I had an awesome day chilling with family while eating some delicious food, but thankfully, I stopped myself from overdoing it too badly so far. I’m currently trying to resist going back and hitting up the turkey again, so please wish me well in that endeavor. Another person who we should all wish well, is Steven Polk, aka Alison Prime. Yea, I know what you’re saying.

“Ralph, you’re fucking nuts!”

OK, fair enough. Take a look at the facts, though. Yes, he was a swindler who spent his days catfishing and unethically obtaining nudes from GamerGate women. Sure, he raised money off his fake persona. There was also that livestream where he lied multiple times on air, of course. Oh, you forgot about that one? Well, here’s the vid in case you need a refresher:



(Expanded thoughts from Shoe HERE)

Then there’s this…


And this…


Some even said this was the greatest GamerGate stream of all-time, and I called it my Citizen Kane



Well, I’d certainly accept any awards you’d like to give me, but I doubt they’ll be forthcoming. Still, a lot of fun was had by all when we exposed this bastard. Alright, we should hold off on the well wishes, but we can still be thankful for this fucking lolcow, can’t we? But before I get to the newest release on that front, let’s talk about an anti-GamerGate article written about Steve Polk. The same retard who said she was getting a PhD in GamerGate did this piece, in fact. I’ve been meaning to write about her shitty column for an entire week, but I wanted to address everything in one final column on “Alison.” I think Jack Outis might be working on something, but after this, barring some massive new development, I’m done with Prime and with Steve Polk.


Let’s excerpt a bit of Natalie Walschots’ insane rantings before I begin discussing them…

As recently as late September, Alison created a heartbreaking post where she talked about being visited by the FBI after a false accusation that she had made a death threat against Anita Sarkeesian. Not only was the experience another example of the abuse Alison constantly suffered at the hands of SJWs, but even more tragically, the FBI’s involvement meant that Alison could no longer visit her long-distance boyfriend, a YouTube gamer who lived in the Netherlands; their plans to finally meet in person would have to be cancelled.

In their posts, Alison and her inamorata had publicly confessed their love to one other; Alison had referred to him as the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Within the Another Castle interview, Alison’s entire persona, and all that she represented, was suddenly shown to be slight of hand, a cruel—if compelling—show of virtual smoke and mirrors…

There are a lot of things that are horrifying about this: the entitlement to women’s identities, the lies that resided at the core of Alison’s entire persona, the way a community (however reprehensible) was extensively manipulated. One man in particular has had his heart broken (EDITOR’S NOTE: LOL); I cannot possibly imagine what it’s like to be the once-lover, the humiliation, pain, and betrayal accompanied by this revelation…

With the evaporation of Alison, we get a glimpse of something awful and important: some of the fiction that helps hold up the illusion that GamerGate is half of some vast debate. That there are victims on both sides, as well as the rare and renegade mud-slingers ruining things for both pro-GG and anti-GG folk. That women do support and are supported by GamerGate. I mean, just look at Alison.

With the lies untangled and the fiction dismantled, we have a chance to once again take a look at the reality of exactly how ugly and destructive GamerGate is as a movement and a cultural phenomenon. This is not a conversation. This is not a debate. This is a hate movement that hurts people, that destroys lives, that makes it harder for an art form to move forward.

I mean, look at Alison.

First off, the part about the YouTube gamer who lived in the Netherlands is notable, but for different reasons. If Nutty Natalie had bothered to do any research, she would have found out that Bram is a catfisher just like Steven Polk. Ah, we know the deal. These SJW shitbirds have the story they want to tell thought up before they start writing and they don’t let facts get in the way of that.


(Bram getting outed as a catfish above. More info HERE.)

Oh yea, here’s even more on Bram from my man El Gato…

If you end up doing a stream or piece about Bram too, another little piece of info for you is that Bram is actively trying to distance himself from Steven, as per his ED page:


He removed references to being her boyfriend. Honestly, with the public presence this guy both has and borderline bragged about in the earlier stream, the situation regarding his extensive deception and sordid use of his own friends pictures would be a nice avenue to take following on following Steven.

I’ve also been in touch with ******, the woman who’s pictures Bram stole/modified/pretended was him, and her boyfriend, and it would seem that their plan is to go to the police with the information. I’m cooperating with them in lining up the evidence against him, but a key piece of evidence that doubles down on the fact that Bram owns and controls the Shara account is Steven Polk’s live admission that he is both aware of the account and that it’s Bram’s, are you cool with me sending an audio clip of that interview, along with a transcript over to Rachel and Vincent to use with their case?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: I answered in the affirmative.)

Just an update on this, ******* and ****** have been to the police and the they are now investigating. In the meantime, ******* has been digging, and he uncovered several more accounts owned by Bram. I think we’re now at 5 Facebook, 2 DeviantArt, 3 Bearchive, 3 Twitter, and potentially more on top of that. Some of these accounts seemingly date back to the mid 2000’s. To put it bluntly, Bram is one seriously fucked up individual, more so than Steven by quite a fair bit.

So, there’s the story on Bram. Too bad Wacko Walschots didn’t bother to research any of this. There was a thread up on /ggrevolt/ with most of this information in it, by the way. That means she could have found any of this out if had she wanted to. You know the deal there, though, as I said above. They can never let pesky truths get in the way of their narrative. Hell, they don’t even want us to have a chance to rebut them at all. The whole “this is not a debate” line is another dirty little rhetorical tactic they try to employ in order to silence debate.

Anyway, I think I’ve said enough about all that. Let me link some of the videos others made about this, before giving you the Black Friday release of Steve Polk’s last message…







Without further ado, here’s the new release. Outis will probably be back with more on this in the next couple days. I MIGHT do a supercut if I have time, but other than that, I’m done with Polk/Prime, Bram, and the rest of these fuckers (although Reika was good about everything, to be fair). If you have some thoughts on this long ass column, let me know down below. I have a lot of work to do, so look out for a wave of posting on Black Friday. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you soon.


UPDATE: OH YEA, I ALMOST LEFT THIS BIT OUT! Thanks again to WildGoose for his work on all this…0g1x0aYM4LQytU M4LQytUCT0t5CWVEAIaXV_