I just got through watching the latest David Pakman GamerGate interview. Today, he spoke to former Jeopardy champion, Arthur Chu. We’ve talked about Arthur a lot here on the site, and for good reason. Over the course of time, my opinion of him has changed. At first, I might even agreed with those who said we shouldn’t discuss such a trivial person. He was a clown. But, the more I’ve learned, the more I’ve come to believe that Mr. Chu is a truly disturbed individual. 

He openly speaks of channeling Elliot Rodger. He says that rape is a normal part of life, and refuses to report the crime to police because he hates lawyers (huh?). What kind of man is this? I used to like to laugh about him, and I still do. But, in reality, his character is no laughing matter. He’s a dangerous, demented person, with sociopathic tendencies.  He also happens to be a lot dumber than he thinks he is. He’s the classic case of a blowhard who overestimates his own abilities.

How did David Pakman put this bastard to rest? With a calm and reasoned hand, that’s how. He never lost his cool, and gave Arthur all the time in the world to speak. This turned out to be a great strategy:

The more Arthur talked, the more he revealed himself to be an empty suit. Memorization may have served him well on Jeopardy, but his lack of contemporaneous speaking ability sunk him today. He never had a chance. Pakman took him apart like a skilled surgeon.

Chu kept talking about Zoe Quinn, over and over again. It was almost like he was trying to deflect attention away from his abhorrent behavior. Quinn has absolutely nothing to do with Chu ignoring a rape. Zoe doesn’t come up when discussing  his past advocacy of doxing. Well, she does, because Arthur keeps bringing her up.

When he wasn’t bringing up Zoe Quinn, he was busy trying to discuss my story from yesterday. It was a little too hot to handle, so Pakman wisely decided to avoid it. But that didn’t stop Chu. He was determined to bring it up. But, David did talk about my story on Chu’s love of doxing. Chu stood by his original, pro-doxing stance. The man has absolutely no shame. When offered chances to make up for his past, he repeatedly turns them down. Just like yesterday, when he could have called the authorities and perhaps helped bring a rapist to justice. No, it’s always all about Arthur Chu, his ego, and the advancement of his career.

When all else failed for Mr. Chu, he turned to his old standby: insulting the members of NotYourShield. Instead of apologizing for his horrific race-baiting style attacks, he instead doubled down on them. He then told one of the biggest lies I’ve yet seen from the other side. NotYourShield was started explicitly because of the SJW denial of our minority support. But, according to Chu, it was started in order to ignore the SJW minorities.

How does that even make any fucking sense, Arthur?

This was just about his last gasp, other than ludicrously slandering one of our moderate members. Based Pakman kept a cool head thoroughout the proceedings. He took Chu apart. Pak-Man played the role of Floyd Mayweather. Every shot Chu tried to throw, was deftly swatted down. Every time he came with some more lies, he was calmly and effectively rebutted. He lost his composure on several occasions, and looked like he had just gotten out of bed with a hangover. All in all, it was one of the worst performances I’ve seen yet. You could even make an argument that Brianna Wu did better on Pakman.

When you’re being compared unfavorably to Wu, you know you fucked up. This pretty much ends Arthur Chu’s GamerGate run (unless some other malfeasance of his comes to light). I have a hard time seeing anyone taking him too seriously after this. We should all send David Pakman a nice Christmas gift, or maybe just sponsor his show. He’s not on our side, but he’s the fairest journalist I’ve seen in years. People should support that. As for Arthur? Well, I’m sure Jeopardy will drag his sorry ass back sooner or later. 

  1. The interview was just too funny. I had to stop myself from laughing out loud at work.

    Remember when he said on radio that only women get harassed and he didn’t? Changed his tune about that today didn’t he?

    Oh Arthur all you did was make yourself look nuts.

    Complaining that the media looks at things from both sides. Questioning how journalism works. Saying tweetlikenotyourshield was because POCs on anti-gamergate were being called white (wasn’t #NYS from the media calling gamers white male losers?).

    And for god sakes man, try and look presentable next time. You look like a basement dweller and it looks like you’ve been spoofing on to your webcam.

    1. was even more personal than that. First started by a black developer who was pro-gg being called white, and got RT’d a lot. And then the next HUNDRED mentions were other people having to take their pics to prove they weren’t white males too.
      (including an old lady even! Something like…Thornberry? I can’t recall the name.)

    2. The irony of all this is that he accused GamerGate of mocking women and minorities and using them as shields, yet he mocks women and minorities, and uses Zoe Quinn and his own race as shields.

  2. This is why SJWs hide behind twitter. They lack any intelligent or civilised ability to express their themselves in person without make complete asses of themselves.

    Their hypocritical, entitled and childish attitudes have proved to be the biggest leverage for #gamergate thus far. I love it.

  3. Damn, I’m just on Tumblr researching this SJW phenomenon ( or whatever the f*** its called). Anyone have a clue which tags to start with? Knowing how these people operate is the best defense IMO.

    1. Just watch “Tumblrisms” by InternetAristocrat in YouTube. You will get the whole picture and a goddamn good laugh.

      1. I’ve already watched that though. I really want to be boots on the ground and see these tumblrs for myself.

  4. The bit in the interview about #TweetLikeNotYourShield is gold. Arthur Chu chooses to believe that any self-respecting minority would never disagree with his superior perspectives on culture.

    Anyone who speaks on behalf of others strikes me as deeply disingenuous. Take a stance, and stick to it. Sure. But to have the unmitigated gall to claim that it simply isn’t possible for anyone other than “white men” to disagree with you…well, frankly, that’s just insane.

