Welcome to the party Notch! It seems like he’s come to the conclusion that gaming journalism is beyond saving. He tried to tamp it down a little bit right after, but I don’t think there’s any mistaking his opinion on the current state of affairs. He was pissed about a piece that ran on GameSpot (which was actually a recap of a Wired article) which talks about Mojang employees receiving fat bonuses to stay with the company as Microsoft took control. The only problem is, the writing seems to indicate that Microsoft paid the money, when it actually came from Notch’s own pockets:

(screenshot, archive)

Like I mentioned, he did walk it back a little, but as you can see, he didn’t take the original tweet down (as of yet, anyway). We’ll see if he feels any heat and decides to do so. No matter what happens, it’s great to see huge names like Notch saying the things GamerGate has been saying for months. Like we always knew, most devs and creatives are actually on our wavelength. That’s being proven more and more everyday.