BEAUTIFUL DAY: Anti-Gamer Forces Turn on Each Other

BEAUTIFUL DAY: Anti-Gamer Forces Turn on Each Other

It’s been another spectacular day here at headquarters. I’ve spent the last three hours or so laughing my ass off at the slap-fight that’s broken out among the anti-gamer contingent on Twitter. Now, I’m watching UK politicians beat each other up. But I had to turn that down and focus on this write-up, because today’s implosion was just too damn good to ignore. It involves our old friend David Gallant, as well as Big Randi Harper. For once, Randi is on the right side of things. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a piece of trash. But you have to give her at least some small credit. In order for those who missed all the events to understand this story, I’ll have to first explain it all.

A #GamerGate supporter/shitposter named Airport (@CHOBITCOIN, also a LewdGamer author) put up a provocative picture of herself holding a gun on Transgender Day of Visibility, which is March 31st. It was clearly a satirical statement, but Brianna Wu and others got together and tried to get her kicked off Twitter. It didn’t work. So then some even bigger idiots tried to label her a rapist (with no evidence) in an attempt to smear her character:

Randi Harper came out and said this was a bridge too far:


She wasn’t the only one. And guess what? They all took a pounding from the crazies in their own caucus… which of course includes the psychopath David Gallant. After spending all night last night subtweeting Randi and taking shots at her, today she called his bluff. Watching the other side devour themselves like this is always a delicious treat.

(pics courtesy of @PatriarchaIFreq and @Beardmosexual)


It only got worse for Gallant. Randi smells blood, so she’s going in for the kill. And while he allegedly used to fuck Zoe Quinn, Ms. Harper is now in business with her. I wouldn’t count on any intervention from her or the cuck. Cash is their motivating factor, and a bum like David Gallant just gets in the way:

Their community is always at war over who’s the biggest victim. So it’s not a surprise to see Randi going at Gallant for being a white male. That’s a major transgression that you can never get over, unless you cut your dick off. So she will always have that “slur” to use against him…unless he decides to take the plunge. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on that one. Until then, enjoy today’s festivities, and let me know what you think down below. I’m going to go eat dinner. I’ll see you back here later this evening, I hope.

Ethan Ralph

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  • Olympion

    “it’s not a surprise to see Randi going at Gallant for being a white
    male. That’s a major transgression that you can never get over, unless
    you cut your dick off. So she will always have that “slur” to use
    against him…unless he decides to take the plunge. I guess we’ll just
    have to wait and see on that one.”

    Well, it worked out for John “As A Woman” Flynt and Nicholas “Dog fucking pedophile” Nyberg, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a broken, pathetic husk of a man like Gallant would actually end up doing such a thing.

  • Landale

    So, Randi kept going even after being asked to stop. Repeatedly. Isn’t there a word for that? Good thing there’s all sorts of little companies springing up to fight that shit, maybe David could try talking to one of them. Maybe OAPI?

    This is fun.

  • Les Ismor

    It’s so good!
    “I’m the special-est snowflake!”
    “No, me, it’s me, cis-scum!”
    Fuck all these cunts, fucking hacks and hipster millennials trying to prove the impossible — that they’re not fucking worthless.

    • Landale

      It’s kind of a shame really. 99.9repeatingforfuckingever% of humans are fucking worthless. Most of us just don’t have a problem with it because we don’t care, we have fun with it anyway. If these people would just learn to do that, they’d be so much better off.

      • Les Ismor

        We’re like kindred spirits! Except I think maybe you still give em too much credit.
        The thing about it is, rational people are like “racism, sexism, discrimination, they’re bad, no fucking duh.”
        These people don’t have shit else to do, and they can’t create anything of actual value, so they pretend there are these HUGE social problems (yeah, there are problems, but these are some hyperbolic motherfuckers), then they ignore all the people in the past who actually helped to change things for the better so they can “take credit” for doing something other than shitting themselves online on a regular basis.

      • bans

        I must be the 0.01% as I’m a really nice person!

        • Landale

          Being nice doesn’t mean you’re not worthless. It means you’re nice, which means at the very least you might not be less than worthless.

          • bans

            Im worth a few GBP in pig feed alone so shut the fuck up, alright, Im a fucking nice person, OFUCKINGK. Alright…

          • bans

            ha…please ignore me!

          • Pooch Nasty

            Dude, you’re missing the point: most people are worthless because they won’t do anything to benefit the species in any notable way before they die. They’re just alive.. absorbing resources.. having fun (or not).. then they die. Yes, yes, I know that it’s a bit too dark for some to agree with that, but you don’t have to be dark or “emo” or anything like that, you just have to look at the cold, hard numbers: relatively-speaking, a handful of people accomplish great feats that change society (antibiotics, rocket science, nuclear fission, gun powder, etc.) The rest of us come and go, never noticed by history and never doing anything of note. Get over it and have fun with the time you have.

