I just got through watching the Arrow season finale. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say I enjoyed it. The show ended strong after a somewhat up and down season. But I’m not here to review Arrow. I’m here to talk about Big Randi Harper and her astounding tweets from earlier today. It seems she’s finally realized that GamerGate is not about harassment.
Here the somewhat stunning tweet. Of course it’s not stunning to us, because we’ve been saying this shit forever:


Many of you probably already saw this on Twitter, but I had to chronicle it here as well before I go work on a couple of other things.

By the way, I’d be willing to bet the “most” from that headline, is just about all harassers, since we know how third-party trolls like to wrap themselves up with the GamerGate hashtag. I’m sure Randi will probably try to qualify her statement here, but the facts are clear: GamerGate is not about harassment.

I’ll be back with more posts later, no lie. I crashed out early last night, despite making that claim. Not tonight.


  1. Either those words tasted like ashes in her mouth, or Harper didn’t understand what she was saying.

  2. There was a person in the convo actually trying to say that 12% of gg were harassers, even though it is stated that only 12% of those on the list on the gg blocker were connected to GG

    1. If I read their study correctly: 12% of people that were reported to WAM as harassers were on the GG autoblocker list. Either way, it doesn’t matter – KFC was on the list and Richard Dawkins was too (and at the time he had no idea what GG was) – So really WAM’s data is really flawed from the start.

      Edit: After reading the breakdown given in the comments, their graph is actually misleading – almost as if they were trying VERY HARD to inflate the number of “harassers associated with gamergate”

  3. I call bullshit. I would like to state for the record she is now a sideless floater in the toilet bowl of war. She decided to play the “winning” side and found out it was plainly wrong. Aggs are gonna chew her asd up for her statement. Hope they brought three sets of teeth because that is a LOT of ass to chew!

  4. This is kinda shocking. I’m a person who believes that credit should be given where it is due; good on you, Randi. I may not agree with everything she has said or done, but it does take a level of maturity to admit that.

    This doesn’t mean I entirely trust her either, though. It’s not uncommon for people to jump ship and join their former enemies if they see they’re losing. But I will give her the benefit of the doubt, for now.

    1. Probably, in Randi’s mind, her enemies were just harassers, whom she hoped to fight logistically with her blocklist. That’s at least a bit better than many of our enemies, who seem to believe that policing the arts is a necessary part of policing actual crimes by proxy, but ultimately Randi’s blocklist strategy still bought the idea that you could hang things on a specific ideology and shame it into submission, and it backfired; failing to stop actual harassers from just making sockpuppets to harass and instead inconveniencing the law-abiding. It’s really beside the point whether Randi defects and joins her former enemies; she’s pissed off her allies with her tactics, they’re teetering close to being illegal, and she at least has to realize by now that she needs a new means; if not new ends.

    2. I’d think it’s more likely because Milo threatened to give her the Shanley treatment.

      I could be wrong though.

      1. Can you explain the “Shanley treatment” ??? I know who she is but little else such as her connection to Milo…

        1. She’s an insane radical feminist who thinks she speaks for all women in tech because she has some shitty blog. Seriously, she’s basically a cis-gendered version of Wu.

          She created a lot of e-drama, which led to Milo announcing that he was going to write an article about her. Crazy cunt got the bright idea to dox him in retaliation. Based Milo doesn’t suffer fools and bitches gladly, so he dug deep and found a lot of shit on her, which he proceeded to dish on an article on Breitbart.

          All the details can be found here: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Shanley_Kane


    3. She’s not acknowledging anything, she’s misdirecting away from the fact that ggAB has created a list with 9800+ accounts that *objectively* (according to Twitter/WAM data presented) do not in way shape or form deserve to be there. That’s the real issue in this story. It also reveals just how easily open-ended systems like ggAB are to abuse when enough people subscribe to a particular mindset that allows blanket application. If she were really serious she’d address the issue by immediately removing the 9800+ accounts that shouldn’t be there and put tools in place to prevent that sort of abuse of the system in future. If THAT were to happen then maybe credit could be given where it were due. (doubly-so because of her moves towards establishing herself as being ‘anti-harassment’ – this undermines that significantly).

    4. It’s amusing, but Harper cannot really say otherwise: They used her GG autoblocker list to determine who was associated with gamergate. So all this proves is that the people whom the SJWs were saying were the “worst harassers” weren’t harassers at all. It’s not like Harper has a choice, but to acknowledge this.

      It also confirms that the blockbot and WAM are completely unnecessary reactions to gamergate. Nobody should get elevated reporting status from Twitter if it is to be an open platform, and censoring Dawkins and KFC is still stupid.

