I know the headline says Blizzard Entertainment trolled SJWs, and I feel like it’s accurate, since that was the main group that got duped here. But, let’s be honest: they pretty much trolled everyone with the new and improved Tracer pose.

Here’s what I wrote on March 28th


So, I was trawling around the web earlier today, as I am wont to do, when I saw something hilarious. Blizzard has removed an animation from Overwatch because one person, yes ONE, complained about it on their forum…

This is what it’s come to, ladies and gentlemen. An innocuous pose is now a transgression that must immediately be remedied. Shame on Blizzard for even dignifying this with a response, much less actually jettisoning the animation. If people are offended by something as innocuous as this, perhaps they shouldn’t be playing video games at all? Hell, maybe they shouldn’t leave their room and deign to interact with the rest of normal society.

I feel like it was a fair reading of things, given this pathetic statement by the guy in charge of creative for Overwatch

2016-03-28_19-08-29 (1)

But today, he was singing a different tune…


Here’s the night and day difference between the two poses, in case you need a reminder…

First one that was jettisoned:


New and improved version, guaranteed to rustle SJW jimmies…


All I have to say about this development is bravo, Blizzard!


UPDATE: Oh, just in case you thought this was an accident…it wasn’t.