There’s a video going around that’s been billed as footage of a homeless man getting assaulted during the recent unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina. The reason it’s been described as that is because some #BlackLivesMatter psycho from North Carolina posted the footage and started laughing about it and was promptly joined in by many of his sociopathic compatriots. It looks like the footage wasn’t actually from the recent riots, but instead might actually be from London (note the double-decker buses in the background). That’s not really the point of this exercise, though.

The main thing to take away from this is just how fucked up many of these so-called activists really are. To be fair, there were also plenty of black people calling this disgusting footage out for the bullshit it is, but the feral scum is drowning them out.

(webm backup in case this scumbag deletes it)

The real disgrace isn’t with his original post, although yes, it’s disgusting. Look at all the people who laughed at it…


There’s more, but I think you get the idea.