Black Lives Matters is Violence: Milo assaulted at DePaul University



While giving a talk at DePaul University, Milo was interrupted  by Black Lives Matter Criminals who, not only invaded the stage and stopped the event, they also physically assaulted Milo Yiannopoulos himself then made direct assault threats against him while still on stage.

These Black Lives Matter Activists have once again, ratified EVERY single negative stereotype about Black People in America: Impulsive, violent and Criminal behavior all executed by these parasites ON STAGE.

The real victims? Decent Black People like math major Katie Danforth, who tried to stop these Black Lives Matter Parasite-Criminals from disrupting the event, all in vain. Look, she was almost assaulted too:

Honest, law-abiding and hard-working Black people like her will be too often unfairly lumped together & judged by the actions of Black Lives Matter Criminals like these. One of them has already been identified, his name is Edward Ward. If you know the female suspect’s name, notify the police.

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Too many things went wrong at this event. But please, remember that the only viable course of action is the legal one: We need to expose these Black Lives Matter Criminals and their complete disregard for the law WHILE separating them from decent black people like math major Katie Danforth. That distinction truly matters.


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Here is the video evidence:



(Skip to 10:40 to see Katie)

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