I would have had this written right after the story came out, but I was away from Twitter this morning, so I missed it. I’m also about to try to go find a New 3DS, but before I do, let me fill in any who may have missed this morning’s big news. I’m pretty sure most of you have read it already. But in case you missed it (or want to add further comment), here we go.


This column has been in the works for a while. If you’ll recall, he pulled this back months ago. He was (justifiably) concerned about Wu’s mental stability. But, after months and months of her continuing to torment us, he decided to drop the bomb. And you know when Milo comes knocking, the big guns come out:

Wu, who has been engaged in an exhaustive press tour in recent months writing op-eds in a handful of online outlets, claiming that her life is in danger and that she is standing up for women in the games industry, is in fact, we can reveal, merely an unstable internet troll with a long history of mendacity and emotionally disturbed online outbursts.

Posts from the susans.org transgender forums, reproduced here for the first time, reveal a young person in emotional turmoil and suggest explanations for what has been called unpredictable, narcissistic and occasionally wild behaviour by Wu throughout the GamerGate saga of the past half-year. The posts are spookily prescient and show a nascent troll gestating around vulnerable people, developing many of the skills that would later be used to terrorise gamers.

Ouch. Well, this is exactly what I (and many others) have been saying over these last few months. I didn’t have the forum posts, but Brianna Wu has all the classic hallmarks of a belligerent troll. What Milo did today was a fucking public service. I saw some hand-wringing from the usual suspects on Twitter, many of whom are the same people who criticize my work here. They’re not only wrong, they’re dead fucking wrong.

Wu’s mentally deranged, and it’s a big part of the story. Here we have a crazy person being cited by the media as if she’s actually a credible source. She has a history of wild claims, including one that has her (as John Flynt) working for George W. Bush’s reelection campaign. She was banned from her moderator position on a well-known transgender forum because of her erratic and offensive behavior. How is this not relevant? Anyone who claims otherwise, is ether not thinking clearly, or they’re an idiot.  I mean, look at this stuff. How can this person have ANY support?

“Contemporary college forum posts from a second site, also uncovered by Breitbart, portray a young person in the turmoil of a life transition and raise questions about Wu’s ethical positions on such fundamental interpersonal issues as whether or not to inform dates and sexual partners of one’s status as transgender. One user on the forum wrote in 2010 that Wu used to brag about not telling her sexual partners of her transgender status–a habit she has still, it seems, not broken when it comes to representing herself to her followers and to the credulous journalists who have repeated her specious allegations against the GamerGate movement.

For reasons of personal safety and respectfulness most transgender support groups and therapists advise sufferers to identify themselves to their sexual partners, in part to avoid the possibility of violent altercations.”

I’d read those allegations before, but I think they’re deserving of a wider audience. I can only hope that Brianna Wu doesn’t go completely over the edge after this. Maybe Frank Wu should take some time off from spreading bullshit about his ex-wife, and get her the help she so desperately needs. But as long as she keeps spreading lies about gamers, she’s going to keep getting exposed.