Twitter has been insane today. The dumbass kerfuffle over Leonard Nimoy’s passing being tagged with GamerGate (muh PR) was part of it. But the major issue of the day, seems to be the battle between TotalBiscuit (TB) and Leigh Alexander. She tweeted out some comments about Ken Levine’s Bioshock earlier today. After they were seized upon by TB, she then claimed she was just joking around. Sure you were, Leigh. And I’m a fucking astronaut. Based Biscuit, to his credit, didn’t pull one single punch. Instead of holding back, he dropped bombs:


This was just the opening salvo, ladies and gentlemen. Then Leigh came out with this stupendously disingenuous nauseating spurt of tweets: Selection_999(521)Selection_999(522) Selection_999(523) Selection_999(524) Selection_999(525)

If you have thrown-up after reading that (hell, even if you have), here’s TB’s response. Notice how he’s hitting her with cold hard facts, while she calls him a “chode.” What a respectable newswoman Ms. Alexander is!

There’s so many good tweets here, that I have to show them all. I’m tempted to cut them down, but I just can’t. They’re all so fucking good:

Later on in the day, TheIvyClover1 and I were talking about all this. I found it funny that someone like Leigh Alexander, a notorious drunken bully, could even think about lecturing someone else on anything…especially professionalism. And the same goes for Matt Lees. Do you guys remember when he called Christina Hoff Sommers scum? Well, I do.

So, Ivy went digging. Fortunately for us, she didn’t come up empty-handed. Leigh truly is the gift that keeps on giving. I wonder where TotalBiscuit could have came up with the idea that she’s a drunk, Matt?:

She started deleting shit mid-search lol:

That last point is the one I always come back to. I enjoy a drink or six myself on occasion. I smoke weed daily, and will until I either die, or am forced to give it up. But I don’t try to act like I’m better than the next person. I’m also not a professional journalist at something like the GDC, for example. And finally, I don’t try to force my minority ideology onto others. Leigh Alexander just doesn’t get it, and I doubt she ever will.


UPDATE: Leigh went there…