  5. which do you think is more likely to happen:

    social justice crowd turns on randi or they let their narrative crumble?
    i know what i’ve got my money on.

  6. Took her long enough, though I’m not about to forgive her, nor anyone else who used that bot. Claiming a group to be harassers is libelous territory without having proof to offer.

  7. Well this is getting a lot more interesting. Now all we need to hear is Chu denounce Zoe Quinn and Anita throw McIntosh under the bus.

    If this does happen then I know I’ve suffered brain damage.

    1. Chu would rather commit hari-kiri than denigrate the righteous name of his precious flower, Senpai Quinn.

      Anita, however? She threw Joss Whedon under the bus the minute the SJW backlash against him begun, so the second Josh says or does something that angers the San Fran Borg Collective, she’ll throw him to wolves before he even has a chance quit Twitter.

      1. the second Josh says or does something that angers the San Fran Borg
        Collective, she’ll throw him to wolves before he even has a chance quit

        And then she’ll be next on the menu, because she has no clue how to do any of this without reading his script. Oh, she’ll try, but she’ll fuck-up almost immediately.

        And then the wolves come for her.

        1. Yeah, it’s clear almost nothing that comes out of her mouth before it’s written and approved by Josh. There’s been proof that the majority of her Tweets were repeats of Tweets that Josh posted years ago, almost exactly word-for-word. That’s why she’ll never debate anyone in public, because Josh won’t be able to pull her strings in a live debate.

          She’s merely there to be Josh’s vagina-by-proxy. If he had KickStarted FemFeq by himself, no one would have given a shit if he got criticized for the very same things that Anita’s videos are criticized for. It would have gotten maybe a few hundred bucks at most, and failed without coming anywhere close to the goal.

          1. Anita stated somewhere recently that it sometimes takes her 2 or 3 HOURS to compose some of her tweets out of fear of offending someone or giving her detractors something to throw back in her face. You read that right – two or three HOURS.

            What a crock of shit.

            If McIntosh died (or abandoned her) tomorrow she would be 100% lost and unable to function.

          2. I believe it. Look at how rabidly the SJWs turned on Whedon for daring to write Black Widow other than an invincible Mary Sue who can defeat all enemies while letting her male teammates know how worthless they are. The slightest slip up could spell the end of all that sweet Patreon cash for her. I take solace in knowing that this SJW “Sword of Damocles” constantly hovers over her head, ready to drop at any second.

          3. SJW “Sword of Damocles” constantly hovers over her head, ready to drop at any second. <—I'M GONNA STEAL THAT

          4. Absolutely 100% true. Without a teleprompter or manuscript to read and memorize, then she’s fucking done without her rich, over privileged, dumbass boy-toy FullMcIntosh then she’s dead in the water. Even some of her tweets are exactly the same (with a few changes) as McIntosh if you check through their Twitter feed and compare them. Although I’m never going back to their Twitter feed again, because frankly I’m allergic to bullshit and can’t stand stupid.

      2. Yea it would take a lot for Chu to denounce Quinn. She probably would have to reject him or something before going on twitter with some juicy secrets (ugh I just threw up a little with that imagery).

        As for Anita… sounds about right.

    2. I doubt Chu will denounce Zoe Quinn. Chu’s whole shtick has the purpose of white-knighting Zoe Quinn. He usually prefers sex with trannies, but it seems he is in love with her.

  8. I think the reason she is saying this is because to say otherwise would be to admit that her ggautoblocker was a failure.

  9. Much like with all of you, GamerGate is important to me. I have a story, so bear with me because it has a point. I was always an odd child. I was misdiagnosed with ADHD at 8 and at 10 it was discovered that my ADHD was actually Aspergers Syndrome; a form of Autism centered around social anxiety.

    Growing up, i wasn’t good with people (still kinda not, but I’ve found ways to cope), and i was socially awkward around girls, especially if i had a crush on one. Games were my escape, my shelter from the bullies; a place where i was judged based on my actions, where i could be a hero or a villain. This got me through the hardest times at school and is a place i still heavily rely on today.

    When I heard that female gamers were being harassed and that it had the media focusing on the gaming community, i just couldn’t believe it. So i dug around on the net doing what any rational person would do: look for the truth. Eventually, i came across GamerGate; a movement seeking ethics in journalism that was being attacked simply because the topic that gave it a major push involved an unfaithful woman so it became a case of “harassment”.

    I watched as all the years i was bullied come back in the form of an accusation that I was a sexist that hates women simply because I have a dick and like playing games. That’s when i knew i had to be a part of the movement, that i wasn’t going to be bullied again simply because our modern-day society allows for overly loud radicals like these to call the shots.

