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Everybody missed this one. Back in June, just after embarrassing herself on an unrelated Nintendo text, but before celebrating Milo’s censorship at the hands of Twitter, Blowy Zoe, in the words of our host, achieved a milestone: she got dropped by her publisher.

No reasons were given. This was all as quiet as fuck, so I can’t tell you if the manuscript was rejected by her editor, or (more likely) by legal given the risk of defamation. And we can’t just let the salt flow at the thought of her having to return her advance. (This may be known later if somebody like Vox Day of Castalia House hears from his contacts.) But anyway, her publishing career is nearly kaput.

This tweet went up June 29:


Excited to announce CRASH OVERRIDE is now with PublicAffairs & will come out in 2017 with updated content on the fight against online abuse.


May sound great, and grifters gonna grift. But here’s the thing. It was supposed to be a memoir, published by Simon & Schuster, with a film deal. Simon & Schuster is one of the Big 5—a company with half a billion in annual sales or whatever it is, capable of getting you on the Today Show and The View and NPR and so forth. PublicAffairs, while based in NY, has been in limbo for years.

Short version of this is its parent company went bankrupt a decade ago. The firm was able to stay afloat with injections of capital from George Soros and the like, but was unprofitable and on the market for several years with no takers. It and certain other imprints were bought up cheap by the French conglomerate Hachette, however Hachette was mostly after other titles already published by the firm, sort of like buying a grab bag of comics at a convention for a few prizes you could see therein.

Tedious inside-baseball crap, but, tl; dr: PublicAffairs (her new publisher) ain’t paying her a six-figure advance, and if she goes on TV, she’s paying for her own hotel and Uber fare. They’re not gonna put marketing muscle behind it. The book will do far worse than Michelle Fields’ epic, whose failures the great Mike Cernovich describes in detail.

Any film from it is now a real hard sell for Producer Amy Pascal, the chick who was ousted from Sony and is responsible for Ghostbusters 3.

Just one more thing to give thanks for on this #gamergate anniversary.

    1. I think she was writing a book, and then the movie would be based on the book. So I doubt she has gotten an advance from Sony Pictures.

      Not sure what her legal situation is. If she gets an advance but delivers no book, then she has to pay it back. But when the publisher is the one who drops the deal, the situation is presumably somewhat different.

  1. This is a nice GG anniversary. I miss the drama when it was still fresh and when IA was still in it. It’s not just that I miss GG when it was good, but I think the internet may be heading for increasing regulations soon and not just within social media. The UK government just invested 1.7 million pounds in the FIGHT AGAINST INTERNET TROLLING. Freedom of speech will take a hit.

    1. I liked IA to, but GamerGate has turned to using Fabian tactics, which is where you wear the enemy down using a drawn out stalemate. Social Justice is a beast that has been growing for the past 40 years, it will not be slayed in an afternoon.

    2. GG is better without IA in it. Better before it got turned into a larger Anti-SJW movement, and was mostly a Consumer Protest (See: Operation Disrespectful Nod for an example).

      Might have been inevitable given how the media attacked us, but we played right into their hands and fought them mostly on their own terms, on their own turf, and mostly by their rules. We fought about THEIR topics, using their definitions, with people in positions of power against us (Hi @Jackass, Hi ironically named Moot.). We started talking about things like Feminism, Islamophobia, and Sexism, and Misogyny instead of Journalism, Ethics and most of all, Games. Thanks to people like IA, we lost sight of what we were fighting for in the first place.

      That being said it’s fucking AMAZING that we fought them to a stalemate at worst, and might end up winning after a long, long grind. We’re still here, we’re still being referenced by them as the Boogeyman – meaning we’re still stuck in their heads – and we’re not going anywhere. Meanwhile Gawker falls, McIntosh gets kicked to the curb and has to resort to online begging for Patreon bucks, BW and ZQ are fading into obscurity.

      We got dumb, we got cocky, we got mad and got drawn into the wrong fight… and somehow we’re still coming out on top in the battle we should have been fighting all along. Good Game, GamerGate. GG GG. Shit ass luck, Karma, playing in a game where the level designers (ie: social scientists in academia) have no idea how to create decent levels, whatever they threw at us, we weathered the storm and we’re still here.

