I just got off the horn with the inimitable Baked Alaska. If you don’t know him then you will by the time you listen to the interview we just did. It’s more than likely that many of you are already very familiar with his work, however. He’s recently been leading the #MAGA3X campaign (Twitter, Facebook), which encourages Trump supporters to pledge to go vote and also to take three more backers with them to the polls. I mentioned this in the interview, but I’ll say it here as well. I studied a lot of political science in college (well, it was my major) and one of the main ways to increase the likelihood of getting people to vote is to get them to make a commitment to do so, which is the whole point of #MAGA3X. Thus, this is one of the best pro-Trump endeavors I’ve seen all year.

BUT, that’s not why I originally set out to do the interview with Baked Alaska, real name Tim Treadstone. It was because Apple decided to ban the app he had been working on for four month from their App Store. Why, you ask? Oh, it’s because it had an image of Pepe the Frog in it. Yes, they explicitly cited Pepe as the reason for the ban. I wonder if the ADL made a couple phone calls? Probably not. The more likely answer is that Apple was just looking for an excuse to ban anything that’s supportive of Trump…all the while allowing tons of anti-Trump material to proliferate in the App Store.

The reasoning here isn’t too hard to figure out:


There’s even evidence that Apple CEO Tim Cook was on the shortlist to be Mrs. Bill Clinton’s running mate. Long story short, Apple is biased and they aren’t even trying to hide it.


But, they could have at least done a better job of screwing Alaska over. Pepe is all over the App Store and many of the apps actually have him in the icon itself when you pull them up. Build the Wall (also coming to Google Play), the free app that they unjustly banned, only had him making a small cameo within the game.


But games like this one are apparently kosher…


Gotta love those good ole progressive values! Censor your opponents and promote perversion, all the while claiming to be the side of tolerance. Examples like this case is what moved me away from that side of the isle in the first place. You can’t claim to be for free speech and open dialogue when you try to shut down and physically intimidate people who disagree with you.

For more on this travesty, check out my interview with Baked Alaska himself. I’d never chatted with him before, but he’s super personable and the guy is going 100% balls to the wall in order to get Trump into the White House. In fact, his commitment and enthusiasm gets me pumped up as well. This thing is not over by a long shot. I apologize if I may have given some of you that impression on the recent #Killstream. One thing you don’t want to do is look back and wish you could have done more. There’s only 20 days left. Do everything you can and leave it all out on the field. The media said Brexit would never happen as well, but it did. Trump can still win, but it’s going to take good old fashioned hard work and determination from his voters and volunteers.