Someone asked me in the comments yesterday, “Why is Seattle putting out so many more posts than you lately? Does he have something on you?” No blackmail is occurring, I can assure you. As I said before, I’ve been kinda ill the last week or so, and sometimes Seattle just gets going with a run of articles. That’s the cause of the discrepancy. Once he goes on a tear, you cannot slow that fucker down.

But one thing he’s been talking about a lot lately is politics. That’s appropriate since he’s the senior political analyst, but some of you have complained about the site’s coverage of Trump, saying that we’ve focused on him too much. The fact is, he’s the most interesting story going on in the world of politics. We’re not the only ones talking about him, in case you didn’t notice. Still, I agree that we should mix it up. That’s why I wanted to come here and do a short post on Bernie Sanders, the avowed socialist who’s running for the Democratic nomination for president. Today, he filed suit against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) over a voter list controversy.

Here’s CNN with the lowdown on that kerfuffle…

Bernie Sanders’ campaign on Friday sued the Democratic National Committee in federal court after the party organization withheld the campaign’s access to a crucial voter database.

The internal warfare exploded after the DNC cut off Sanders from the database and said the Vermont senator’s presidential campaign exploited a software error to improperly access confidential voter information collected by Hillary Clinton’s team.

The revelation poses a setback for Sanders, who is mounting a liberal challenge to the former secretary of state. The DNC database is a goldmine of information about voters and being blocked from it could complicate Sanders’ outreach efforts. The timing is also challenging, just weeks before Clinton and Sanders are slated to compete in the Iowa caucuses.

It does seem like the DNC could possibly be fucking Sanders in this specific case, but I couldn’t say for sure. What I can more broadly tell you is the DNC seems to be operating as an arm of the Clinton campaign. Why do I think that? For one, the number of debates is minuscule when you look at the Republican side. They’re scheduled to have 12 vs the Democrat’s 6. Also, two of the Dem debates are scheduled on a Saturday (and one on a Sunday), which is almost unheard of. People don’t watch shit like that on a Saturday night. Hell, they don’t watch much TV at all on the weekends outside of sports. Why would the DNC do this unless they were trying to protect the frontrunning Clinton? The answer is, they wouldn’t.

But the only person Bernie Sanders has to blame for his current second place position is himself. When he took the email issue off the table in the very first Democratic debate, he pretty much guaranteed his loss. Unless the feds actually do end up indicting Clinton, he’s all but finished. He could have waged a campaign based on Hillary being a disreputable and dishonest bitch, but he chose not to. In so doing, he almost certainly signed his own death warrant. He had a small chance of beating Shillary, but now he has almost none.

There is still some small hope, IF he changes course now and runs an ultra smashmouth campaign. When you consider the way he bowed down to Black Lives Matter and to Clinton herself on the debate stage, that seems highly unlikely. Perhaps this lawsuit is a harbinger of things to come, though. I guess we’ll see if Sanders is truly ready to stop being a cuck for the Clintons.