I would have had this written right after the story came out, but I was away from Twitter this morning, so I missed it. I’m also about to try to go find a New 3DS, but before I do, let me fill in any who may have missed this morning’s big news. I’m pretty sure most of you have read it already. But in case you missed it (or want to add further comment), here we go.


This column has been in the works for a while. If you’ll recall, he pulled this back months ago. He was (justifiably) concerned about Wu’s mental stability. But, after months and months of her continuing to torment us, he decided to drop the bomb. And you know when Milo comes knocking, the big guns come out:

Wu, who has been engaged in an exhaustive press tour in recent months writing op-eds in a handful of online outlets, claiming that her life is in danger and that she is standing up for women in the games industry, is in fact, we can reveal, merely an unstable internet troll with a long history of mendacity and emotionally disturbed online outbursts.

Posts from the susans.org transgender forums, reproduced here for the first time, reveal a young person in emotional turmoil and suggest explanations for what has been called unpredictable, narcissistic and occasionally wild behaviour by Wu throughout the GamerGate saga of the past half-year. The posts are spookily prescient and show a nascent troll gestating around vulnerable people, developing many of the skills that would later be used to terrorise gamers.

Ouch. Well, this is exactly what I (and many others) have been saying over these last few months. I didn’t have the forum posts, but Brianna Wu has all the classic hallmarks of a belligerent troll. What Milo did today was a fucking public service. I saw some hand-wringing from the usual suspects on Twitter, many of whom are the same people who criticize my work here. They’re not only wrong, they’re dead fucking wrong.

Wu’s mentally deranged, and it’s a big part of the story. Here we have a crazy person being cited by the media as if she’s actually a credible source. She has a history of wild claims, including one that has her (as John Flynt) working for George W. Bush’s reelection campaign. She was banned from her moderator position on a well-known transgender forum because of her erratic and offensive behavior. How is this not relevant? Anyone who claims otherwise, is ether not thinking clearly, or they’re an idiot.  I mean, look at this stuff. How can this person have ANY support?

“Contemporary college forum posts from a second site, also uncovered by Breitbart, portray a young person in the turmoil of a life transition and raise questions about Wu’s ethical positions on such fundamental interpersonal issues as whether or not to inform dates and sexual partners of one’s status as transgender. One user on the forum wrote in 2010 that Wu used to brag about not telling her sexual partners of her transgender status–a habit she has still, it seems, not broken when it comes to representing herself to her followers and to the credulous journalists who have repeated her specious allegations against the GamerGate movement.

For reasons of personal safety and respectfulness most transgender support groups and therapists advise sufferers to identify themselves to their sexual partners, in part to avoid the possibility of violent altercations.”

I’d read those allegations before, but I think they’re deserving of a wider audience. I can only hope that Brianna Wu doesn’t go completely over the edge after this. Maybe Frank Wu should take some time off from spreading bullshit about his ex-wife, and get her the help she so desperately needs. But as long as she keeps spreading lies about gamers, she’s going to keep getting exposed.



  1. Pleased to see your coverage of Milo’s article. There are some people in #GamerGate who feel you can win a war without taking shots, but both Milo and you have shown a willingness to do battle for the greater good.

    1. Yeah, sorry to those folks, but calling BS on reporters who abuse gamers is no different from calling BS on the people who abuse the news cycle to lie about gamers.

    2. I think those people are concern trolls, lol. This was a great read, and like every other anti-gg public figure, Wu has just as messed up of a background.

      1. agree, what made it a delicious article is Brianna showing her own beliefs, no one making accusations. Just let her talk and revel in the crazy.

    3. One of the things I’ve noticed among the aGGros is the desperate definition of ‘harassment’ as ‘anything that challenges our statements’. Therefore, if you call out someone for being dishonest or manipulative, it’s ‘harassment’ and therefore you should be shunned.

      1. its a key part of any SJW battle- change the language to suit them whenever possible. Thats why some have now defined rape to include looking at a girl.

    4. It’s monumentally easy (in this day and age) to find the real person behind the online persona, and Wu has painted himself in to a corner (herself, whatever) with her new-found SJW ecelebrity.

      She would like nothing more than to erase the past so she can craft herself as a victim in a male-dominated world, and her cosmopolitan “awesomeness” did not start in the South, but right there in San Francisco, where the double-standards and self-loathing are at the peak of ripeness.

