If you’ve been following Twitter today on the start of this hopefully relaxing weekend, you’ve seen me and Randi Harper get into it. The funny thing is, I don’t mention her all that much on Twitter. Sure, I write about her here a good amount, but outside of the times she’s flagrantly attacked me or GamerGate, I don’t interact with her. The funny thing is, if I go a time without talking about her, she’ll mention me by name in an attempt to get me to respond. I have to admit, this often works. The other night she said something crazy, and I let it go. Today I felt like responding. It’s good that she started some shit though, because I already had something to post concerning Big Randi. 

The trolls on our side can at least get the “NEWS HIT” part right. This is the one I let slide, mostly cause it sucked anyway.

Enough Twitter fun recap. Let’s get to the actual story. Yesterday, someone sent me some tweets that Randi and certain ABC News employees had made in the wake of the biased Nightline report. To say I was taken aback, would be an understatement. I’m not sure if these have been widely broadcast or not. A Twitter search didn’t show much about these particular tweets, so I figured I would broadcast them here. This shows that ABC staff had the fix in for GamerGate from the start. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Big Randi Harper herself consulted on the Nightline smear piece: Selection_684Selection_685Selection_683

Here’s another ABC staffer trashing GamerGate. It did get coverage from FartToContinue:


Oh, what’s this? He’s also pretty chummy with Randi Harper: Selection_687Selection_688

So, we have a network that not only aired a biased report, and possibly deleted comments from gamers on YouTube. They also have staffers who went to Twitter to gloat with Randi Harper, and make fun of GamerGate. If that doesn’t show clear bias and unprofessionalism from ABC, I don’t know what does. I’m sure they will sweep this under the rug like every other media organization, but it would be nice if they did a follow up piece with some of our people who have faced harassment (such as @lizzyf620). They won’t do it, but I had to at least throw that out there as a way to save face for them. There’s still a chance to salvage your credibility, ABC.


UPDATE: When I woke up a little while ago, it was brought to my attention that Rick Moran has deleted his entire Twitter account now. I guess he wanted to make sure no more incriminating evidence could be found. It looks very shady.

  1. Either these people are PHENOMENAL at networking or media contacts are bending over backwards to court them. If nothing else, it suggests the depth of the rabbit hole and how far “social justice” advocates have infiltrated.

  2. ABC is all buddy buddy with the great blue whale? Color me shocked after their last segment..Seriously though we need to call in pest control or something, these bums are infesting everything media related lol.

    1. I’m starting to think the only exterminators and get rid of this fucking problem is the Ghostbusters. It’s pretty fucking clear these people are either possessed, or evil incarnate.

  3. I may have a piggy icon but she’s a real pig!! And people on here were being sentimental when her company Kixeye fired her for fat incompetence and using company printers for personal use. +doxing a gg’er who contacted her office.

  4. Well, I suppose she MIGHT have been referencing ‘the smallest minority’. The smallest minority is the individual. But that’s probably too deep for Harper.

    I really wouldn’t expect ABC to clean up after themselves though. CBS only had to clean house in the wake of Rathergate because it was such a colossal fucking epic fail. You’d need something akin to that to get ABC’s execs to start swinging the axe.

  5. You know I recently remembered WHY it’s so easy for these “young” liberal retards to automatically conclude GamerGate and anyone who support it are “misogynists”. It’s because they’ve wrapped themselves in the menstrual blood-soaked, tear-stained, slightly signed from suicide bombings shroud of “Political Correctness”. It’s almost like an eerir inverse of Godwin’s Law, if you think about it. If you disagree with someone who claims the “politically correct high ground”, you are automatically labeled all the negative stereotypes that are typically assumed with that position by people who lack critical thinking ability and skeptical faculties.

    1. It’s worse than Godwin’s law – Nazi or Hitler analogies can sometimes be correct – whereas SJWs go straight for the ad hominem fallacy.

  6. Honestly its time to drop the whole harrasment angle. Its not important to the main argument and really when it becomes the main topic and everyone goes into but they harassed x and y too it just looks like a pissing contest. Anytime a media outlet brings it up it should at best get a brief mention then whoever the person answering is should immediately bring it back to the main issues at hand because let’s be honest here. Everyone who has ever used the internet can say they were harassed and I by no means intend to lessen the harrasment anyone has received nor ignore its severity but…see above.

    1. The problem is when they play the innocent martyr – that’s pure slander (and libel too). They’re just as guilty, if not even MORE SO, of harassing people.

      1. I understand that and it should certainly be mentioned but I think more often than not it ends up appearing to into a harrasment contest to those who aren’t in the know and they start tuning out pretty quickly.