    Even if this is some elaborate ruse by Randi, this still gives me hope that the dam is beginning to crumble and that we’re starting to see our drought end. We will win this, but small victories remind me that although it may be a bit longer, we’re on our way there.

    1. You are such a sweetie, and I just want you to know that and to hear a real thank you. Thanks for fighting for truth and not believing in narrative lies sweetie 🙂 I think you’re 100% right. Long victory still a bit away, but this is definitely strides.

  10. As predicted, Randi is preparing to jump ship. She knows that the era of collecting Hipster Welfare as a Professional Victim is coming to a close soon, and is slowly making her way to the winning side in hopes of finding a new gravy train to hitch a ride on.

  11. Agreed. Randi has clearly shown her true colors as an opportunist before. A few years ago, she was speaking against the radfem narrative about women in tech. Once she saw that Anita, Quinn, and Wu were raking in thousands for free from playing the damsel in distress, then Harper conveniently switched sides.

    (As an aside: I truly wonder how far GamerGate would have gone if there wasn’t KickStarter and Patreon around to milk Victim Bucks from. Would Quinn have pushed her narrative as hard if Patreon didn’t make it so easy for SJWs to throw away their money at her? Would Anita have even bothered to let Josh shove his hand up her butt if KickStarter wasn’t around to make conning idiots out of their money so easy?)

    1. There’s bound to be some sort of negative consequence to any new platform of funding. Everyone jumped on these sites as a new wave, but people will continue to become more wary as time goes on, and professional victims, and scam “developers” are outed. It’s kinda like the MLM schemes from the 90s – People were cheated, and now even decent MLM companies get a bad rep, because people know how the system can be gamed.

      1. Call it for what it is. Begging. It’s no different than holding a hat out to people saying [dick van dyke]”spare some change gavnah, got six marves to feed”[/dick van dyke]

  12. Holy shit…he did it. Milo put the fear of God in Randi. So much so she changed her tune. Holy mother of dicks. I…I think I’m actually triggered right now. No, wait, false alarm. It’s just a pit of bottomless laughter that formed where my mouth used to be. GG Randi.

    1. I actually forgot about that. So now there are several theories on her about-face:

      1) Milo scared her enough to lay off of GamerGate

      2) The SJWs turned on her so hard, she defected to our side

      3) She finally saw through the media lies and truly had a change of heart

      4) Harper’s Patreon is drying up and is jumping ship in hopes of milk GG for free money

      5) This is an act to clean up her image, now that she’s trying to run the same “anti-bullying” con that LW1 is.

      My bet is on 4, though I wouldn’t be surprised if 1 was the real reason. Based Milo does not take prisoners.

      1. I don’t think 2, 3 and 4 are possible.

        2 – I don’t think she’s the sort of person who seriously takes sides. She is only looking out for herself and the recent fall of SJWs is forcing her to leave that narrative.

        3 – I don’t think she has a heart – just a giant cheese burger that pumps black oil in her veins. In all seriousness she is intelligent enough to know that the narrative is pure crap, but it was more profitable to support it.

        4 – Plausible, but which gamergater in their right mind would support her financially?

      2. You missed 6: She has no other option but to admit that WAM’s data is correct, because they used her block list to determine who was a “gamergate supporter” – Suggesting otherwise would be admitting that she lied about the list to begin with.

        Edit: and 7 – She wants to say that 12% of gamergate is about harassment, because that is the largest amount that the data allows here to reference in a manipulation of statistics.

        1. I doubt that this will convince any SJWs that they’re wrong about us. When someone made a breakdown of tweets send to Quinn, about less than 1% of them could be categorized as “harassment”…yet that didn’t stop her and her rainbow haired fan club from acting like she’s being chased by GamerGate rape gangs 24/7.

  13. The REAL, and I mean this. THE REAL thing that surprises me is that the word ALLEGED was used.. did you catch that? they FUCKING USED THE WORD ALLEGED.

  14. I think Randi is just cleaning up her act in preparation for starting up her anti-cyberbullying “Charity”. Her doing a 180 turn seems unlikely to be anything more given her past actions.

  15. “Most harassment has nothing to do with GG. This problem is much bigger”

    is she trying to say that harassment is a much larger problem and that GG is only a small percentage? I’m honestly asking.

    Because if she’s trying to say that 12% of harassers are GG, because only 12% of her blocklist are aligned with GG, then there’s the issue of dammed lies and statistics.

    The wording of “alleged harassers”. To say that 12% of harassers are GG is to assume that all people on the blocklist are harassers, and not individuals who were caught in the vague formula of “following two GG figureheads”

    I don’t feel this is an about-face for Harper. Just a spin on inconvenient news.

    Unless someone corrects me and that I’m reading this wrong. Happy to stand corrected.