      I admit it, I trolled usenet back in the late 80’s early 90’s. If someone was smart enough, they could find all my posts.

      I ate crow over one minor post I made in 1992 in which I said I’d buy any Metallica album they released (even if it was a Polka record). Little did I know the bastards would produce such tripe on their way to mediocrity that is “death magnetic” (not great, but considering Lulu, it’s a masterpiece.) Did it affect me? No. I also said I’d eat my hat if Apple went Intel. 🙂 Hats taste terrible, btw.

      I’ve evolved my opinions over the years too. I’m no longer a staunch conservative, and I’ve moved into anarcho-capitalist/libertarian territory.

      If my whole existence was predicated on what “positions” I held, like Brianna’s, I’d be fucked, just like Brianna. (metaphorically, of course.) The clubs she belongs to, pathologically require lock-step belief. There are no subtle shades of anything. It’s the collectivism that is biting Wu in the keester. I for one love it, because she preaches nothing but toeing the line to all of us “evil” Gamergaters.

      Wu’s taken the “moral high road”, and good journalism is to find out how much she practices what she preaches. Milo did this, in spades, and provided the evidence to back it up. It’s not a he-said-she-said drama…. the only one speaking is Wu, and she’s revealing her hypocrisy each time she tweets.

  2. It was rather nice of Milo to hold off on publishing that story on Wu until we had some time to observe her behavior. While some may claim that Wu is mentally disturbed for various reasons I personally believe she is quite sane. All of her actions show a very deliberate pattern and her entire life since she forced herself into gamergate was planned. Wu is a very deliberate liar and I believe if she is left to her devices she will eventually continue to alienate the people that support her and eventually all that will be left is the hardcore SJW crowd who will accept anyone regardless of how unhinged they are.

    1. Being insane doesn’t necessarily keep one from being able to plan things out and act on them. Anyway most of the shit pulled isn’t even remotely complex and is full of blatant holes.

      1. Yeah, I was particularly disgusted with MSNBC’s “Reid Report” not noticing when Wu tripped repeatedly over her own narrative.

        Like, for example, the only confirmed contact she had with GamerGaters was instigating a memewar with them — and all they did was respond in kind, even by her own admission. She leaves the house and hours later, here are seven tweets from one person which don’t even mention the memewar at all — or any OTHER motive for making the threats. There’s no apparent connection, except that Wu insists there is one.

        Made even more obvious by her Pakman appearance, where she completely eliminates the “left the house” story in order to change up the story and make the memewar a CONSTANT battle of “hours and hours and hours”. Immediately after which, she gets the tweets.

        Difference being, on MSNBC she had a ReCode reporter backing her story to the hilt as though he were an independent observer. But with Wu changing the story, suddenly his own credibility goes out the window and it’s obvious he was just repeating her tale.

        This is so over-the-top obvious that it’s actually worse than Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape Hoax story.

      2. ‘Insane’ doesn’t exist. However, abnormal psych does and is studied.

        A striking thing about certain aGGro people, is that although they don’t enjoy the negative attention, they still dwell in it as confirmation.

        Such fits personality disorders where punishment has become anticipated. Sufferers seek punishment & rejection as though they were reward. Among the women of aGGro its a race to the bottom.

        Such disorders are connected to manipulativeness and the externalisation of blame.

    2. People can have a condition/disorder and still act completely functionally. I myself have a personality disorder and panic/anxiety disorder yet I am a fully functioning member of society. The difference is that I actually got treatment and therapy because I myself noticed that what I feel and think aren’t thoughts that are rational. I can fully and rationally differentiate between my crazy and my normal, without pills and medication. I cannot have empathy for Wu, because despite obviously having some kind of a condition she isn’t getting help. If crazy people didn’t know there is something wrong with them psychiatrists would went out of business. I got help not because I couldn’t control myself, but because I wanted to make it easier to control my brain. She can control herself fully, like most of us crazies, she just chooses not to control and differentiate her thoughts. There is also the possibility she has below average intelligence which could also be an explanation to why she is unable to recognize an obvious problem. I’m no psychiatrist but having lot’s of experience with both my condition and conditions of a number other crazy people allows me to perhaps have a bit more insight and capability of recognizing when someone isn’t “right in the head”.

