Twitter has been insane today. The dumbass kerfuffle over Leonard Nimoy’s passing being tagged with GamerGate (muh PR) was part of it. But the major issue of the day, seems to be the battle between TotalBiscuit (TB) and Leigh Alexander. She tweeted out some comments about Ken Levine’s Bioshock earlier today. After they were seized upon by TB, she then claimed she was just joking around. Sure you were, Leigh. And I’m a fucking astronaut. Based Biscuit, to his credit, didn’t pull one single punch. Instead of holding back, he dropped bombs:


This was just the opening salvo, ladies and gentlemen. Then Leigh came out with this stupendously disingenuous nauseating spurt of tweets: Selection_999(521)Selection_999(522) Selection_999(523) Selection_999(524) Selection_999(525)

If you have thrown-up after reading that (hell, even if you have), here’s TB’s response. Notice how he’s hitting her with cold hard facts, while she calls him a “chode.” What a respectable newswoman Ms. Alexander is!

There’s so many good tweets here, that I have to show them all. I’m tempted to cut them down, but I just can’t. They’re all so fucking good:

Later on in the day, TheIvyClover1 and I were talking about all this. I found it funny that someone like Leigh Alexander, a notorious drunken bully, could even think about lecturing someone else on anything…especially professionalism. And the same goes for Matt Lees. Do you guys remember when he called Christina Hoff Sommers scum? Well, I do.

So, Ivy went digging. Fortunately for us, she didn’t come up empty-handed. Leigh truly is the gift that keeps on giving. I wonder where TotalBiscuit could have came up with the idea that she’s a drunk, Matt?:

She started deleting shit mid-search lol:

That last point is the one I always come back to. I enjoy a drink or six myself on occasion. I smoke weed daily, and will until I either die, or am forced to give it up. But I don’t try to act like I’m better than the next person. I’m also not a professional journalist at something like the GDC, for example. And finally, I don’t try to force my minority ideology onto others. Leigh Alexander just doesn’t get it, and I doubt she ever will.


UPDATE: Leigh went there…

  1. Not much for weed myself, but there is ALWAYS a time for a proper beer. 🙂

    Too bad Alexander missed the whole ‘know when to say when’ schtick.

  2. God TB blowing that drunkard the fuck out makes me smile from ear to ear.
    It makes dealing with my Twitter suspension easier to deal with too cuz I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that people are still taking pieces of garbage like her to the cleaners
    No leigh. TB didn’t say that because you’re a woman. He said it because you’re an asshole.

    Your time is running out Leigh. You should go hit up Catherine Cross and write some articles on Anita Sark like she did, not disclose anything, and cash out while you still can. Your credibility is as shaky as your non-existent sobriety.

    Good riddance to garbage journalism. It’s made the fight thus far so worth it and I’m absolutely loving the demise of these sites. Burn them all to the ground. Leave not a stone standing from a goddamn single one of them and their cliques

      1. The only correspondence I got from Twitter is for ”aggressive following”
        What that is, I have no idea.
        WTF and my personal @cwb_in_tn_81 got hit same time
        It’s bullshit cuz i only follow like 120 people on my personal and have had same follower count on that one for months. I ain’t ”aggressively followed” anybody

        1. “Aggressive following”? What the hell is that shit? Is it “oh, I’m going to click extra hard on the follow button for THIS person, and ain’t nothing they can do about it! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” or something?

    1. Hunter S. Thompson was a million times her better. The man’s talent for writing came as easily to him as the bottom of a bottle does for her.

          1. Good movie (Thompson even made a small cameo in it). Heard they also made The Rum diary into a movie too but I’ve yet to see it.

    2. She would have had to have been connected to reality in the first fucking place for hallucinogens to have any meaningful effect on her stupid, racist, alcoholic, belligerent bitch faced ass.

  3. Ty Ralph this is much better than the insane clickbait from the last couple days. It gave me a good laugh which I needed after a truly awful day. Truly truly…truly awful.

    RIP Douggie.

  4. When will Leigh & Co. learn that Hunter S. Thompson was Hunter S. Thompson not because he got stone drunk and high as a kite on a regular basis, but because he had an incredible mind, something they are singularly, but collectively, lacking.

  5. no idea how she hadn’t gotten fired from anywhere.
    going and getting drunk is cool, i’ve got no problems with that.
    but when she goes to conferences, TO WORK, and can only think about boozing it up and blowing lines…why do her bosses put up with that shit?

    truly mind blowing.

  6. Don’t worry about Leigh’s drinking. She can always sober up by doing lines in the bathroom with Adam “monkey man” Sessler.

  7. Oh, dear, sweet, pickled-liver Leigh…devs like Levine have logged decades in the industry, making actual games that millions of people love to play. You’re a broken little child that rose to your position by jiggling up and down on WiiFit pads and rubbing clits with other self-important trust-fund babies in the “kewl kidz klub”, contributing nothing but pseudo-intellectual garbage reflecting next to no actual knowledge or love for games.

    In the end, Levine will be remembered for making classic, well-designed games that were both fun and made people think. Alexander will just be remembered for leaving puddles of puke in her wake, both figuratively and literally.

