If you’re not on Twitter, don’t sweat it. You’re far from the only one. Even though I’m now a full blown addict, it’s not for everyone. I get it. But over the last few months, I’ve been posting some of my favorite reader comments there under the #BasedCommentSection hashtag. OK, not the most original name, I’ll give you that. But I just wanted to publicize your contributions, since I feel like they make the site what it is. Without the reader feedback, and 100% censorship free comments, TheRalphRetort wouldn’t be the same. 

I’m just going to go through the tag, and post them here as a recap. I’ll have some more stories later tonight, but I thought this would be a fun thing to start doing.

This last one doesn’t have the #BasedCommentSection tag, but it’s still the best comment I’ve ever read here on TheRalphRetort site. It’s also the most re-tweeted thing I’ve ever had on Twitter, I believe. If you haven’t seen it already, here it is. We’ll do another one of these features soon. Also, feel free to add your own picks down below if you feel like it!


    1. That one’s depressing for a number of reasons.

      First, it doesn’t do actual rape and molestation victims any favors.

      Second, it’s an indictment of the bottom of the barrel effort we’ve come to see in journalism nowadays. If you’ve ever done research on the infamous Texas Air National Guard memos and ‘RatherGate’, you’ll see a pattern there. Journalist finds a story, doesn’t do the legwork to confirm it, and just shoves it out the door.

      Third, I would bet cold cash on nobody suffering any consequences from this kind of stupidity. Rolling Stone will claim ‘we were totes fooled guys, sorriees!’. The fraternity might try for a defamation lawsuit but that sort of thing is costly, and you never know how it might turn out. But hey, they’ll still be slimed by SJWs for years to come, along with UVA.

      1. Indeed.
        For some reason many professional journalists think they need to compete with social media.
        It’s like a marathon runner trying to enter into a F1 race and keep up with the cars.
        The sad thing is there is DEFINITELY a market for “slow news”
        A genuine reflection on the happenings of the world based in fact and sourcing.
        People *already* have social media. What they need is news they can trust to be accurate, even when it is partisan (I love me some left wing rags, even when the feminist crap drives me crackers)

        1. I disagree. It’s not so much social media as it is a desire by journalism to not just report the news, but shape it as well. To be the kingmakers. The ‘rush to print’ mentality was already there before social media and mobile devices, it’s just grown more obvious as journalists spew out unsupported stories.

  1. Thank you so much Ralph <3. Seeing all those people retweeting my comment, supporting what I said and sharing their own pains really helped me trough some lower moments and genuinely touched me. So I'm taking this opportunity to again thank you, and to thank everyone, from the bottom of my soul, who tweeted their feedback on my comment. It seems like a small thing, but for me it really isn't. I appreciate every single comment there.

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