Wow, there’s a TON of hilarious shit to talk about today. I don’t even know if I’ll get to all of it, but I’m certainly going to try. Real news has kept me from finishing a couple off-topic articles, but as always, those have to wait when bigger things start breaking. The story I’m about to discuss now actually started developing yesterday afternoon, but the asswhipping has gotten so fucking bad, that I had to come here and write-up a rundown for posterity. Our old friend Mike Cernovich had a lot of fun with this one. Well, who wouldn’t? That sniveling con-man Shaun King deserves every bad thing he gets.

So, let’s begin with some choice tweets from Mr. King’s past. They certainly talk pretty lovingly about the joys of gun ownership, don’t they?



But the real juice to this story isn’t about Shaun King jacking off to Guns & Ammo. It’s about how he told two different stories about gun ownership within a week’s time period. Check out these tweets…


“I no longer have guns.” Shaun King, 1/16/13

“Cool. I own 2 guns and have used them.” Shaun King, 1/23/13

Oh, and just in case you thought it was a momentary lapse of reason, here he is from the summer of 2013…


“I know MMA?” Lol, yea, you sure do look tough, buddy…

What is there left to say about this fraud? He’s a white man who posed as black in order to further his career. Now we see that he used to talk about how much he loved guns, until he saw that he could expand his reach on the left by throwing gun owners under the bus. The guys is a craven piece of shit who likely doesn’t believe anything that comes out of his own mouth. Mr. King has been taking advantage of gullible progressives all his life, so I guess he figured the switch on guns would be no big deal. I mean the motherfucker is a bogus black man and has gotten away with that for years. This is small potatoes when you compare it with that fakery. Thank goodness Mike Cernovich and his people were here to embarrass this clown even further. You earned it, Shaun…all of it.