Bernie Sanders refunds cover

This is sad to see. Like many others, I had a grudging respect for Bernie Sanders in the past. But the way he has cucked himself where Hillary Clinton is concerned is pretty pathetic. I never expected him to endorse Trump, or anything like that, but he’s now in full grovel mode. And the Clintons are taking full advantage of his debasement.

Take a look at the tweet from him Hillary Clinton has actually paid to have promoted around Twitter:


First off, there’s zero evidence Clinton will be making college affordable. She’s the one who received exorbitant speaking fees from colleges across the country. Oh, and her husband also got paid millions of dollars to serve as a figurehead with a for-profit college…the same kind of college Hillary now trashes. In case you don’t know, most for-profit colleges leave their students with shitloads of debt after promising students the sky (not that real colleges are 100% ethical in that regard, but they’re way better than those). It’s not like Mr. Trump has a spotless record when it comes to them, obviously, but to hear Bernie tell it, the Clintons are going to be out for someone other than themselves for the first time ever.

I don’t buy it and neither should any rational person. I wonder how much trouble Bernie has sleeping at night after he’s had swallow his pride and become another cog in the Clinton Machine.

  1. Personally I believe she’s interested in making worthless lib arts degrees “free” to the Bernie crowd, because despite their waning loyalty to the mainstream ideology of the current democratic party they are still key to the block’s existence.

  2. Chelsea Clinton recently had a speaking appearance at a college and any student could have time to speak personally with her but only if they donated 1400.00 to the Clinton foundation.

  3. That first tweet is enormously fucking dishonest. I have a boat load of student loan debt and ANY change Clinton were to make would NOT be retroactive. It would only apply to future students and current enrollees (and likely only partially at that rate). She’s not going to woo me with a carrot on a stick I know I’ll never get.

    1. Lets also acknowledge the tech-school vs lib-arts gate while we’re at it. By the time I train myself and certify myself up to a commercial pilot’s license I will have spent the better part of 20-40K American dollars on plane rentals and flight instructors

      While Shillary’s appropriated would-be policies would cradle the average political-science shitbird through grad school not only would I never see a dime but I’d get bled to get him there. Meanwhile my shit is the thing with real value, the capability to get a metal tube full of people down through clouds onto a narrow asphalt strip enriches lives and meanwhile the lib-arts shit that studies the “oppression” of men airing out their sacks on subways by spreading their legs accomplishes nothing.

      Fuck free college, so long as college is broke “free” college is broken and not worth supporting.

    2. Knowing you I bet you got a degree in something of actual value so I’m fairly sure you’ll clear it off in no time.

      1. lol nah, I’m smart but I was mislead just like everyone else around my age. History and Information Science – I wanted to be an archivist and was told there were plenty of opportunities. That turned out to be a lie. The good jobs do require my kind of education, but it’s a catch 22. You basically need the education to get in the door and in-the-door pay is garbage. Also in many states the kinds of entry level jobs are all civil service, so you can’t even get in with an educational edge. 🙁

  4. He must have really, REALLY wanted that third house… Strange to see someone on their way out the door stop to kill their principles first, deep-sixing their one chance to leave behind an inspiring legacy.

      1. people dont’ pay attention to things like FACTS… all they heard from Bernie is “Free stuff” nuf said.

  5. Saw the tweet too, as I still follow him.
    I actually hoped that he’d win but he lost 90% of my respect when he submitted to Hillary even after it was proven she had the election rigged, like someone developing Stocholm syndrome during a kidnapping.

  6. I think he meant to say “There is only one candidate who’ll make college affordable… for non-whites.”, since whites don’t know what it’s like to be poor, right you socialist SJW zombie?

  7. Oy. Why do people keep bemoaning Sander’s moves since the DNC? I get that folks placed a fairly large degree of blind faith into the man because they really wanted someone who seemed like a “good” man, but for fuck sake, this has been his MO for over 30 years now. He throws down a shit ton of rhetoric about how one group or another is some sort of devil and then immediately stops when they dangle cash, credit, perks and access to the man. He did this with Lockheed Martin. He did this with General Electric. He did this on the subject of wasteful pentagon spending.

    Seriously. To accuse him of selling out is a heinous deception. It implies that he was loyal to something other than his own economic bottom line, that he believed what he said, that he gave a shit about anyone who was pulling for him.

    None of that is the case. It never was and it never will be. He’s just another career politician who promised the idiot teenage masses the same shit that Obama and Kerry promised me.

  8. and by “affordable” they simply mean we’ll get the white people to pay for all the illegals and minorities, and then tell them to feel their white guilt if they try to refuse.

  9. Guys and gals, let me know what brand you smoke if you think the magic Clintons can get money (for the rest of us) from Wall Street and the oil states. This country is almost Twenty TRILLION in debt!

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