          • A Real Libertarian

            most people are worthless because they won’t do anything to benefit the species in any notable way before they die. They’re just alive.. absorbing resources.. having fun (or not).. then they die.


            a handful of people accomplish great feats that change society (antibiotics, rocket science, nuclear fission, gun powder, etc.)

            How do you think antibiotics, rocket science, nuclear fission, gun powder are made?

            By one great guy in his lab, or by a bunch of normal guys in a factory?

          • Pooch Nasty

            By one great guy in his lab. The “normal guys” in the factory are nothing more than automatons, which is precisely why so many of those guys were literally replaced with automatons in the late 20th century.

            Following instructions to put pieces together doesn’t make you great, it makes you a base-level upright ape.

          • A Real Libertarian

            OK, try it that way, just warning you it won’t work.

          • Pooch Nasty

            The last two centuries of industry disagree with you.

          • William Batley

            Fucking none of you have filled any of these descriptions, you worthless autists.

          • William Batley

            Like fuck, fat neckbeard/skinny terminally autistic shit with a sown on fedora permanently attached to their scalp typing away, talking about how fucking valuable they are. Holy shit KILL YOURSELVES.

          • Pooch Nasty

            Was that.. sarcasm? Because you forgot the /s and OH YEAH no one here claimed to NOT be worthless. All of us here are worthless, including you, “autist”.

          • William Batley

            Your dad didn’t say I was worthless when I fucked him in his asshole.

          • William Batley

            Shut up you autistic faggot.

          • bans

            It all depends on how you measure worth. By your measure we are mainly worthless, I measure worth in many different ways.

          • bans

            Seriously how do we decide the worth of a human?

          • Landale

            Genetics or lingering social contributions.
            Genetics is a hard one, especially now that we’re so hellbent on preserving absolutely every life no matter how defective. Short of lucking into something like immunity to AIDS or something and passing that down like crazy, at this rate no one has any real genetic value anymore.

            Contributions are a bit easier. Just following established achievements is nothing, but if you actually provide you’ve got some worth. Find a cure for something, make something to improve living qualities, take steps in advancing what we as a whole know of the world.

          • bans

            So the vast majority of us are worthless according to your description. I find that such a black and white view, either you invent a cure for cancer or you’re worthless, that’s nonsense. Most of us aren’t going to create a game changer, but that doesn’t mean we are worthless, we all contribute. We all add something, we all help fund or shape those who will create a game changer. As individuals we may be worthless, as a society we can do what ever we put our collective minds to, imo…

          • Landale

            Never said that as a group there was no value, indeed if you look over the contributions not one of those examples are things even remotely plausible to accomplish alone.

            Individuals are an utterly worthless thing, and you’ve agreed with that. Groups are the only thing of value, and those are more fleeting than the individuals they’re composed of.

          • bans

            Ha commie!!! No I Like Communism, proper Communism, not the bastardised USSR type shit. Groups of humans always present the best and worst of us. There are some ugly groups of humans, aGGro for instance.

          • William Batley

            so how much worth have you provided for the world with your autistic anime avatar?

          • Landale

            Most of us just don’t have a problem with it because we don’t care, we have fun with it anyway
            Reading comprehension is a pretty rare skill these days isn’t it?

          • Gone

            Ladder ranking.

    • JennyS

      These fucking idiots live on twitter, maybe that’s why they are always begging for money.
      I’ve never heard an argument like that in the real world and I don’t suppose anybody else has.

      • Les Ismor

        That’s because this shit rarely (but getting less rare!) happens in the real world; because an actual adult, who lived a real life, when confronted with some moron screaming in their face that they’re a rape apologist, or a bigot, over some nonsense, imagined slight, would smack the ever-loving fuck out of them.

        These people are parasites, and resistance of any length inevitably leads to them turning on each other.


      God, it’s like watching those child pageants where the stage moms lose their fucking minds and catfight backstage.

      • Les Ismor

        At least THOSE spoiled little brats are marginally talented 🙂

      • Richard Olsen

        I think I know who Honey Boo Boo is.

  • bans

    Please don’t grandstand big rando. Ignore the fuck out of all of those toss bags

  • Shogun1x

    He was afraid to talk to her? What a pussy. If you got something to say then say it, bitch.

    • JennyS

      Blocking a eunuch on Twitter is rape, its called Block rape. He was afraid of that, who wouldn’t be?