          1. It’s only “doomed” because it was an opportunity for him to blame it on the Alt-Right.

            Throwingrocks didn’t associate GG’s success with the Alt-Right (going after SJWs, feminists, leftist politics, etc.), so that’s why Quise agrees for the most part.

            These ‘ethics-only’ folks are very selective.

      1. Everyone started imposing their own politics onto GG, which diluted the movement.
        The atheists, the hard right wing conspiracy weirdos, the cucked left wingers who loves games but hated what the news coverage of them had become, the people who knew Jack shit about video games but wanted to take part in a fight (see Milo Yiannopolous)…..these are the people who ruined a movement. If it remained as a group of true, lifelong gamers trying to protect their subculture and the journalism addressing it, we could have cleanly pinned these assholes 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring.

        1. Hasn’t the DNC and Soros dcleaks proven the “media sjw agenda” growth as having been, at least in part, a targeted and directly funded goal of the Soros foundations and partners for the last decade?

          Various leaks in the last 2 months have revealed direct, consistent and explicit webs of connection between a lot of political and media groups. With added context from the many FTA and crime bills passed and waiting in the wings like TTP that are destroying jobs and creating unequality and the ftc laws that squished 90% of US media into those 6 corrupt media groups its hard to argue that there isn’t a lot of intentional blindsiding and social engineering going on.

      2. “Better before it got turned into a larger Anti-SJW movement”
        We started talking about things like Feminism, Islamophobia, and Sexism, and Misogyny instead of Journalism, Ethics and most of all, Games.”

        And do you know why GG started talking about SJWs, feminism, Islamophobia, misogyny, etc?

        Because we worked out that the corruption in games journalism COMES FROM SJW-feminist politics. You see all this SJW-feminist crap in the mainstream media and news media that’s being injected into virtually everything? That’s what is causing the corruption in the video games industry and games journalism in the first place.

        You need to attack the tumour if you want to win.

        This “sexism/racism in gaming/comics/movies/etc.” stuff did not happen overnight. It is a carefully planned and highly-funded political scheme that is designed to indoctrinate, restrict free speech and maintain control of the public. Video games is just one of it’s targets.

        Unfortunately, that seems to have completely flew past your head.

        “That being said it’s fucking AMAZING that we fought them to a stalemate at worst, and might end up winning after a long, long grind. We’re still
        here, we’re still being referenced by them as the Boogeyman – meaning
        we’re still stuck in their heads – and we’re not going anywhere.
        Meanwhile Gawker falls, McIntosh gets kicked to the curb and has to
        resort to online begging for Patreon bucks, BW and ZQ are fading into
        obscurity, etc.”

        Do you realise that you have contradicted yourself from what you said in your first 2 paragraphs? You started off saying that GG talking about sexism, racism, etc. is a bad thing and how GG has “lost sight”.

        Then you say that it’s “fucking AMAZING that we have fought them to a stalemate at worst, and might end up winning”. You do know that this was achieved because GG broadened it’s horizons to go after SJWs, feminists and politics right?

        Because GG certainly wouldn’t have got anywhere if they sat back on their moral high-horses holding up those “Ethics Only” signs.

        “Thanks to people like IA, we lost sight of what we were fighting for in the first place.”

        Disagree. IA was actually right all along, and the current events prove it.

        I mean, forcing mainstream games media to write one or two lines of disclosures in their articles has REALLY solved the problem hasn’t it? The Ethics-Only brigade certainly keeps quiet when this is brought up…

        1. Your comment is the epitome of the problem that GamerGate faced back in the beginning and still faces now – the need for some people to hijack it into a larger culture war.

          GamerGate did not need to be folded into the larger culture war. It needed to be fought on a lower level, on a more concrete and specific level. It needed to keep the fight on that level, to keep hammering at the specific points on that level with concrete facts, examples and reasons until we won. Keep as much emotion, conjecture and hypotheticals out of the argument as possible, and force them to fight us on our terms.

