GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is standing by Corey Lewandowski, his campaign manager, after he was has charged with “battery” over the Michelle Fields incident. Refusing to take the easy way out is rare for politicians these days, which is why Trump is resonating with so many people. I think even some of his detractors will respect his words here.

Some of the professional punditocracy won’t give him any credit for this, but most regular citizens can see how lame this charge really is.

Then, add in the new reporting from the Daily Mail

Crucially, has now established from a member of Trump’s Secret Service detail that in the process, she touched Trump twice and was warned by agents to stop.

Lewandowski, walking a few steps behind his boss, saw this happening (he may well have heard the warnings too) and raced forward to prevent her asking more questions and put himself between Trump and the reporter.

This is the first I’ve heard about this and it will certainly go a long way towards clearly Mr. Lewandowski’s name, if it holds up. He was doing nothing other than protecting Trump. Plus, it’s not like he punched the chick. He simply moved her out of the way so The Donald could keep it moving. How in the world is that in any way related to criminality?

With this new info, the “battery” charge is looking even more flimsy.

  1. I’m pretty sure the entire debacle is just a weak attempt to distract and damage Trump’s campaign. Given that confident response I don’t think this is happening.

  2. Cruz and Kaisch show true colors. Both would throw staff member under the bus for political gain. Where’s the loyalty

  3. The media is walking into another beatdown, they seemed to have dropped this loser of an attack after the first few videos dropped but the bullshit battery charge seems to be giving them the confidence they required to stick their collective head right through a noose. The case will almost certainly get dismissed in short order and then Trump’s camp will be free to both sue Fields into the dirt while also drawing attention to all the non-battery in all the videos that are already available.

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