  • masterninja


  • Eric Kelly

    I love that it took only one Sarcastic tweet to get this whole ball rolling.

    • SonofaGlitch

      Well, these folks have got no sense of humor. One mild stab at a joke will only be viewed as knife violence.

  • ever heard of a bro on a diet

    what does subtweeting mean? i know you can retweet on twitter but that’s the first time i heard of that.

    • chris perez

      It’s the twitter equivalent of talking about someone behind their back. Usually it involves mentioning someone by name but not using their actual twitter handle so it shows up on their feed.

  • Zach Puckett

    It’s amazing how fast they turn on each other.

    • Landale

      It never gets old either.

      • Zach Puckett

        No it doesn’t 🙂



    I need some crackers because I’ve made soup in my pants.

    Seeing Gallant cry “please stop” over and over like a bitch while Randi owns his ass is one of the most glorious things I’ve ever seen. The fact that he got a taste of his own medicine by getting blocked is the thick, rich gravy.

    • chris perez

      Gallant is the perfect example of a beta bitch. He seriously needs to just cut it off as it is at this point just a useless appendage. At least it would give big Randi one less weapon to use against him.

      • Social Justice Whitey

        ,,,he may as well,,,i heard he was naturally only about an inch and half away from female anyway,,,like a baby mushroom sprout in a thatch of gorilla salad,,,,

      • tz1

        He should go trans-?

  • SecretX

    They are also Anita followers right?

    • chris perez

      It is pretty much a foregone conclusion they all bow at the alter of Anita. Mainly they envy her because they wish they could run as effective a scam as she is.

  • chris perez

    I have to give some credit to Randi in that she is the most consistent of the bunch. Like Ralph mentioned, once there is blood in the water she goes in for the kill. We saw it in the early days of GG when she devoured the poor neutral Claire Schumann. Hilariously enough there is a thread on Gamerghazi with the fucktards arguing over whether or not they could prove Claire was a sockpuppet account. Randi may be a detestable excuse for a human being but she is damn entertaining.

  • beardmosexual

    April Fools day erryday

  • Social Justice Whitey

    ….top fucking keks….

  • tz1

    Actions speak louder than words. Will Randi add her overzealous compatriots to her blocklist?

  • Dave The Sandman


  • tz1

    This seems to be an echo of a dustup regarding a Christian Pizzeria in Indiana that some “journalist” ambushed by asking if they would cater a gay wedding. Among other things, someone tweeted “who will join me in burning it down”. They basically trashed them on facebook, google, and yelp. This is the rainbow SJWs. It’s on

    Conversely a gofundme has raised over $250,000, oops $305k in support. Milo tweeted the link. Several people from all walks have contributed to help. This backfired like the Chick-fil-a boycott. Also see where a CFO browbeats a clerk that remains polite through everything.

    I think people generally prefer “live and let live”. No one likes Nazis marching in Skokie. Nor do they like people trashing a small business. And people still have a sense of the rule of law. One standard for all.

    And why is forcing bakers and photogs to do things which they find offensive OK, but Tim can Cook the App store, and Google can censor if they find things “offensive”.

    Or what Twitter is doing about abuse. Why is Twitter allowed to discriminate but not a baker?

    • Toastrider

      Freedom of speech’s most painful test is when you have to hear speech you don’t like.

      • tz1

        It’s only painful the first time. You must then split the speech from the liberty. Either you you support freedom as freedom, or you only support that which is in agreement. Your conscience says “be principled”, but something else tempts you to “be practical”. Or “politically correct”.

        In the LGBTQRSUVWXYZ community, they experienced it. But it has created a split. One side, Milo and Andrew Sullivan (and Justin Raimondo and others) are libertarian. They fought for freedom, not to be revenging tyrants. Others want to settle old scores – I can understand their fear, but they have become the very bigots they hate and fear.

        There is a commenter named William Lind that described the original status (dating to the Victorian era) as “Don’t scare the horses”. I’m sad to say it was the police at Stonewall, NY that broke the agreement. Before, it was “don’t ask, don’t tell”, and live and let live. But a war was ignited. And now we are competing on atrocities. All have sinned, and I am not made righteous by even a correct accusation against someone else.

  • William Batley

    fucking freaks

  • Shane Phillips

    Somehow Randi actually backed into a moderately mature response to this argument, I never thought I would see her defend someone on the side of GG and although I’m sure her motives are self serving its engracitating to see them detonate without our intervention.

  • Aj Retro
  • Gone

    Note randi said it isn’t helpful to accuse someone of rape without EXAMPLES. Not evidence or proof… EXAMPLES.

