: When you have broken your leg, you don’t slap away the hand that offers to help you get back up.

  12. I really hope GG doesn’t act like idiots again and defend this would be dictator. This bitch will literally destroy your freedom of speech if allowed to continue acting the way she does.

  13. My favourite bit is from the archived article where she goes from “I support free speech”, to “I believe in no-platforming” in 2 consecutive sentences goodbye and good riddance. The post remains so no doubt someone equally as biased is likely to step into the gap that remains.

  14. I would show support but I’m white and yeah no. See I don’t care she says offensive things. The part that is bullsh*t is that she thinks her and her ilk are the only ones allowed to do so. Buh-bye b*tch, let the door hit you on the way out.

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