          Once we won on that lower level, then we would move up to a wider issue. Keeping the focus narrow; wider than GamerGate, but still narrow. Still focused on a specific set of issues. Providing reasons, examples, evidence, etc. for our grievances. Grind it out again until we had won. And again, and again, until it was done.

          But instead, people like yourself, and IA, and Milo, and Sargon, and even Ralph, hijacked GamerGate to go straight to the Boss Fight – fight the “tumor” at the source. It’s a fight we’re not equipped for – that’s not our gig. We’re a sub-culture, a counter-culture(ish), the outcasts, dweebs and perpetually picked on, fighting to keep the one part of the culture that has been allowed to us because until about 10 years ago… no one cared about it. (then it started making billions of dollars in movies, and things changed) But suddenly we’re yanked into this quasi-“Saviour of Culture” role, this place where we’re held up as the first people to push back against the SJW agenda and win. We’re pulled into a fight in an arena that few of us have any experience with (Gender Studies and Gamers are kind of like Feminists and STEM fields – when someone claims to be a Gender Studies major AND a Gamer you look around for a hidden camera) and few of us ever really cared about, since both sides in the Culture War have historically looked down on us Gamers and Geeks.

          And given all that, given how we stepped into the Gender Studies arena, the Culture War, where we had to learn on the fly, figure out how to fight them, where to fight them, what the language was, what the rules were, etc., all that against us and we still have come out at least fighting them to a standstill, it IS fucking AMAZING. Astounding. Unbelievable. And yet next week, GamerGate will still be here and Gawker will be gone.

          Oh yeah – saying that current events prove IA right all along is like saying “This meal is just a pile of shit!”, then after we’ve taken 3 bites , shitting on the plate then pointing to your own shit and saying “See? I was right all along!” Maybe it was going to be a horrible meal anyway, but we’ll never know because you shat on the plate before we could finish it.

          Maybe if your folks hadn’t hijacked GamerGate to fight the wider culture war, we would have much more concrete things we could point to as victories. The FCC being more strict on disclosure on YouTube videos, for example, was done in part because of GamerGate. How much is something we can never know. The updating of codes of ethics on numerous games sites was done because of GamerGate – which is a big part of what we wanted, but thanks to people like IA and you, we never got to focus on it. “Yeah, Journalist A did something unethical, but screw that – he’s a Left-wing Cuck Feminist. Screw his ethical lapses in that article, that’s meaningless drivel – just attack him by saying he’s only being a Feminist to get into the pants of the rainbow haired gender-stupid brigade.”

          So when the media focused on GamerGate they didn’t even have to approach GamerGate for comment – they just pulled up a tweet or two from someone who believed like you do, and boom there’s the story. Book it. Done. No need for anything else. We already saw how the media had started with that right from August of 2014, but if we had kept on message, kept it about the ethics of the games media and kept as much of the wider culture war out of it as possible, we might have been able to turn the media attention onto our grievances about the ethics in journalism.

          We’ll never know if that would have happened. And yet our main opponents – Gawker in particular – are gone. And we are still here.


          1. I honestly want to know how you believe that if we had “stayed on message” the media might have shown those grievances. Especially since from the get go it was “Misogyny!” as people keep equating the start of GG with the 5 guys attacking a helpless woman. At no point in time was GG referred to by anybody not in GG being about ethics in gaming except as a sarcastic remark or to “prove” GG was lying about it. You just have to look at MSM news articles to see what they thought of GG. They weren’t ever going to let it just be that message, so it was either get in the mud or be ignored. Personally I believe if it had gone down that route GG would have been insulted at every turn and just ignored without making a single change. Why, you might ask? Because who cares about ethics in gaming when it is just coming from “sexist, misogynistic, abusive, haters, who are afraid of women and their little world changing”? I mean isn’t that a bigger issue than vidya games?

            We won’t ever know what would have happened if it had gone that way but there is no logical way that I have ever seen or thought of that would end in the way you think it would have.

            But we both can and do agree that it is an amazing accomplishment for GG. Something that won’t be soon forgotten and hopefully help others who are in similar situations. I also might add that I was always fond of that one meme about fighting GG, (paraphrasing a bit)
            Let me get this straight. You are going up against gamers. People who are programmed to win, to grind and slog for months for a prize, who can put up with the most horrendous insults being thrown at them. And your plan is to try slander and outlast these people? Good luck.