        If presented such a question I would personally say something like… “There has been continued harrasment regardless of which view you support, it’s unfortunate and needs to end BUT we need to talk about issue x and issue y, that’s what my main concern with gamergate is and all who support it wish for an open constructive dialog”

        1. I can understand the perspective. But I can’t help but find it cute that when that bitch who recently doxxed Milo was called out for it, she then literally started spamming her Twitter account that she and her parents had been doxxed by “them” (who? The SS? The Gestapo? The MIB? The Boogie Man/Men?) and yet never once provided any evidence of the doxxing by showing where it had taken place or any threats/harassment received.

          You can’t just say “i’m being harassed!” and not have any proof to back it up – Just because a few radfem SJWs have managed to pull that off partially doesn’t mean the rules are completely out the window.

          1. Unfortunately that’s par the course for SJWs.

            Proof is the last thing they need.

            BELIEVE THE VICTIM. Burden of proof is overrated.

          2. My concern with harassment is that all it will do is distract from the main issue, which is exactly what they want. For the most part the actual doxers and actionable harassers are nobodies. Randi Harper is a nobody, and seemingly a willing sacrifice to the cause so I don’t see any value in engaging with her.

            When they throw accusations or brag about harrassing and doxing, I think an effective method is to collect the tweets and ignore them, they want a response so they will likely up the ante, keep collecting, soon you can end up with these idiots incriminating themselves, they do it already. Or they stop doxxing and sending nasty tweets. I think we could concievably find grounds for a lawsuit, or equally amusing start serving restraining orders. If the big wigs start seeing the sacrifical lambs being called to task they will have to start fretting about their own legal standing, it may even spook execs into telling their reporters to back off.

      2. Believe me I’m not disagreeing BUT it has shifted the conversation away from what is the primary goal. He said she said type arguments always end up with both party’s looking guilty and childish and that is the opposite way of winning support from people who aren’t gamers. We already have a disadvantage in that arena because despite being normal every day people a large portion of society still believes in the stereotypes so when they see a bunch of women on the news saying a bunch of boys are being mean to them…who is the public going to believe?

        1. The sad thing is, no one believed those stereotypes, because no one even thought about them. It was the journos (specifically can’t-get-leigh’d alexander) who resurrected those stereotypes in attacking her audience… something she was proud to do. After all, she’s literally a useless pseudo-intellectual with a 2 year acting degree, a drunk, a racist and a whole slew of other nasty things based on her comments (I think bigot sums it up) on social media and a stereotypical “feminist” in that she eschews men and rejects anything to do with them receiving joy. She is the living stereotype of the angry girl that hates video games because she doesn’t understand them and subjectively believer her interests to be more important, so in other words, a total bitch.

  7. Look at the bright side: they gave you a great treasure map with a big X marking where to start digging for possible collusion cases. For FREE.

    1. Not sure that one will happen. Go look around the accounts of ABC employees and you’ll find they follow workers of NBC, CNN, NYTimes, and so on. I don’t think I saw anyone from Fox. In fact one ABC employee follows Gawker and another follows Jezebel.

      I have to wonder how deep this rabbit hole is. Seems like it’s bottomless.

      1. Well scratch that about Fox news, I just found a Fox news reporter on an ABC employee’s following list (of course it looked local and not big time).

  8. Lay off Randi! You can’t know her suffering! How would you like it if every time you went to the beach and stretched out to relax, muthafuggin’ Greenpeace shows up and tries to roll you back in? You monsters!

  9. Ryan there follows all sorts of the crazies on Twitter. Follow Leigh Megaphone Alexander “I am GAME JOURNALISM”, Randi, FemFreq, Jessica Valenti (well that explains a lot, wonder if he believes that he deserves a pay cut which would then go to his female co-workers all cause he’s male), Chris Warbutts, and Wil Wheaton. So of course he’s aGG. Prove he helped put together the Nightline story and you have a weapon to use against ABC and aGG.

    I also looked around other ABC employee accounts to see who they followed and they seem to love to follow the competition. Makes one wonder how reliable MSM truly is.

  10. That ABC takes the site of Anti- #GamerGate and Anita does not surprise me 1 bit + that Randi is kissing their ass. And yet for all their so called power… we are still standing strong.

  11. I want to bring up further evidence of how based Chris Scott is after finding a Reddit thread he made. http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2sv5ka/ama_chris_scott_aka_the_guy_on_the_nightline/

    Reading through the comments, you see that ABC cut out a LOT of content from his filming, including an interview with one of the women there. It also sounds as though the only reason he said he doesn’t associate with GamerGate is because he was under the assumption that it mostly focused on the LiterallyWho harassment. He’s only now finding out about #NotYourShield in the thread, showing this to be another unfortunate case of somebody being uneducated on the controversy.

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