  5. To make matters worse, he’s about to participate in the Jeopardy Tournament next Week; he’s going to get wrecked.

  6. Ok, let’s be very clear. Blogs are basically online DIARIES. This is the biggest problem with these mentally ill, self-entitled, pseudo-intellectuals – they think their censorship-ridden “moderated” comments sections give them some kind of credibility as a “culture critic”. Guess what? I’ve got a master’s degree in Culture History, spanning issues from the transmission of cultural norms from the upper to lower class, high and low forms of comedy, religion as a medium of culture exchange, the rise of middle class, sexuality and prostitution and a whole bunch of other topics, BECAUSE I’M FUCKING EDUCATED. I was challenged by people with PhD’s and books under their belt, who peer-review and are reviewed in turn to critically analyze work and try and devise my own own perspective.

    Example: I was the only person in a class of 7 to outright call a PhD’d author’s book on the Catholic Counter-Reformation as an unrelated movement to the Protest Reformation as self-fellating bullshit. And guess what? The professor smiled, laughed and congratulated me on figuring out the authors weakness and bias. He did go on to admonish me for being so blunt against someone with a higher level of education that me, but bullshit is bullshit.

    But you know what? That doesn’t make me an expert in video games culture. Or geek culture. Or nerd culture. I can argue someone to death by holding them to the basic rules of logic, but I’m not going to be able to prove with absolute certainty that the gender gap in the gaming industry isn’t something of an issue (though frankly I’ve seen no evidence of discriminatory practices, just an over saturation in a field that has every right and need to be as selective as possible; and a lot of these SJWs haven’t got a single INCH of talent in them to begin with).

    These people think because they declare themselves something, and have an opinion, that they are an expert. This is flat out false. You get to be an expert by studying an issue in depth, for YEARS and by understanding ALL ANGLES of an issue, not by drinking the fucking kool-aide of some culture of radical anti-capitalism, social marxist sex-negative feminists who guilt and shame men into being submissive, especially WHITE men, because the events of world history has ANY fucking bearing on modern history in the subjective setting of the first world.

    These people have a bone to pick and an axe to grind, and it is based entirely out of their self-aggrandized, limited education, their arrogance, their entitlement and frankly mental illness. They are a cancer and a blight on society and we need to FIGHT BACK against people who masquerade as crusaders for “justice” when all they are really are delusional bullies, sociopaths and authoritarian psychopaths.

    1. Hence they’re not “Social Justice Warriors” at all; just “Progressive Hypocritical Narcissists”.

    2. These people have a bone to pick and an axe to grind, and it is based
      entirely out of their self-aggrandized, limited education, their
      arrogance, their entitlement and frankly mental illness. They are a
      cancer and a blight on society and we need to FIGHT BACK against people
      who masquerade as crusaders for “justice” when all they are really are
      delusional bullies, sociopaths and authoritarian psychopaths.

      AMEN !

  7. LOL Chu has an issue with a Journalist focusing on the complaints of ‘two’ sides. Here legitimately has no fucking clue what neutrality and ethics are. Self. Righteous. Prick.

  8. I like how Chu talks about looking into Zoe’s “past” to see her “victimization”, but if you look into her “past” you see just how much of an evil, two-faced asshole she is. And the “information cascade” (thank you Anita for pointing out that you know about that technique, or rather your propagandist overlord, McIntosh knows) they’ve been using, repeating the BALD-FACED LIE that Zoe’s Ex made the allegation that she slept with Nathan Grayson in his 4k+ word blog in order to get positive coverage for her game. He NEVER said that. That’s a Straw Man (and amusingly it’s probably actually true) and I love how these people seem to think that the Truth needs to be supported by LIES.


    Fun Note: Chu think Twitter is a cool kids communication club (aka an echo chamber).

  9. Dear David Pakman: Why does a Professional Victim publish their “attacks” (like that UW student, obese man-hater) in order to PROFIT FROM IT. That is how they PUBLICIZE THEMSELVES. This isn’t even a necessary question – it’s OBVIOUS. I do love how patient and logical he is though. I still think his pulling up Milo’s stance on Transgenderism (which is in fact based on science) and is a HIGHLY divisive issue in the gay community, was extremely irrelevant and an attempt to further his line of questions that framed Milo as biased. Facts are facts; evidence is evidence.

  10. So … his main complaint was that people didn’t unilaterally 100% agree with him in every possible way.

    Sounds like a stable person.

  11. The bullshit weave he spun about #NotYourShield riled me the fuck up. Once again, moving the fucking goalposts. If all you ever say is “you’re a bunch of angry white manbabies” and we use #NotYourShield to prove otherwise, you can’t then say “OMG STOP HIDING BEHIND ALL THOSE WOMYN AND BROWN PEOPLE”.

    First of all, being male or white IN NO WAY DIMINISHES THE VALIDITY OF YOUR POINT.

    Secondly, the tag was created for people like myself to use because you think you either have free license to put me on AGG’s side by default as a woman and minority, deny my existance/ignore me, or call me a race/gender traitor. The fact that those terms even exist fucking sadden me. You assholes are a one way ticket to apartheid. And you call yourselves “progressive”? Kiss my black arse, mate.

  12. All that narcissism on Chu was just mind boggling. Never seen someone be that way up their tuckus before. “I know what you’re gonna bring up” such proud much gloat. Pakman stopping Chu on that one was god damn glorious since this ain’t Jeopardy.

  13. Pakman:”So how are you today, Arthur?”
    Chu: “ZOE QUINN!”
    P: “That’s not an answer”
    C: “ZOE QUINN!”
    P: “Um…OK, but what about the accusation that GamerG…”
    C: “Zoe Quinn Zoe Quinned Zoe Quinn in the Zoe Quinn until Zoe Quinn Zoe Quinned all over Zoe Quinn’s Zoe Quinn!”

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