While I was writing the article about the master trolling that has taken place recently. I was alerted to a breaking new story. Big Rani Harper has been booted from Twitter. At this time, the reason for the suspension is still unknown, but it could have to do with her love of doxing. She’s also know to skirt some of the rules for Twitter developers. That could be a reason as well. Honestly, I don’t know at this time.

I went into the GamerGhazi IRC chat in order to get a comment from her, but she wasn’t there. I was told she no longer frequents the room as much as she used to. I’m pretty sure she would have given me a lie, or refused to answer. So I don’t really care. I just figured I would make the attempt.

The only lead I have is her possibly harassing the guy that did some of the cool statistical charts concerning GamerGate. Keep in mind, this is just speculation at this point. There’s a good chance the odious whale will be back before morning. We’ll just have to wait and see.

UPDATE: Ok, this isn’t really an update, cause I’m still writing the column, but Randi Harper is back on Twitter in record time. Before I could even finish the news post, she was already restored. I guess it helps to have SJW compatriots at Twitter. Still, it was fun to see her booted, even momentarily. I knew we wouldn’t get rid of her that easily.

I wish just wish GamerGate could get some equal treatment. So money times, Twitter has fallen short in this regard. I won’t hold my breath for better service, but I still remain thankful that Twitter hasn’t taken the SJW too far as of right now. Still, there’s no reason to think they won’t eventually, given then noises they’ve been making.