Big Randi Harper Doxes GamerGate on Facebook to Create Industry "Blacklist"

Big Randi Harper Doxes GamerGate on Facebook to Create Industry “Blacklist”

There’s an old saying that’s been used among many in GamerGate: “never interrupt your enemy when they’re making a mistake.” Well, I didn’t even have a chance to interrupt Big Randi Harper. The disingenuous meth hound is at it again, this time, doxing thousands in an explicitly stated attempt to create an industry blacklist. This, just days after she called me out for linking to an Encyclopedia Dramtica entry with the dox of serial abuser and harasser Sarah Nyberg (the same scumbag who got my site taken offline in late December). As you can see, I would do the same thing again, because I just did. Nyberg is a piece of shit, and she made it personal by trying to kill my livelihood. Fuck her, and fuck Randi Harper. They don’t even believe in their own bullshit, anyway, as you can see by the events this evening. 

Here’s Big Randi calling me out, which was pretty funny. I had a good laugh, since she has personally doxed numerous people on Twitter, even before the events on Saturday night:


As I mentioned, the woman is a hypocrite:


She’s not just your average, everyday hypocrite. This is one reason why I call her Big Randi. The other is because she is morbidly obese.


I mean, she doesn’t even try to hide it. She actually uses the word blacklist. That makes her a bit of an idiot, to be honest with you. We’ve been saying that the Anti’s have been up to this for weeks, but this is one of the most explicit examples yet of their flagrant disregard for any type of rules of engagement. I would never even think about doing something like this. To people like Big Blocklist Blockhead Randi, it’s their first line of attack. Let’s try to fuck up someone’s job, or get them attacked offline. That’s how they think.

The truth of the matter is, I’m glad they think this way. It makes our work a lot easier, in many respects. I do feel for anyone who may have been exposed or damaged over this, but I can’t help but think that this is a net positive for our cause. When people see just how low the other side is willing to go, they often reconsider their preconceived notions. The other side going to far is always what ends up fucking them over, and it’s going to be the way we win, as well.


Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • John Cobalt

    “The disingenuous meth hound is at it again” – IGDA 2014

  • Fluxy Fox

    SJW’s be like “Stop Doxing us! Only we get to do that!”

  • Point Less

    Not to mention she tells someone to go light himself on fire after calling GamerGate a hate movement.

  • iain davis

    well at #gamergate ultras we got 50 new members in just a couple of hours. im very pleased.

    • David Gray

      Many people don’t have anything to lose.
      Most normal folks don’t care about gaming and wouldn’t believe the shit aGGros say even if they preach it from the main stream news.
      The risk of being attacked by these fuckwits in real life is worth it to stand up to their bullying and the constant bullshit claim that GG is an “anonymous movement”
      The only people I know that don’t share their real identity are those with something to lose and a realistic chance of being punished on accusation alone. (socially if not institutionally)
      Most gamers care more about their gamer identity than their real identity.
      My name is common as fuck, but my gamer tags are unique to me and the reputation i built with them is pretty bloody important too.

      They try and put GG onto social media where people’s families, friends and colleagues are?
      They’re gonna see a landslide of support for GG.
      People might not give a shit about gaming or the media, but they’ll stand with a friend that is targeted by these despicable people.

  • Phasmatis75

    She didn’t even link to my group! I had to go in and post a link to it myself. I’m frankly offended.

  • Syltique

    If only she could channel all this energy into exercise. She’d feel better, she’d be healthier, and everyone else would be happy. She could even put out a profile picture without crazy, manipulative angles.

    Randi, focus on your health. Try not to be such a massive loser. Turn off the computer for a while. Obesity is a serious health risk, and leads to multiple health complications later in life. When you’ve long forgotten all about Gamergate, diabetes and hypertension will linger on.

    If you can’t handle conquering a flight of stairs, then maybe you should stop picking fights with people online and try just walking around the block a few times.

    • CyberEagle

      B-b-b-but Fatshaming!

      • Mr Snow

        99% of these anti gg fucks use that one angle from one picture that didn’t reveal their true form.

        And then there’s Arthur Chu, who is in love with his own fat fucking face.

    • Jalil Middleton

      And lay off the meth, Ms. Harper!

    • Guest

      How in the world can someone be a meth fiend and still be fat?

      • A Real Libertarian

        Ask Rush Limbaugh.

    • utera

      Yea it never fails to surprise me the level of mental illness with these big name anti’s,the srhbutts, even the chris chans..or the Laurelai Wesley Baileys…. something is seriously wrong with all these people. They really have no excuse for their behavior, they are fucking adults.

  • jackie901 .

    Remember when she laughed at homeless people for being homeless after previously talking about how she had to make a difficult decision between spending $1400 on a new TV or custom PC rig?

  • DownhillRampage

    I wouldn’t call it a blacklist, an insane meth heads fever dream of power and prestige perhaps?

  • Jon

    Every prominent opponent to GamerGate has an entire cemetery in his or her closet…and mark our words: we will find those cemeteries; you will lose.

  • MusouTensei

    How do I find out if I got doxed? (I mean before someone sends me Superman 64 or some other terrible things)

  • Jono Colwell

    Is there a link to those groups? I’m a bit worried I’m on one

  • KMJX

    How about you all stop bringing up a person’s body size as a talking point. It only serves to paint you as jerks, way to make your point more appealing.

    Are you actively trying to make the gamer side look worse? Because that’s what it looks like to me every time someone starts slinging kindergarten level insults at their opponents.

    “oh look at them they are sooo ebil! and FAT too. Especially FAT!”

    No matter the validity or veracity of your points, petty insults detract from your credibility when you are going against a narrative that paints you as a hate group.

    • Syltique

      You are correct, this is critically important advice.

  • The_Last_Ride

    She’s the biggest hypocrite there is

  • Javier Vega

    She exposed one truth of the matter that Minorities exist in the group she going to learn that its going to backfire it shows and also that Leigh Alexander was lying about mostly white males in the group.

  • Roxie

    These people joined a public Facebook group. Anyone could see who is a member of these groups. How is this “doxing”? It’s like saying finding someone’s name in the white pages is doxing. It took 5 seconds for her (or anyone) to do a search on Facebook for Gamer Gate groups. No technical expertise required.

    • see how you like it when they send a lynch mob after you. at least provide a profile picture to make it easier

  • CRasch

    Someone needs to sue her for this.