I have a new goal here on TheRalphRetort.com. It’s to put up at least 10 posts per day. Yes, when my recent average has been about 3, that’s a mighty climb. It’s not really that hard, though. I see some sites doing 50-100, although some of those are bullshit fluff and ass pics from Instagram. I think 10 posts a day with relevant content in them is more than doable, though. Some might also be to seek community feedback, since I want to get the commentariat involved with things even more. I do read every comment even if I don’t reply to them all.

Anyway, like I said, it’s not that hard to do posts with relevance. Take this video here, for example. The mainstream media is busy puffing up the dangerous and at times criminal #BlackLivesMatter movement, but if you look behind the curtain you will see a degenerate movement that is more concerned with keeping its leaders in the media limelight rather than bringing the country together to address realk issues. Is every single person in BLM like this? No, some of them are probably doing what they’re doing for the right reasons. But when the leadership is rotten it taints the whole thing.

Plus, as I said, the media is doing public relations for these people and will not tell you the whole story. Take this scene from St. Paul, for instance:



That doesn’t look like a dignified and “peaceful” protest, now does it? You’ll never see that on any of the mainstream outlets. Hell, I don’t even know if Fox News will show it.

I doubt you’ll see this one, either…

The media lies and people die. If they stopped treating the nation’s problems as a way to get rich and actually worked on solving them constructively, we would be in a much better place. As I said, the issue of police reform should not be about race. As long as it is, the solution to the issue will continue to elude us.