          2. If GG had continued to push things like Airplay and Deep Freeze, and if every time GG was mentioned, the editors and others in the newsroom were flooded with factual rebuttals to their points, I think eventually we would have seen a shift in the narrative – something we don’t see now and we are unlikely to see, ever. (maybe in the eyes of History? Unlikely even there.) Particularly if the main faces for GamerGate had continued to be female and minorities, like it was for a while in the beginning. Stay on message, stay focused on the issues, stay away from the wider culture war and let people like Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkessian show themselves to be the frauds they are. It would be a hell of a grind, but we’re Gamers – grinding is something we do for fun.

            We’ll never know for sure, unfortunately. The Culture War is a much more fun war to fight – it’s more fun to post a jpeg of Ben Kuchera being a Cuck than it is to post a link to Deep Freeze showing his ethical failings, documented and cataloged. More people will give you a Like or a Favorite or a Retweet or Reblog or whatever for the image than for a well thought out and intelligent dispute of his ethical practices.

          3. How was their going to be a shift when it wasn’t working? People were dismissed because of race and gender, their points ignored via “misogyny!”, when there was debate they just got talked over for the most part. Seriously, the person who did the most for GG when it came to the MSM was Milo. He played by their rules and people started listening. The only way a grind in this situation would have worked is if GG’s messages had gotten out and changed a lot of people’s minds, which wasn’t going to happen if aGG had their way (and they were fairly effective in that). Not to mention the MSM was making sure only half of the narrative was being shown for the most part. The Law and Order episode, the articles, etc. shows what happened when GG offered an olive branch to show their side with facts to prove what was being said was incorrect and it was smacked away.

            I am not going to say a grind wouldn’t have worked at all but at best it would be a pyrrhic victory. Members of both sides would either become “casulaties” (doxed and harrassed to leaving) or just get tired of it all and quit, then there are the people connected to those types that would bow out because it happened. Given the small percentage that were ever involved in it that doesn’t seem to end well for the people fighting for change. But who knows the political pendulum of U.S. society may have swung the other way at some point and made this seem likely to actually work.The best point would probably have been if/when Trump gets elected. This would have forced aGG to fight on yet another front and they never do well in that scenario.

            So in the end I am happy to agree to disagree on this since I can’t figure a logical way to make what you say true, given what I know on the topic. But I appreciate the calm dialogue, thank you.

          4. And yet, you still whine about ethics like a bitch because you can’t see ethics don’t matter, winning does. They can still fuck you over ethically to puch their shit, and you’d be cool with it right?

          5. Except… you aren’t winning the war you think you’re fighting. You’re losing.


            Gawker is down. That’s huge. GamerGate still exists. That’s huge. Social Justice is being made mandatory across academia of ALL LEVELS, from Kindergarten up to Doctoral level studies. That’s the fight you’ve pulled us into and tossed us onto the front lines, metaphorically, when we’re more like military engineers. Sure we have SOME basic training, but we’re better with a wrench and a roll of duct tape than we are with a bazooka.

            To continue with the military engineer metaphor, you should have let GamerGate set down a fortified position as a staging area. You should have let us expose the lack of ethics in our opponents, almost all of whom espouse the Social Justice doctrine. You should have let us show concrete flaws in their logic as it pertains to games, how their views on their audience is counter-productive at best and outright delusional at worst (Gamers, your audience, are Dead?). Set a framework for fighting them OFF of their own terms, off of their own topics and frameworks. Force them to fight us in our own arena, where we easily crush them because they simply don’t have the means to fight us on our level.

            Instead, you decided to fight them on their terms, using their terms, using their rules (which they can change at a whim), in their arena’s where the power structure was entirely in their favour (with the exception of Milo, a lone sub-reddit and a few Games sites like the Escapist). And while we did end up winning a major fight in our own area (Gawker being gone), the wider battle is being lost. I’m going to spend the next 15+ years fighting every day to undo the Social Justice indoctrination that is going to be fed to my kids in their ELEMENTARY school, in Canada, and the way you want to fight this is going to lose.

