More info as it comes. This is not a good sign for where things are headed here in America…





  • 10 officers have been shot. 3 officers have been confirmed dead, 3 are in critical condition and 2 are in surgery.
  • Confirmed that there were at least 2 snipers.
  • Several arrests have been made throughout the night.

  • 11th officer has been shot.
  • Police chief has said there may be a threat of a bomb.
  • Dallas Police looking for a suspect.
  • All lanes closed on I-880

  • A search is underway for the bomb in downtown Dallas, Texas.

  • Person of interest has handed himself in
  • Another alleged suspect who was in shootout with Dallas SWAT officers is in custody
  • A suspicious package was discovered near this suspect’s location
  • The package is being secured by DPD bomb squad

  • National Guard is now on the scene in Dallas

  • First sighting of the alleged shooter.

  • Both suspects are in custody