    BTW – The best part of this clusterfuck is AMIB accusing TB of taking Leigh’s tweets out of context. Getting chided about context by AMIB is like getting lectured on sobriety by Leigh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    1. Reminder: AMiB tried to Americasplain Czech history to Daniel Vavra, an actual Czech man, using the “Medievalpoc” Tumblr page, and tried to paint him as a racist with it. He’s the very definition of a tryhard.

      1. Yeah, I caught that. Vavra had ACTUAL HISTORIANS contributing to his game, while all AMIB kept using Wikipedia and a website run by an idiot faking minority status as his “sources”. AMIB isn’t interested in facts or having an intelligent dialogue – he’s just looking to score SJW brownie points by spread false propaganda and trying to smear pro-GamerGaters. I muted him off my Twitter because no matter how many people debunk him and BTFO his BS, he still keeps at it.

        In fact, he’s gone back to his stupid false claim that “Christina Hoff Summers is an MRA because a MRA site reprinted her work!”. By that logic, since he posts a lot in the GG hashtag, AMIB must be a GamerGater!

  8. Poor leigh…so much cuter 10 years and 8 whole liquor stores ago…

    Heres to before you became a toxic profiteering SJW opportunist!

  9. Been gone from GG due to health issues, but damn I’m not shocked to see she hasn’t changed at all…

    That last bit tho..WHERE did TB use his cancer as an excuse to harass women?
    Actually better question: When/where the f*** did TB harass ANYONE?

    The man is a god damn gentleman (most of the time) even to people who frankly don’t deserve any respect/patience that he has showed them.

    1. In a world where retweeting an antis comment is considered harassment, does it come as any surprise that these nutjobs consider TotalBiscuit the equivalent to that of a Mussolini?

      1. lol Yeah my lungs are shit. Will hopefully be back to a much more normal routine next week (according to my doc).

        Been catching up on what I missed though, and god damn have you guys been busy 🙂

  10. “Silly kids. I am gaming journalism.”

    Silly gaming journalism. We are GamerGate. Gaming journalism’s time in relevance is almost up. Make every second count, Leigh. Because we don’t hand out second chances easily.

  11. Seriously everyone look into UBM the parent company that owns Gamasutra, they’re an international convention organizing and PR company. Their offical website pretty much admits the only reason gamasutra exists is as a sockpuppet they can pimp their own conventions through.

    Leigh is nothing but an expendable sign spinner for the GDC.

  12. Funny thing I got out of that is that Matt lees is a retard. You imply that someone else is an alcoholic they infer it from comments you make. These morons don’t even know the meaning of words for christs sakes. No wonder they are constantly redefining terms.

    Also, I really hope one of those “hood men” (what she implied was n***er, if you couldn’t infer that) beat the living shit out of her smug ass one day when she gives that attitude on the street, but then, it’s more likely she puts her head down and scurries by them without making eye contact to go talk big and tough about it on the internet.

    OH, and I was just joking above, and also when I say her mother should have swallowed her.

  13. Can she PLEASE get fired already?
    How the fuck does ANY reputable publication or advertiser accept association with her work?
    She has some talent as a writer, or she wouldn’t have gotten gigs, but as TB suggests, she’s a critic, and that is the lowest possible rung of “creating” (personally, I think my talents lie there too, so I got no hate for it) but we live on a planet with more than 7 billion people, there are plenty of fuckers to replace her.
    She needs somebody to ground her, because she’s jammed so far up her own arse she doesn’t even realise how awful she is.
    She literally condemns the behaviour of others that is a DIRECT RESPONSE to her own *worse* behaviour ><

  14. you’d figure with all those holes in her head, the alcohol would leak out before she had time to absorb it. She sure proved me wrong!

  15. Colon cancer is the opposite of “the most easily treated form of cancer.” I have been involved in multiple colon resections and it is perhaps the most invasive thing you can do to a person. These procedures take hours and we literally cut people open and tear out large parts of their organs, and the patients still have to deal with months of chemo and radiation even after they are discharged from surgery. Leigh Alexander and her white knights know nothing about real life hardships or common decency for that matter. Karma is a bitch and it’ll catch up to them in a big way.

  16. Ya well Leigh why don’t you get cancer and see what hardships you get before you say that shit. Fucking disgusting. My Grandfather died from the complications of chemo to cancer. Fucking piece of shit! FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!

  17. “over a certain age” – you heard it from the cow’s mouth herself; she’s guilty of ageism! Call the SJWs, they’ve a heretic to burn.

    1. lol, yeah all us old “sexist” kids from the 80s and 90s. LMFAO. I’m sure from her viewpoint, the 80s might have well been the middle ages for women, lol.

  18. To the Social Justice Wankers, legitimate criticism is harassment, but calling people obtuse shit-slingers and wailing hyper consumers is a-okay.

  19. TB says it takes a bit to push him, well he blocked me on Twitter because he misunderstood something I said. So, he’s kind of a jerk too.

  20. twitter..i cant even…but really though twitter.

    is there some sort of general agreement that twitter is by large the biggest problem as far as communication ? i see so much silliness caused by twitter all the time its mind boggling why this is a chosen platform

  21. Incidentally I’m nearly finished reading Atlas Shrugged and will start playing the Bioshock games this afternoon.

    No surprise that Leigh Alexander is against Objectivism, as she would rather champion destruction over creation. TB’s helicopter tweet fucking killed. I hope people turn that into a meme

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