Sorry for the delay on posting today, but I was up late with a family member waiting on them to see a doctor. It’s all good though, they ended up being fine. You know who isn’t fine? All the suckers who backed Bernie Sanders and thought he was actually going to take it to the convention and/or refuse to endorse Hillary. I won’t call them out for supporting the candidate of their choice, but the people who believed he was going to do anything other than back Hillary were severely deluded.

He had a chance to win this but it would have required getting nasty right from the start rather than passing on things like the email scandal. in fact, when he refused to attack her on that during one of the first debates (might have actually been the very first one) then I knew he wasn’t going to win. The goal had to be to disqualify her from the nomination in people’s minds and he wasn’t willing to go that far until it was already much too late. Still, he had a good run with a lot of victories, so hats off to him for that.

If only his fans were able to accept that. Many of them can’t because they saw this guy as some sort of political savior. I would have thought leftists would have gotten this out of their system after Obama kinda sold them out, but this strain of thinking is particularly virulent on the true-believer fringes.

This woman is threatening suicide, for fuck’s sake…

The next guy doesn’t go quite that far, but he still looks like his family was just brutally murdered or some shit. He even calls him the “World’s Biggest Cuck.”


If you’ve seen this photo, I guess maybe that’s true…

This thread over on Reddit is pretty comical. To be fair, many of them are at least trying to be pragmatic about the whole thing. But there’s a ton who aren’t. It’s kinda sad to know there are people who are this gullible. I learned that a long ass time ago, thankfully. I put 100% faith in no politician and yes that includes Donald Trump. If he loses, I go about my business and live life like I always have. I don’t think it will be the end of the country or life. I’ve stated why I think he would possibly be a good president but if he loses he loses. You won’t see me make a spergout video about it unless he gets cheated some how (with evidence, not conspiracy shit).

Put any more vids you’ve found down in the comments. I’ll be updating this throughout the evening as more lulz come to light.


UPDATE: Seattle & Nora joined me for a short podcast on this topic…

  1. yeah, today has been fun

    and there’s still more stuff coming out

    my favorite part is seeing people rub it in, showing them all the old bernie quotes, or the images moking the sad way bernie looked when he was bowing down to hillary, and then seeing the salt pour out

    and hillary seems to enjoy it too, hey now she accepts 27$ donations too hahahah let’s go

  2. While logic would always let you know it would go like this…its still pathetic that he would sell out like this he should have ended his career in politics and bow out not supporting anyone…

    As a man with principles I could not have sold out to Hillary after all the shit he said maybe thats the difference between me and a politician…I can understand the career politician but I couldn’t be one…

    How do you even look yourself in the mirror after this…

    1. Bernie is a doofus who bought into the Trump=Hitler rhetoric because he’s yet another elderly Jew who sees Nazis in his fucking cheerios, said fear of imaginary Nazis is probably a major component of what turned him into such a massive sellout.

  3. Next comes the part where both the media and the DNC try to convince us all (and themselves as well) that party unity has been or will be achieved by this. From what I’m seeing this didn’t help Shillery’s image with the Bernouts so much as it’s causing them to turn against their former messiah.

    A chunk of them will vote for Shillery, but most I suspect will just stay home and smoke pot or start a few riots.

  4. Meh. A lot of#BernOuts I’ve interacted with seem to think Gary Johnson has a chance of a fart in the wind of getting ejected. Lol

  5. i haven’t supported anyone because i’m waiting to see what we have to work with, but i have to admit that even i felt betrayed

  6. I don’t know why these people are so shocked. He confirmed this a long time ago in multiple interviews. Perhaps they are not listening to what their candidate has to say, which would explain a lot.

  7. Well, shit. Now we’re on the Highway to Hell, and it doesn’t matter if Trump or Hillary is driving it at this point.

  8. It’s one thing to say that this doesn’t surprise anyone. Relatively few of us here were surprised by this. It’s another to estimate why this didn’t surprise people.

    On my end this was very foreseeable because I did enough research on the man when he first started becoming popular to see right through the myth that he was building around himself. Here was a man whose voting record on war as arguably as egregious as Hillary’s; Only Iraq separated them and he has a longer record than she does. Here was a a man who had spent decades talking shit about Lockheed Martin and basically calling them the company of Satan, only to take them up on an offer for insider access to their energy project in return for his silent support for the F-35. Here was a man who constantly railed on about wasteful military spending, but who was also one of the first people to go for a yes vote on a machine that has wasted 1.3 trillion tax payer dollars. Here is a man who constantly talks about the evils of money in politics, but who defends his wasteful military spending vote on the grounds that it was better that he and his get the money than some other guy in South Carolina.

    Here is a man who spent over two decades shitting on democrats and republicans alike, but when he wanted to play the big game, declared himself a democrat so he could get access to the DNC’s network of voters and material resources.

    The list of stark contradictions between what he says he is for and what he actually does goes on for quite some time. I knew a year ago as I know today that Bernie is nothing more than a self serving coward who talks a tough game about high political ideals right before it becomes more profitable for him to betray those ideals. That goes double if he’s about to lose. Of course a man of his character would kiss the ring of Queen Clinton in defeat. He wants to remain on the DNC’s pay list and receive their help in retaking his seat in Vermont. If he was to abandon them in this moment, his political career would be well and truly over, ending the gravy train he has so carefully ridden on for longer than half of us have been alive.

    No. This is no surprise at all. The Sanders crowd was and is easily as delusional as the Hillary crowd. They refused at every juncture to open their eyes to what they were supporting. Now they reap what they have sown with their support.

    I shall drink to their suffering for it is the suffering of the maddest of fools.

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