    • Landale

      One step at a time.
      Sure most people could probably take all the steps at once, but it’s probably pretty hard for people like her.

  • Kincyr

    wait a minute, doesn’t Twitter now consider several mentions in a short time (like what Gallant received from Harper just then) harassment?

  • Gone

    As someone that supports everyone’s right to determine their orientation and gender and so on… I still have to ask a question: If traditional gender stereotypes and identities are awful and people are constantly being berated for even remotely perpetuating the gender “stereotypes”, why are transgender women always trying to look as much like women as possible? I mean, why change your name and change to wearing dresses, panty-hose, heels, makeup, removing your penis, adding breasts, taking hormone therapies and so on…? You know, isn’t that just perpetuating gender stereotypes that feminists and SJWs *HATE*? So why do they embrace people who are perpetuating them, themselves?

    If gender is such a fluid thing and not the traditional stereotype, why don’t transgender women just keep their name, keep wearing their clothes and “male” haircuts and “male” genitals and everything else, but just say they are a woman? This seems very contradictory.

    Again – I don’t care. I’ll stand up in the face of bigots for anyone’s choices to be themselves, whatever that may be. I’m just perplexed by the contradictory nature of these decisions which perpetuate the same stereotypes and definitions that these same people attack *others* for supposedly perpetuating…

  • Erthwjim

    Their community would cease to exist if they called out all the white males in it.

  • Bailey NaGeL

    >We are normal people in extraordinary circumstances

    No. You are insane people in a normal circumstances who blow the fuck out of everything, even if the man breath thee wrong way.

    “You dare to take a breath near a proud wymyn of color? You are literally dying her breathing right and oppressing her! You white cisscum trash! “

  • Sevuz

    “Please STOP Lord Harper. You are hurting me” Jesus what a baby xD

    PS. Happy Easter everyone

  • calbeck

    Wow. Just…wow. It’s like cannibals at the dinner bell.

  • supergarr

    I swear twitter is where all the mentally retarded people in the world congregate too

  • Hahahaha!! This was WONDERFUL! We’ve been saying this since the start, the aGGros just love drama and don’t hesitate to turn on each other like a pack of rabid dogs at the drop of a hat. “Allies” quickly become enemies, “Listen and Believe” quickly turns to “fuck you, blocked!” and aggressive shitheels that like to attack and scream and rage at people they don’t like, end up crying “Randi.. please… stop.. PLEASE.. stop!” before whimpering about how shit they feel XD


  • They lack so much self awareness…
    They are literally fighting each other for the behaviour we criticise them for but which they can never concede.

    Fact is, Randi picked this fight because she needs to claw her way back into looking reasonable. She just needs a few high profile cases to prove she “is totally fair and balanced guis!” which she can spin into authority on pushing whatever claims she prefers.
    Definitely not a true believer, just in it for the “celebrity”

  • Gregg Braddoch

    This is perfect. Just perfect.

    I can’t wait for more of this later on down the road.

  • Ryan Arko

    Anyone else notice Randi seems to have an issue with consent and recognizing that no means no. How many times did David ask her to stop pushing herself (all 502lbs) on him? And she not only persisted, she told him she was going to do what she wanted.

    I’ll say it now. Randi Harper is a rapist.

  • Terry “Death to Equality” Xu

    Why should anyone get kicked off Twitter for being bigoted or transphobic anyway?

    I think there needs to be a cleansing over there at Twitter headquarters – remove the compassion freaks so Twitter can be a truly open platform

  • There’s not enough buttered popcorn in the world for these gladiator matches.

  • zx74125800

    It really is just sad, the human condition can be a force for good and horrible, free will.

  • GamerGate Developer
  • Silence Dogood

    These people are so hyper sensitive and emotional that they are EASY to manipulate, but god help anyone who plays their game and gets caught fucking with them because these vicitimhood culture worshiping, pro-censorship, self righteous pseudo intellectuals lose their fucking minds when someone they sees as a “visible” part of their community does wrong. What a shame that their attempts to censor the internet and rewrite events doesn’t work with us breathing down their necks. Top Kek.

  • Jude F Hebert

    PFFFT!! figures Wu would complain about trannies. hit a li——-ttle too close to home there huh “Brianna”? Is BRIANa scared for hi… i mean her life?

  • Jon

    I don’t know what’s funnier to watch: GamerGate infighting or anti-GamerGate eating itself alive.

    I am a staunch supporter of GamerGate, but even I find infighting hilarious.

  • DarthDisney

    This is High School level drama… all of the people need to grow up.