            Because all you want to do is win and win NOW. Ethics be damned, winning is everything – and the people who are going to win this for us, the “normals” (the men and women I sit with on the Parent Council at my kids school, the teachers who have to implement the curriculum regardless of personal opinion on the subject matter, the guy down the street who votes for the Liberals/NDP/Left Wing Party because he wants to be a good person and thinks that mans Left Wing, etc.), are going to see assholes like you who don’t give a damn about things like Ethics and they’re going to say “I don’t want to be on his side – whatever he’s fighting against must be something pretty good if that asshole is against it.”.

            And they’re going to pull the lever for Progressive Parties because they see things like “Demonstrate an understanding of gender identity and sexual orientation.” as part of a school curriculum for Grade 8’s and go “That doesn’t sound so bad.”, then they google it, get some official looking page that gives the “textbook” definition of things and think “Yes, I think I want my kids to learn that stuff. What kind of asshole is against it?”

            And I’m trying to get that guy to realize that the kind of person who is against it is the kind of person who has seen it in action – has seen it say that a confused 13yr old boy who suddenly finds himself feeling like he wants to wear girls clothing should be allowed to take hormone therapy and perhaps even hack his cock off to be able to express herself the way she feels she is “supposed” to (because telling the boy that it’s a phase he’ll grow out of is “Transphobic”). He doesn’t see it – all he see’s is what the media shows him and what Google shows him.

            We see the code-words that SJW’s use, we know what it means, but as long as we’re saying “Fuck ethics, win at all costs!” then we’re going to lose. We can’t win that way – there is too much against us. And you don’t want to do any of the hard work to fight this war – you only want to do the Fun stuff.

          6. TL;DR, Games don’t matter, no one gives a shit about a fortified position in games. There are enough people on the right that have been boned by SJWs who don’t even realize they’re a coordinated thing, they just think that it’s all a “librull” plot. Since things like votes and purchasing power are what drive these fights, opening the eyes of these peopleon a wider scale is more important than the stupid little world of video games that most people think are children’s diversions. The reason SocJus even got as entrenched as it has is because they are consolidating amongst niches that the majority of people are happy to let go to shit because no one cares about tabletop, video gaming, comic books, scci fi, etc, those are all children’s pursuits, but get them riled up about Target’s bathroom policy and look what happens.

            Just keep worrying about gaming then, No one’s stopping you, just quit being tone plicing cunts when others want to do other things.

          7. and I think it’s a shame that you missed his entire point. You may not give a shit about games, but at the very least, games coulda helped you guys gain a clear footing, credibility, and all that jazz. I may not have wanted to go that path, but if you’re gonna use the buzz for your own agenda, at least succeed at it.

            And honestly, there’s already a great example: Milo. went from relativity small at the start of GG and has only become more and more of a juggernaut to in Culture War that people like you so desperately wanted to win. not saynig that he really didn’t care about GG at all, but it’s clear that it helped him get actual precense in the culture war, unlike GG, which has only fizzled down playing the penny slots. While you people were “opening eyes” in small Twitter dramas with equally insignifigant drama queens (Yeah, Randi and Wu was SO involved in the MSM before she caught GG’s attention, right?), Milo was out in the real world, touring colleges, getting/giving interrviews, pumping out stories, etc.

            Yes, it helps that he’s a journalist. That he only had to worry about himself. That himself. And that he did just as much shit posting. But I’ve seen the Internet band together to do amazing things, against the odds. And Woulda been nice if GG was like that, (more ODN’, more funny memes, more actual conversation and not bickering with people who only want drama). More of a found memory than a muddy mess.

          8. I wasn’t doing any of that. Way to miss my point. I’m saying grow up and when your balls drop you’ll realize that the little niche of gamers is insignificant in the real world and the best way to win is to turn joe and jane dumb adult on to the issue and increase your base.

      3. I think iit’s mostly marxist dipshits who hate the anti-SJW aspect of GG. You sir, are extremely myopic in your thinking if you think GG should never have been about fighting SJWs and Feminists. Those were Enemy #1!
        Failure to recognize that means you never understood GG in the first place.

