Bernie Sanders refunds cover

This is sad to see. Like many others, I had a grudging respect for Bernie Sanders in the past. But the way he has cucked himself where Hillary Clinton is concerned is pretty pathetic. I never expected him to endorse Trump, or anything like that, but he’s now in full grovel mode. And the Clintons are taking full advantage of his debasement.

Take a look at the tweet from him Hillary Clinton has actually paid to have promoted around Twitter:


First off, there’s zero evidence Clinton will be making college affordable. She’s the one who received exorbitant speaking fees from colleges across the country. Oh, and her husband also got paid millions of dollars to serve as a figurehead with a for-profit college…the same kind of college Hillary now trashes. In case you don’t know, most for-profit colleges leave their students with shitloads of debt after promising students the sky (not that real colleges are 100% ethical in that regard, but they’re way better than those). It’s not like Mr. Trump has a spotless record when it comes to them, obviously, but to hear Bernie tell it, the Clintons are going to be out for someone other than themselves for the first time ever.

I don’t buy it and neither should any rational person. I wonder how much trouble Bernie has sleeping at night after he’s had swallow his pride and become another cog in the Clinton Machine.