I rarely get angry at the stuff I see around here. I talked about this before, but when you see so much craziness it all starts to blend in and you get sorta numb too it. What I saw this afternoon did actually piss me off, though. A thuggish Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist at St. John’s University in New York City put up a tweet saying he would break a girl’s computer if he got 7,000 retweets. The reason for this? The young woman had a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” sticker on her laptop. Threatening people over their political expression is something that shouldn’t be tolerated, but this punk even took it a step further according to The New York Daily News.

Here’s some details


Clifford Durand, 18, posted a photo of an unsuspecting fellow student with a “Trump Make America Great Again” sticker on her laptop and asked his followers to share the image.

The picture was retweeted more than 16,000 times within four hours of being posted online. “7000 retweets and i’ll smash this b***h’s computer,” Durand wrote in the post, which his friends claimed was a joke.

When 20-year-old Trump supporter Brianna Algazali was told that her picture was going viral she complained to the school’s public safety office and confronted Durand. Several witnesses at the Fresh Meadows campus watched as the heated Trump backer threw her latte on Durand.

“She raised her voice and she threw her drink on him,” a friend of Durand told the Daily News. “He looked like he was in shock. I went towards him to hold him back.”

Some students present claimed that Durand struck Algazali after he was hit with the hot beverage. He admitted as much in one of dozens of tweets he sent before his account was suspended by the social media giant…


“She asked him to take down the post and he said ‘make me,’ ”  another student said.

Algazali declined to elaborate on what took place at the school. “St. John is handling it right now I don’t want to say anything,” Algazali said. “They’re handling it the best they can, but I fear for my safety.”

The most unbelievable part of all this is that the school is rumored to have let Mr. Durand off with just a warning. Now, according to biased witnesses, she threw a drink, but forgive me if I’m not gonna just believe the people who started this aggression in the first place. Not only that, the Daily News only changed their report and put those statements in later on, after they were bombarded with tweets from the BLM contingent at St. John’s. Those same solks are now trying to turn this into a race issue. I know all of you are as shocked by that as I am. That is to say, you’re not shocked at all.




They’ve even rolled the whole thing up into their petition campaign, which is even more ridiculous…


The chick below tries to claim the student who threatened to smash the laptop is smart, but I’ll leave that up to you all to judge. He doesn’t sound very smart to me.

This whole thing is just unreal. If she actually did throw the drink, of course I would have to say that isn’t the correct response. Then again, this dude just threatened her and put it on Twitter blast. 16,000 retweets? I can certainly understand her reaction. I’m sure all of you can as well if that’s indeed what happened. At this point, it’s a big if. I’m going to go ahead and throw it to you guys in the comment section, since I have to get ready to appear on a stream. Let me know what you think about this entire situation.