    3. I’m optimistic about this. On one hand the internet may get a little more regulation, but on the other hand, people who oppose SJWs are generally a damned sight better at playing to SJW rules than SJWs are. Besides, trying to stop people trolling is like trying to stop teenagers having sex: They *will* find a way.

  2. Wait a minute, I almost forgot, didn’t Quinn dox Cernovich? And now she accuses him of doxing. Unbelievable.

  3. Oh that’s too bad. I was looking forward to walking past a mountain of her books in the local store, and not buying one. Not even to level a table.

  4. Have no fears, that mouth is going to start working overtime to get this payday deal done. She just has to find the right guy to suck. She better start learning deep throat real quick if she hasn’t already…


  5. Once GG got off the original point of the movement and indulged in the ugliest parts of the alt-right, it was doomed. Once we had people who actually, you know, hated women being assholes within GG we should have known it wouldn’t survive in its original form. And remember – GG, in its beginning, was pretty much apolitical and solely dedicated to upendng the insular and incestuous nature of game journalism and video game advertising.
    It’s too bad that solely because of the jackasses and trolls in GG, Brianna Wu makes excessive amounts of money for doing literally nothing, Zoe Quinn gets paid to do nothing, and Anita Sarkeesian got huge money to make some revisionist history lessons on bitches from the past……

    The people I mentioned are so ridiculous and absurd, they don’t need to be harassed and threatened, they need to be laughed at and made irrelevant. Unfortunately, GG ended up legitimizing these people more than they ever could have by themselves.

      1. Exactly.

        The corruption in video games journalism actually comes from the regressive leftist SJW/feminist politics in the first place.

        Therefore GG had to broaden their fight against the SJWs and feminists if they wanted any chance of winning.

        Unfortunately, a lot of people still cannot see past the ‘ethics-only’ stance.

      2. The battle being more about SJWs and not focusing on the issues at hand (primarily a world of bought and controlled video game journalists) is what ruined GG. Of course some of these morons and professional victims are a joke and of course they deserve to be called out. But I would argue that making Brianna Wu a major target of trolling did more to legitimize a crazy trans than anything Johnny Walker Flynt could ever do.
        When it comes to dealing with absurd SJWs, the way that they have been dealt with has been 100% wrong. How do we know this? Because they still dominate headlines and their narratives still stick, even when they are debunked. GG and our ilk should have been more Daily Show and less Breitbart. Humor, wit and cutting commentary is enough to destroy their bullshit without resorting to ACTUAL misogyny and REAL harassment. As I said, the woman haters, the atheists, the cucked fools, the unintelligent tools who wanted to take part in some online drama….these are the groups that killed GG.
        I originally learned about the Zoe Post on Terrence Wolfe’s METAGEARSOLID, where he posted about the lack of ethics in gaming and the purchased coverage of games WITHOUT preaching his own politics. He came it at as a GAMER, and one who deeply analyzes the commentary they produce. It was the most efficient and honest and non-self-aggrandizing commentary on what was happening because he didn’t spend the entire article putting himself over. He addressed the lack of ethics in games journalism and in the incestuous world of indy game cucks. If we stayed on that path, we would have had a resounding victory.

        1. It’s a bit hard for GG to not go after SJWs when you have SJWs posting blanket news coverage about how GG is a misogynist movement…

          1. Don’t waste your time, the ethics only retards believe in a magical world of makebelieve where the SJWs will just leave them alone, once we win their respect with our plucky courage and sticktoitedness.

    1. Do you know why GG had to change from it’s original battle against just corrupt journalism? Because GG realized that the corruption in games journalism COMES FROM
      the regressive left SJW-feminist politics.

      This “sexism/racism in gaming/comics/movies/etc.” stuff did not happen
      overnight. It is a carefully planned and highly-funded political scheme
      that is designed to indoctrinate, restrict free speech and maintain
      control of the public. Video games is just one of it’s targets.

      When a guy with a gun is continuously shooting holes into a sinking ship, you don’t just plug the holes up. You need to kill the guy with gun first. That’s how you win.

