As I said in the post last night, mainstream media is usually more skillful in masking their bias than Gawker was with their recent shitpiece by Bully Boy Biddle. But Gawker isn’t the only ones who are acting in a ham-handed fashion. Yesterday, gamedev Christian Allen released an email that showed a reporter totally uninterested in any sort of fair representation of GamerGate or its members. Instead, they wanted to have someone to represent the pro-doxing side of things. They’re not even trying to hide their biases anymore. 

Before I finish my take, let me go ahead and post the email in case you haven’t already seen it. I’ll also put up a couple tweets up from the key players: B88OxTCIEAEEIpy



Look at this trash: “how ethics talk spawned” doxing and harassment? I’m not sure, especially since GamerGate hasn’t been involved in that sort of thing, and certainly hasn’t been involved with it in any widescale fashion. He’s not “offering people a chance to explain.” He’s trying to setup a propaganda piece live on Twitter. What’s so hard about having a real GamerGate supporter on? Hell, Christian Allen is a neutral dev and you turn him down as well.

It’s one thing for them to ambush and misrepresent after we get on these programs, but it’s another thing altogether when they rig them from the start. The only thing that’s surprising about this example, is that it was done out in the open on Twitter. Although, that likely would not have occurred without Allen tweeting out the email. So thank you again, based gamedev.

I think GamerGate would even be fine with sharing the stage with the damn doxers. Just give us a seat at the table. You’re being totally dishonest when you go this route. At least give us some kind of shot. We know the deck is stacked against us in any media interview, given the biases you guys have. Don’t make it outrageously unfair with shit like this. It’s a disgrace.