Donald Trump may not be the ideal candidate for a large number of American voters and indeed political watchers around the globe. But there is a group that has him to thank.

The last man standing in the GOP nominee race got a strangle hold on things back in March when he took a commanding lead on Super Tuesday. It was at this stage that many British gamblers confirmed their cashouts on bets placed on him getting the nomination.

How is gambling on the US elections allowed in the UK?

British gambling laws are not in any way similar to the laws in the US, so bookmakers can offer odds on the results of elections at different stages. Many people therefore leave the usual betting categories and explore the odds for the US elections on standard bookmakers whilst they play on no deposit bingo sites.

How much has been won thus far?

According to Paddy Power, more than $140,000 has been paid out to customers who had money on Donald Trump getting the GOP presidential nomination this year. The company immediately called on customers to come for their payouts as soon as the Super Tuesday results were released and for good reason. Since 1988, the winner of Super Tuesday has always gone ahead to clinch the nomination. Paddy Power did the right thing long before the Ted Cruz and John Kasich called it quits.

Over 1,000 bets were placed on the GOP nomination and half that number had money on Trump to win. Some of the interesting bets included a bet of $600 at 40/1 which returned $24,600, $1,500 at 25/1 (returning $$39,000), and $21,000 at 1/5 (returning $25,200). The last of those was the biggest bet in the nomination stage and showed the strong belief the bettor had on The Donald whilst most everyone else predicted doom and gloom for his candidacy.

President Trump is now very possible

When Trump first seriously talked about fronting the GOP ticket back in 2012, the odds on him getting the nomination was 100/1. In 2015, the odd was cut to 40/1 when he confirmed interest in running for office. Since then, the odds have nosedived to unattractive levels for most gamblers. This shows that more people are believing in the possibility of a Trump presidency.

Head on with Hillary

It is expected that Hillary will be the nominee for the Democrats and bookmakers are already gearing up for the match-up. If the GOP nomination numbers are anything to go by, it would definitely be farfetched to expect 40/1 odds on this front.