Another day, another dollar. Well, not many dollars, but at least I love what I do. I ate lunch at the Capital Ale House with a GamerGate supporter here in Richmond, Virginia. I won’t name him, simply because I didn’t ask beforehand. But it was an enjoyable meal and the ale was tasty indeed. I’ve been back for several hours now, trying to think about what I want to cover today. I saw something hilarious right off top, and it plays into our theme from yesterday. Brianna Wu is getting beatdown yet again, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Before I move on to other topics, I wanted to relish this ass-whipping. It’s definitely one of the worst Wu’s taken:


She’s still blowing her out now, as we speak (errr, write). During the middle of all this, I decided to ask her if she had ever worked directly for Wu, since she seems to know an awfully lot about her and the employees of her company, Giant Spacekat:

So this is a person with direct knowledge of Wu and her operation. She doesn’t like what she’s seen. Who can blame her? Wu seems like a detached-from-reality bully. I’m gonna get to some other stories together, including an interesting piece on the so-called “rape culture.” But I had to recap this a little bit. Good lord, Wu just got smoked again. How long until she goes off the deep end completely?

  1. My god so many shots fired in the past 48 hours. It’s a fucking massacre. Someone call an ambulance!

  2. Brianna better buy some ass salve with that Patreonz because she just got one fierce butt bruising. Totally deserved.

    1. She’s gone so far off the deep end that her sanity has done the Divine Comedy, twice. Then came back a third time and is currently trapped in the 8th circle of hell.

    2. When you said, “bathysphere” I thought you were referring to bath salts.

      Woah, won’t that be a strange way for Wu to go? Eating bath salts and chomping off his dead husbands face?

      I’m also watching natural born killers as I write this. The fuck is wrong with me?

  3. That’s what has been great is seeing so many people from the sidelines finally gain the courage to step in and talk about how much bullshit this has been. I understand why they didn’t want to speak up at first but I’m glad to see them come late than never. It shows that they are losing the SJWs are losing ground.

    1. Emma is no sideliner though. She’s just another SJW gunning for Alpha Victim. This is how they hold elections.

      1. It still works to our advantage to have the SJWs tear each other apart, but I think your note of caution is worth repeating. Let them be hoisted by their own petard.

  4. Dang it, Ralph. I thought you were in Memphis. I would have gone up there and taken you out for BBQ.

      1. I knew you were from there but I thought you still lived there. I’m in Alabama right now, but Matthew is still in Georgia.

      2. But Ralph! Memphis is terrible! I live out in Tennessee, I avoid it like the plague. Except Germantown.

  5. >Example of male privilege.
    >Upgraded to 1st class for free.
    >refuses to accept an apology from an old man after an accident.
    >Expects everyone to know who she is.
    is Wu admiting she’s a he?

  6. Detached from reality seems like an understatement at this point. I’m pretty sure most random 60 year old men wouldn’t even know who Todd Howard or Ken Levine or Chris Metzen are, either and Wu actually thought to play the “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!” card?

    Either way, the infighting seems to be happening more and more, their narrative is crumbling and they’re showing the world their true colours.

    1. I’m pretty sure most 60 year old men don’t even know who Shigeru Miyamoto or Hideo Kojima are. How the fuck are they going to recognize a batshit-insane hack who made a phone game with characters that look like Barbie dolls?

      1. I wouldn’t expect anyone who just knows of them to recognize them in such a random situation. If the person actually knew them, or was in a place you’d expect to see them, then I could understand someone recognizing them.
        After all most people aren’t constantly on the lookout for famous people, nevermind narcissistic lunatic nobodies.

    2. I’m sure they’ll eventually pull Wu back in like they did with the whole coffee thing. “You need to be careful with what you say cause people look up to you”. Not sure what it’ll be this time. Probably something similar along with how you act.

      Their ideology is one that eats itself and doesn’t spit you back up until you bow down to it again and apologize for the wrong you’ve done to it.

      1. Actually I’d go as far as to say this is happening now because she’s already somewhat of an outcast. She committed a deadly sin so the cult excommunicated her, and now that she’s no longer protected people won’t overlook her BS as easily.

  7. Great article as usual mang.

    If my fucking pickup will ever get fixed, I’ll make it a point to swing by Richmond one of these days. I plan on doing a roadtrip once it’s fixed cuz I got friends up in Maryland n PA i wanna visit.

  8. There will always be some people who just refuse to get it. It’s like the blind leading the stupid.

    One thing I’ve always found kind of interesting; if you look at some of the various players Patreons, the majority of them make at least some token gesture of supporting someone else. Not Wu…I’m biding my time, hoping Randi Harper has a go at her.

  9. They are all starting to doubt themselves. Its just been loss after loss for all of 2014 and 2015 so far. Feminism has really never had less credibility.

    1. SJWs in general have never had less credibility. They shout over and over again “Look at me! I’m harassed!” and then screw it up while everyone is looking because they are oversensitive whiners.

      Tis why Anita isn’t getting TV spots to talk about gamergate anymore -She’s trying to involve herself with feminist conferences and stuff so she has something to do when this all implodes. (Sadly even there she failed miserably – She explained gender studies/ Identity politics too well:

  10. I saw this pop up on Imgur and all I could think was ‘Oh snap, I bet Ralph has seen this.’ Head on over here and lo and behold…

    You know, there’s a saying. Be nice to the people you meet on your way up, because chances are good you’ll be meeting them on your way down.

  11. Wu is clearly narcissistic. If there wasn’t money in it for her I think she never would have finished Revolution 60.

  12. Brianna, Zoe, Anna pixela te, Leigh, etc. they all just ooze flakiness. They all seem like big talkers who would not follow through on Jack shitandwouldlet you down mpstofthetime as they take theeasywayout. The kind of people who want to be a author, but ordeal without having to write or submit their many scripts or deal with rejection letters. The type who want to be game devs without doing any developing of games.

  13. Oh, I interacted this Emma character once and she came off as pretty domineering and toxic, as well as angry as hell about the Boston FIG thing. She may not be AS detached as Wu but this is best characterized as feminist cat fighting. Its funny but women like this NEED the men around to buffer each other from women who share the same narcissism and insanity.

      1. Well hey, it’s the champion of the article in the flesh. Welcome to the den. Don’t mind the mess. We’ve not had much time to spare on cleaning things up for the last 8 months.

  14. “If only I wasn’t #BlockedByBrianna (LOL) I would ask her why she credits only herself as the dev on Revolution 60 ”

    Buuuuuuurn! That burning is the fuel my sides used to ascend to orbit!!

  15. The poor suffering woman, flying first class to speak at Columbia. Just terrible. And here I was foolishly feeling sorry for little girls suffering FGM at the hands of their half blind grandmothers. Forget about Crazy Horse. Let’s start work on that monument to Brianna Wu.

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