      1. Yes, thank you so much for this post. I too have a mental disorder and anxiety disorder and am aware of it and spend a lot of energy “hiding” it from my coworkers and general public. I think most people hear mental disorder and they think of people having a psychotic break or something uncontrollable.

        I’m not going to speculate on Wu’s mental health mostly because I personally hate being thrown into that boat (with her) of being crazy and ostracized b/c people don’t understand my disorder. Whether she has an illness or not, she still has made some calculated decisions which are quite damaging and her public profile and following exacerbate that danger exponentially. Her monthly Patreon recently dropped from $13K to $3.3K, while this could have just been one person who pledged $10K/mo (I have no idea how Patreon works), I’m HOPING it really means that people are starting to notice her behavior and back away from her camp.

        On a related note, did anyone notice her recent claims that she “works for free”? I hope Milo takes a scalpel to that next if he has the time b/c it just confounds me.

        1. The last I heard regarding the patreon drop was that it was indeed a one time $10,000 donation from an SJW friendly developer.

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her or her husband that dropped that $10,000 in her Patreon in order to artificially inflate the number and inflate her ego.

            It’s also possible that it is a legit donation, but it doesn’t guarantee that the money went through. I know a few artists that make a living via Patreon, and the monthly dollar amount shown is just a tally of pledges made – if someone cancels their pledge or their credit card doesn’t have the funds, the unpaid amount is not subtracted from the total. In other words, if the tally shows $1000 a month, even if only $700 of that is actually collected, the number shown will still be $1000. So even if someone PLEDGED $10,000, it doesn’t mean the actually GAVE $10,000.

          2. Thanks for clarifying that! Like I said I’m not familiar with how Patreon works. I was under the impression that the number shown was what had been paid vs. what had been pledged (which would allow potential patrons to decide how much to pledge if they wanted to reach a certain goal).

            I guess my outrage got the best of me a little b/c the first time I checked it was in January where it said $13K/mo so I thought she was basically raking in basically $150k/yr off of that which left me quite… unsettled…

          1. Interesting replies. Brianna hints that Frank makes an obscene amount of money, then backtracks to “well, not that much really. I can still identify with poor people”

      2. I really cannot say whether or not Wu has any kind of mental disorder. Judging from her past exploits she certainly has issues but what I really wanted to point out was that I believe her actions from the past 6 months were the result of a naturally devious mind and not because of some form of mental illness. Like you mentioned she probably feels that there is nothing wrong with her, the fault is with everyone else and with all the sycophants and enablers supporting her nothing will change.

        1. The point of my comment was also that she probably has some sense that what she is doing and how she is acting is wrong. She just chooses to ignore her conscience because it brings her money. Being ill doesn’t give anyone a free ride unless a person is suffering from extreme delusions (which again they should get help for and sometimes choose not to). Ill or not, she is capable of planning. Illness is just one of the possible explanations to how she can possibly give in to her illusions and believe the stuff she is saying and then proceed to exploit it to the maximum instead of getting help. Unlike Zoe or Anita, I think she is not a good actor, rather an unstable individual.

  3. I don’t like the mentality that exposing someone’s past is considered character assassination. Once you’re a public figure, you’re going to have to deal with this shit. Wuu is a public figure now with all the shit s/he has done so good riddance that psycho.

    1. And something about history repeating itself, that’s why there are character witnesses in court cases, because past behavior is usually a good indicator of present or future behavior.

      1. Ding. I believe the phrase is ‘goes to credibility’. A witness whose credibility is shit is not going to be very effective.

    2. As long as it’s relevant, i.e. “Brianna Wu wet herself in public at her 12th birthday party” is just character assassination, but “Brianna Wu has a history of dishonesty and power abuse” is important info.

  4. I think Milo’s post was incredibly fair considering the subject. I’ve said it before; attempting to reason with these zealots accomplishes absolutely nothing. When rational discourse fails, and the abuse, lies, and slander don’t stop…well, H.L. Mencken says it best:

    “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

    (And NO, drama-llamas, that isn’t a death threat…)

    1. Quite. From an ubergeek, http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=6642

      Whenever I see screaming, hate-filled behavior like hers the important part never turns out to be whatever principles the screamer claims to be advocating. Those are just window-dressing for the bullying, the dominance games, and the rage.

