I have to ask one question before I get this started. Why the fuck is there a #BlackLivesMatter movement in the United Kingdom? I mean seriously, look at this fucking chart…


24 total people have been killed by police in the United Kingdom since 1990. 12 have allegedly been killed just this month by police in the United States. Whether you think those were justified or not, one country has a lot of police killings and one doesn’t. Why on earth are black activists in the UK getting involved with shit that has nothing to do with them? Is it because they know the media is so full of shit they will never ask them this question? Maybe they’re just too cowardly to speak up about the issues in their own country.

More than likely, they’re just really fucking stupid.

From ITV

Black Lives Matters protesters have blocked the motorway route into Heathrow Airport.

Protesters unveiled a giant banner saying “This is a Crisis” before lying in the middle of the road on Friday morning.

Thousands of holidaymakers making their way to the airport are now facing traffic disruption.

And The Independent

Black Lives Matter protesters have chained themselves to tarmac at a road into Heathrow airport in a nationwide “shutdown”.

A small group of activists have blockaded a central route into the busy terminals at the height of the summer season to draw attention to issues surrounding race.

Similar events are being called for across Manchester, Nottingham and London.

Some of the pictures show just how dumb these people are. Can you imagine being a Brit on the way to the airport right now? Many of these folks are probably on their way to a vacation in Spain or some shit. They have to be enraged at these petulant children.

The whole thing is just bonkers.


UPDATE: I just got reminded me of a story from a few days back. Looks like this might be the motivation for black UK activists…

Roads were closed off today as hundreds marched from Brixton to Parliament Square calling for reparations to be made for slavery. 

The Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March is part of a campaign calling for amends to be made for enslavement endured by generations of African people. Organisers carried a petition to central London demanding the government acknowledges the historic and ongoing impact of colonisation and slavery.

The petition states: “The blood, sweat and tears of our Ancestors financed the economic expansion of the United Kingdom.

“The immoral and illegal acts inflicted on Afrikans against their will cannot all be undone. However, the perpetrators, their descendants and all other beneficiaries, ought to be compelled to address the harm that has resulted from them.”

“Today the offspring of the stolen Afrikans encounter direct and indirect racial discrimination daily. This results in impoverishment, lack of education, unemployment, imprisonment and ill health. Now is the time for the victims of these inhumane atrocities to demand, effect and secure holistic, adequate, comprehensive and intersectional reparations for the wrongs that continue to be inflicted on Afrika, Afrikans on the Continent and in the Diaspora.”

In other words: GIBSMEDAT!


UPDATE: Here’s a new video where they seem to be erecting some sort of fence structure around protesters in Nottingham…