    1. Definitely spin… this is more about how dangerous a poorly tooled and managed program like ggAB can block 9800 ‘people’ for no discernible reason other than simply following two or more ‘triggers’. There’s a reason why blocklists (blacklists) are treated with such scorn because they all too often end up as dragnets when left open to the wilds.

      If she wanted to create a ‘true’ list she should own it and properly manage it, verifying and checking accounts. But then that would really open her to increased liability (despite how derisively they dismiss that possibility).

      1. I’m not a programmer’s left elbow, but even I can see how scattershot the blocker is. It baffles me that people think it’s an effective tool.

  16. And so the SJW’s finally pull their head out thy ass and finally see the light. Well, for a while. They’ll go back to drinking the Kool-aid before you know it.

  17. Wait wait wait… the antis slowly are realizing that they been wrong all along? Holy shit? is the world ending? Is this Armageddon?

  18. you don’t really think she’s seen the light, do you? she’s just evolving now that she’s becoming less relevant. the fact that she insists the problem is bigger means she’s going to aggravate a whole new group of people now.

  19. I think they’re trying to prepare themselves for the SPJ. I think they have a bad feeling that they’re going to actually give us a fair hearing, and they’ll be exposed as complete loons.

    The only strategy up until now is to just repeat the lie and deny us any debate or exposure. It seems that isn’t going to work for much longer.

  20. We are bearing witness to a fucking miracle. Now the rest of the SJWs just need to remember she’s openly Republican (so is Nazi Banana — IMC) and they can devour her like Brianna Wu.

  21. Note once again my chums the use of weasel words.

    “according to incoming WAM HARASSMENT REPORTS”.

    So that is every time some butthurt buttercup or snowflake sent a Baaaw fit in to WAM because they had had their feelz upsetz. NOT actual harassment as defined by the law. NOT harassment as defined by Twitter TOS. NOT harassment that would always fit with a dictionary definition. No…. we are counting every single WAM report whether it has merit or not. And we all know how fast SJWs scream “muh Harassment!”….they would put shepherd boy Peter to shame.

    So….hardly an academic / scientific level result.

    I will go with the independent academic studies which show a much smaller percentage of tweets using the GG tag would constitute legal/dictionary/TOS harassment.

    1. This is slightly confusing… are they saying Twitter/WAM had 538 accounts reported to them for harassment, and of those only 65 were also on the ggAB list that contains 9844 names? Is that right?

  22. I’ve thought about this one for a while, and it might be a maneuver to get her into the SPJ AntiGG side of the debate. Appear to be more moderate for the sake of getting to be there. While most of the SJW rank and file would probably shun the SPJ offer. The money grubbing group at the vanguard will probably start to vie for places in it. Since it will be exposure for them, and that can be translated into dollars in e-begging.

  23. LMAO! Well, isn’t it funny when their own corrupt organizations statistics don’t tell them what they want to hear. Maybe now that they’ve used us to get themselves established, they think they can woo us into going away? Not going to happen.

  24. Don’t think she’s seen the light, she’s probably trying to save face after the the annihilation we’ve given her and her ilk over the past few months.

    1. She’s seen the light of how well her side is doing, and is trying to bailout before it all comes crashing down.

  25. Well she may say this, but she’s still a cunt. She bullies and harasses people. Also the animal abuse, rumoured tax story and the doxxing. So no if she stabbed them in the back I still won’t trust the blue whale from the start. Fuck that hungry hungry hippo.

  26. Wait a minute. Why is everyone jumping to the conclusion that Randi Harper is admitting we’re not the bad guys here? Look at what she says exactly. On one hand, sure, she says most of Gamergate has nothing to do with harassment, on the other hand, she also makes it clear she considers “this” problem to be so very much worse than simple harassment, so much larger than just harassment.

    She’s not really admitting to shit. She’s still trying to say that Gators are villains, and is hand waving the fact that the primary point of said villainy has been blown out of the water by multiple growing respectful sources.

    This is hardly a retreat, heel-face-turn, or some other sort of political inconsistency by the big blue whale. She’s trying to continue the press the narrative of our wickedness without perpetuating a now thoroughly discredited lie. This is an attempt to keep people’s wrath directed at us.

    So again I must ask.. where are people getting the idea that she’s abandoned the SJW cause in favor of “seeing the light of day”? It seems to me like she’s trying to keep people from focusing on said light.

  27. Another (partial) about face:


    Interesting quote:

    “One thing it has done, one thing we can take from Gamergate, is the fact that it’s opened up a conversation around diversity, and not just within the game industry itself, but in the games the industry produces. That’s where we need to move the conversation.”

    Isn’t this what SJW’s say after they LOSE.

    “The fact that it’s opened up a conversation”

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