There’s a ton of drama surrounding Bill Maher’s use of the n-word last night on his HBO program, Real Time. If you haven’t yet seen the clip (which I somehow doubt), it is provided below for your perusal.

Now, it wasn’t the funniest joke I’ve ever heard, mostly because the delivery was just not there. But let’s be clear, that’s what it was, a joke. To me, it sounded like he used the word “nigga” and not the hard “er” version. Either way, it would be in the context of a comedic presentation.

Far-left Gawker tier sites are breaking this down like it’s the Zapruder film.

DeRay McKesson, the domestic terrorist (and failed mayoral candidate) who helped empower the Black Lives Matter movement, is up in arms about this. He’s not the only one, to be sure. Sadly, many on our own side are backing this nonsense as well. I’ll get to that in a moment.

First, DeRay…


I’m not gonna support this kind of anti-speech witch hunt, even if it is somewhat delicious to see the left beating the hell out of each other. Also, to the people trying to compare Maher and Kathy Griffin: you’re wrong. Griffin was making a political statement with her photoshoot. Giving it that designation is being very charitable, by the way. It looked like an audition for ISIS and could be considered incitement to violence. The whole thing was a pre-planned stunt (leaked to TMZ by her handlers, no doubt) that completely backfired on her in the worst way possible. There was no joke there at all, besides her career in general.

Maher made a spur of the moment quip in response to something that noted cuck Ben Sasse had to say. He doesn’t deserve to be fired and if he does apologize, I will lose all respect for him as a comedian. And yes, I still enjoy some of Maher’s work even though we disagree on things sometimes. It’s how normal people live.

To the groaners in the crowd, Maher asserted, “It’s a joke.” But that excuse isn’t nearly good enough. Twitter, understandably, came after the comedian for using the N-word—a term of racial subjugation and oppression that is never OK for white people to use, in any context.

Marlow Stern of The Daily Beast, showing how “woke” he is. 

I certainly understand people on our “side” who want to see him get scalped. I’ve even seen it said that this would end up being good for free speech because it will show Maher’s fans and other assorted non-crazies that we are on a perilous path. Perhaps, but I respectfully disagree.

I think what’s more likely to happen is that SJWs and their wacko media allies will just keep pushing until we’re all branded racists and thought criminals. While that doesn’t impact me in terms of how I feel personally (get fucked, nutjobs), the left is using tactics like these to make political commentary unprofitable. That’s where the ad boycotts come in, emails to companies, etc. It’s why I have publicly disavowed this tactic after we used it to our advantage during the early days of GamerGate. It’s anti-free speech.

I could understand going after Maher if he had championed similar strategies in the past, or was a threat to free speech in general. You could justify much of what we did in GamgerGate with that defense. But he’s not that way at all, in fact, as Paul Joseph Watson points out above, the guy is a staunch supporter of the rights of people like Ann Coulter. Joining in with cancer like DeRay is not something I can get behind.

I hope most of you will agree with me, but I’d like to hear alternate takes as well, if you have them.