How could you reasonably compare a movie written years ago with GamerGate? We’ve been around less than one year. But, who am I kidding. These idiots can’t stop from injecting us into whatever shit read they’re trying to peddle. It equals clicks for them. Logic doesn’t come into the equation. I’ve seen two separate outlets compare the new Adam Sandler movie Pixels with GamerGate so far. I wonder how many more we will see before the week is over? 

Starting with Variety:

This isn’t exactly “Gamergate: The Movie,” but intentionally or not, it captures the movement’s boorish ethos with dispiriting accuracy.

I wasn’t aware of any “boorish ethos” I had concerning gaming. There are a couple things I would like, though. An ethical gaming press would be one. I’d also like ideologue SJW frauds to stop trying to bully creators into making shit they didn’t intend to make. I want their outrage culture to stop stifling ideas we never even get to hear because the people coming up with them are too afraid of getting ostracized. You have never heard me advocate for one certain kind of game. I don’t believe in that. I like a large selection of styles and titles. It’s why I play Fire Emblem, NBA 2K15, & The Witcher 3. I like games that are good (i.e. fun). There is no other criteria for me.

Anyway, I could rant about these lies for another 100 words, but instead, I’ll show you the next instance of GameGate being cited, this time from IndieWire:

The problem is the movie’s bro-centric plot, which several critics accuse of catering to the GamerGate crowd. (For fun — or “fun” — hop on a review that notes the movie’s lack of decent female characters and count the seconds until “SJW” pops up in the comments.)

The fact is, our crowd is so fucking diverse that it would hard to cater to the whole group anyway. I mean, the using-famous-video-games-and-characters-in-your-movie part is helpful when you want to lure gamers to the theater. But it’s supposed to be a fun movie that incorporates video games. Does that make it pandering? I don’t even fucking know with these people. I defy them to come up with one example of me or any other prominent GamerGate backers extolling the virtues of one certain type of characterization. I know you won’t find it from me, anyway. I’m pretty sure I can speak for everyone else as well.

By the way, all this has pretty much convinced me to go see Pixels. I realize it’s getting savaged in most reviews, but then again, I wasn’t expecting to see Citizen Kane when I showed up to the multiplex for the latest Sandler flick. So look for the review later this week. It’s been a month or so since I’ve done a proper one anyway. So be on the lookout for that Friday evening. I could watch it Thursday night, but that would be paying $13 vs paying $5.75 to see it Friday at 4PM. I think you know what choice has to be made there lol.