I had just gotten through eating dinner, when I came back to finish what I was (slowly) working on. But that had to wait, since some big news broke a little while ago. Milo Yiannopoulos is headed to E3. If you’ll recall, Zoe Quinn wrote about a similar “nightmare” scenario herself a few months back. She singled me out twice as someone to block from attending, also mentioning TechRaptor.

The thing is I’m too poor to go this year, and I didn’t want to try the Kickstarter route. That would have been hilarious, but it just didn’t feel right shilling for a trip. So I always considered 2016 a more realistic goal for me. But I’m damn sure happy that Milo will be there. I’m sure he will provide some amazing dispatches from the expo.

Here’s the man announcing it himself:


As a side note, Christina Hoff Sommers shared this hilarious video of Milo shredding some hapless soul. Score another one for the Blonde Bomber:

I can’t wait to see Milo go off at E3. Hopefully he does some live interviews and shows, as well as the usual columns. This could be really epic. I’m sure the SJWs are too cowardly to come and talk to him, but I would love to see that too. They have a chance to not act like punks for once. Don’t count on that happening. I expect them to be cowardly, true to form. But we’ll see.

I’ll be back shortly with the column that got interrupted for this brief news break. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


SALT UPDATE: Masterninja suggested I keep this section open to chronicle the flowing salt, and I agree. Here’s some NeoGAF loser crying over on 4chan. To their credit, the users mostly blow him the fuck out.


I hope somebody archived this awesome shit, cause I’m ashamed to say that I did not lol:



SALT UPDATE II: I woke up to see Ghazi whining about this. They were also whining about my style in another thread, but I’ll leave that for a comedy column later:

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