      Well we could sit back on our moral high horses, scream “ETHICS ONLY” and force mainstream games journalists to include a line or two of disclosure in their articles

      I agree with you though that the movement has mellowed a lot that it’s become a distant memory for the most part. But I don’t blame the Alt-Right for that though. Instead, I blame the Moderates and Ethics-Only brigade that has allowed the SJW-lites and soft-feminists to infest and kill the movement.

      1. For me it didn’t exactly change. I was there primarily for the ethics part, but making fun of SJWs was just so much fun I’d end up off target.

      2. “When a guy with a gun is continuously shooting holes into a sinking ship, you don’t just plug the holes up. You need to kill the guy with gun first. That’s how you win.”

        and that’s where the divide comes in on this topic. from my perspective, you’re just pluggin holes by “calling out SJW” nobodies on twitter, while the bloggers who actually write articles other people give the time of day of are taking the wind from the sails.

        How much did you really accomplish by going after Wu, Sakeesian, Harper, and Quinn? In comparison, GG cost a publication 6 figures by sending a fucking email, and have a major publication tanking (which wasn’t all GG, but it didn’t hurt).

        Who’s really going after the Guy with a Gun?

    2. “It’s too bad that solely because of the jackasses and trolls in GG, Brianna Wu makes excessive amounts of money for doing literally nothing, Zoe Quinn gets paid to do nothing, and Anita Sarkeesian got huge money to make some revisionist history lessons on bitches from the past……”

      Sounds like you just hate women being successful, misogynist twat.

  6. Well color me surprised I did not expect this to happen and I would have loved to have seen the look on her face when she was told that the deal had to be dropped

    If times get real tough for her and needs the money real bad she could always get a job at her local Five Guys Burger and Frys

  7. Can the Blowey Zoey write anything that is truthful? i doubt she has the know-how to tell the truth with a straight face. I haven’t heard much about her since Milo’s unfair ban from Twitter and that’s probably a good thing cause she’s screwing up her job.

  8. So I’m guessing no movie now huh? Too bad, I was hoping for something to tank even worse than the Ghostbusters remake.

  9. I’m sure there were several factors to the change in publishers:

    1) Eron isn’t gagged and is free to produce his own counter-narrative.

    2) Her constant chimpouts on Twitter, like over Candace Owens and the Paper Mario jokes have damaged her image.

    3) The UN fiasco where she backed that shoddy report was a major black eye.

    4) The fact that Cernovich (someone who experience in the courtroom) has threatened to sue her shitty tattoos off if Quinn so much as publishes his name in her book might have made the publisher have second thoughts

    5) Ghostbusters cost Sony $70 million and was masterminded by Amy Pascal, just like deal to make Zoe’s book into a movie. After Amy’s role in the Sony hack fuckup and the flop of her pet project, the chance of Quinn’s book getting made into a movie are less than zero. With no movie from a major studio to tie to the book, the original publisher probably decided that it wasn’t worth the cost of putting a lot of money behind a big press tour and ad campaign.

    6) It’s been 2 years since this whole circus started, and Zoe’s relevance has dwindled to nothing. Despite claiming to be a “major game designer”, she’s got shit to show for it. Who wants to read a book about someone who did nothing but cry how much of a victim she was for 2 years over something that 99% of the population doesn’t know or care about?

  10. I only just got to this story. No wonder she’s whoring herself round Vice and (I assume) any other SJW sewage outlet that will give her publicity to try and stay relevant. LMAO!

  11. I wish they HAD published the book. I wish they WOULD make a movie adaptation. It would have given much grist for the counter narrative, and I am sure certain internet bad people would have fun meming the heck out of it.

  12. Her fans and her have been trying to downplay Milo’s book deal by saying it’s nothing compared to her “upcoming film” starring Scarlet Johansson and even bragging about Pascal being the producer as if that was such a great thing.

      1. And if it somehow did, it surely won’t feature an A-list celeb, who could damage her reputation for being involved in that falsehood, specially when trends like feminism and “cyberbullying” are gradually dying and will continue to bleed out into irrelevance when Trump takes office.

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