      You cannot ameliorate the behavior of people like that by accepting their premises and arguing within them; they’ll just pocket your
      concessions and attack again, seeking increasingly abject submission. In one-on-one relationships this is called “emotional abuse”, and like abusers they are all about control of you while claiming to be about anything but.

      Rational discourse can only be done with other rational people.
      SJWs engage in irrational discourse.

      When the roots are square,
      imagined negs ought not dare,
      and of rationality must not care,
      For they will say “it isn’t fair”,
      Femathematics is on a tear!
      While the knowing can only stare,
      as the stupidity is laid bare,
      which unfortunately isn’t rare,
      But perhaps we shouldn’t go there.

  5. Flynt’s attacks against our websites (8chan and KiA) using false claims of harassment, are not the actions of a rawing lunatic. They are deliberate efforts to silence our voices.

    He is a fascist tranny.

      1. Even if that were possible. His real motivation is not to report people to the police but to get them fired from their jobs.
        And identification based on IP address will inevitably lead to a large proportion of false positives.

  6. For people with a sane mind and working eyeballs, you would know after seeing and reading about Wu that she has always been a mental patient off her meths. But yeah it’s insane how much money support she gets from naive people around the web.

  7. SJW try to tell us not to worship Milo which we never did worship Milo we respect him he try to listen to our side of the story.They wanted us to hate Milo why because they were scared of what he might do next to ruin their narrative.

    1. I hear you on the voice issue. I have a musician’s ears and there’s a hollow quality to many trans women’s voices that I can identify.

      I know very few people who have transitioned, but have seen people’s hair get pretty f”cked up with hormone therapies for other issues. So the combination of the voice and the hair made a reasonable guess.

      That said I don’t think I would spot a transman very easily for whatever reasons. I suppose its because men have a wider vocal range than women so a man with a higher voice doesn’t get my attention.

      It could also be perhaps that – and now this is pure speculation – that since we all start off as females in the womb, sort of, transitioning to male is a continuation of a process that our bodies are already built to do, just delayed until after birth, whereas the reverse, female to male, is not something that happens in the womb and the lingering effects of a body once flooded with testosterone leave recognizable traces to certain observers.

  8. Brianna Wu’s crazy?! Not shocked. How many of these people have we gone up against proudly list their psychological issues like they threw darts at a book of psychological diagnoses and scooped up whatever got pinned to wear as shiny badges?

  9. Maybe it’s just me but i can’t even look at her face with a straight face. I feel embarassed to say this but she/he has one of the weirdest, ugliest face I’ve ever seen. How this mentally unstable person could get so many people from the media to listen to her and feature her on their platform would be a never ending mystery to me.

    1. Pity. Pity from his/her self-inflicted “victimhood.” That’s why people like Wu and Quinn and Sarkessian do this. Being the professional victim not only gives you money, it gives you a certain level of fame you wouldn’t get otherwise.

  10. If you fuck with the wrong people your tranny ass is going to get burned. I don’t give a shit if people think it was too harsh. This bitch has been making money off of you and has lied about pretty much everything. She deserves no respect or pity

  11. Brianna Wu being a guy with a history of mental instability can be summed up perfectly with this Legend of Zelda quote:

    “It’s a secret to EVERYBODY.”

  12. And his summary clinches it:

    Not only have Wu’s feverish imaginings smeared the reputation of gamers, but they risk doing harm to Wu herself: an army of enablers and useful idiots have formed around her which even includes some journalists. Mystifyingly, no one in the press seems prepared to call out Brianna Wu’s obvious fabrications, preferring the “listen and believe” approach so beloved of modern feminist critics.

    But it is not the job of journalists to enable delusions, or provide a platform for habitual trolls to rehabilitate themselves off the back of innocent gaming fans.

    And no, really, it is quite serious in a Monty Python møøse-bite kind of way. Since he is apparently sending herself death-threats, so does it mean if he kills herself, will it be murder, suicide, or murder-suicide?

  13. Wu wanted the public spotlight, well here it is. You can argue the necessity of Milo’s hitpiece all you want, but the reality is that Batshit Wu has a troubling history, and it all would have come out one way or another. I’m personally sick and tired of Wu’s ugly face being forcefully inserted into the #GamerGate narrative, and the sooner she is discredited into oblivion, the better.

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