GamerGate has taken so many twists and turns, it’s unreal. Earlier this morning, I posted a tweet that showed Boogie (boogie2988) conceding a point to another person on NeoGAF. This in and of itself wasn’t noteworthy, but I felt like the point he conceded was critical to our movement. I also didn’t like the word poison being used, even though he was not the one to originally use it. So, I highlighted it and posted it on Twitter, perhaps in haste.

Boogie called me out a bit this morning, and we chatted afterwards. Honestly, it’s almost impossible to be mad at the guy after talking to him away from the public gaze. Most people don’t actually care to talk to someone who just put them on Twitter blast, so the chat itself was notable just for taking place.

The discussion itself was illuminating, and showed me that everyone has a different contribution to make. One’s person’s job is not the same as the other’s, but every job is important, nonetheless. Boogie and I do not have the same job. He’s basically our ambassador, and sometimes they have to be more diplomatic than a bomb-thrower like myself. So don’t be too hard on Boogie. I know that’s funny, coming from the guy who dropped the tweets on him. But, he really is a pretty cool guy.



  1. I largely agree.
    He’s not always right, he’s not always the best communicator and he has his flaws, but his heart is in the right place and he’s doing exactly what he thinks is best for the cause.
    Admirable, even if I just want fire and brimstone.
    I want people to PAY, but that doesn’t get people to examine the evidence.

    The second the gaming media responsible for this fiasco start pushing for “olive branches” that consist of “understanding our anger” but admitting zero wrong doing… that is my line in the sand.

  2. Boogie is one of the sweetest guys on the ‘net. He isn’t perfect, no one is, but I’ve been hearing rumblings by people against GG that this twit-

    Was NOT a co-ordinated ‘hit’ on him to get him out of #Gamergate. Oh yes, because we in the movement totally want a loveable geek, who wants people to be civil & have rational discourse to NOT be involved with us. Riiiight….

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