Controversial Nintendo employee Alison Rapp has been fired due to her arguably sick past…

From her own Twitter feed…



NeoGAF on suicide watch


Kotaku is going all-in with the Rapp defense

We don’t know the full details of what happened, or what the conversations were like between Rapp and Nintendo. It’s possible that Nintendo truly was uncomfortable with Rapp’s college essay, despite it being publicly linked on her Linkedin page, and decided to part ways with her.

But we do know this: Nintendo was publicly silent while one of their employees was harassed and smeared online over something she did not do. That’s a fact. It’s not in dispute. Nintendo watched Rapp become the center of a witch hunt and did nothing publicly to defend her. Despite my requests for comment, the company said nothing. As it turns out, maybe that silence said everything.

The response to Rapp’s firing has been swift, vocal, and mostly negative, even in places normally hostile to outspoken individuals like Rapp. “Nintendo is in the wrong for firing her,” said a poster on the GG-friendly subreddit Kotaku in Action. “Good job guys you fired a person who literally did nothing wrong,” said another on 4chan. (Other posters in both threads celebrated Rapp’s firing, of course.) The Nintendo of America Twitter feed is being deluged with people protesting and condemning the decision, and one indie developer even says he cancelled a game planned for Wii U.

Lol, some KotakuInAction cucks are defending Rapp as well. I wish I could say I was surprised.

UPDATE:Mashable report says Rapp was fired because of a second job she held, and not because of past positions. It sounds unlikely, but that’s apparently the Nintendo line…

Nintendo of America provided the below statement to Mashable.

Alison Rapp was terminated due to violation of an internal company policy involving holding a second job in conflict with Nintendo’s corporate culture. Though Ms. Rapp’s termination follows her being the subject of criticism from certain groups via social media several weeks ago, the two are absolutely not related. Nintendo is a company committed to fostering inclusion and diversity in both our company and the broader video game industry and we firmly reject the harassment of individuals based on gender, race or personal beliefs. We wish Ms. Rapp well in her future endeavors.



  1. Keep in mind, it’s EXTREMELY rare for a Big gaming company to defy SJWs this way, so Nintendo is gonna get A LOT of hate, both from the SJW hate mob and from all their media outlets. Be just as vocal yourself and defend Nintendo for doing the right thing!

      1. It was pol and ggrevolt on fullchan that initiated the email campaign that led to a spotlight on this woman for her pro pedo views. KIA has nothing to do with it, would not be surprised to see the cucks double down and support her because of “muh free speech”

        1. Don’t worry, you’re proving yourself to be an idiot and you haven’t even tried that hard yet.

    1. But…but…GamerGate has NO power, yet has the power to make Nintendo unjustly fire such an innocent cinnamon roll!

    2. Actually SJWs seem like a relatively new phenomenon for special snowflakes to compare notes and give each other gold stars. I only encountered sjw through Tumblr. To me, they are actually causing real victims to feel more afraid to speak out because they are so quick to judge and quantify the subject that it dehumanizes the victim. I’m glad she’s gone, Nintendo is in the game business not the social justice business.

    3. I’m not going to turn on Nintendo for something like this. I like all kinds of video games, so I’m not taking sides or playing favorites. I don’t know the real story, but this is just going to keep being as ludicrous as it can get.

  2. all good news but stop being lazy. I visit this website for opinion, not images of tweets. This keeps happening.

    1. Also…. start the clock counting down till MovieBlob vows never to dress up as Mario again till they reinstate the pedo.

          1. That’s gonna show up in my nightmares,,,thanks fer that Dave,,,here, have some payback,,,a prison scene from a play that a young, Beiber-esque looking Don Johnson did with Sal Mineo,,,Nash Bridges? More like gnash teeth into pillow,,,

      1. I’m counting the seconds until she starts a Patreon to cash in her Oppression Points for Victim Bucks.

        1. Not if Brianna Wu and Anita are covering that area. They won’t let another one feed off of them but mind you, they may chew her to pieces cause apparently Randi Harper has chewed out a fellow companion at that convention. Wasn’t it Anita / Brianna?

          1. On the plus side, the more Professional Victims out there, the less money to go around. When the carrion feast starts to thin out among the pack, expect the wolves to start culling out the herd.

    2. This keeps getting better. Stupid idiot blames her firing on us, then it turns out that she did nude modelling while holding nintendo products. Goddamn, that is some pants-on-head retardation. (not posting links, so me or Ralph don’t get
      flagged for “doxxing” or “posting revenge porn”. Rest assured, you can easily find them yourself.)

      And of course, don’t expect facts to get in the way of a good anti GG narrative, so this development will be ignored by SJWs as usual!

  3. blood for the blood god
    personally, I don’t particularly care who, or why.
    I want them all gone. So good riddance on this one, but I want another one.
    And another one. Whatever it takes for the censorship to stop

    1. After reading some of her statements, I feel stupid for saying this but…she seems reasonable

      She still blames GG for it, but she seems aware that “GG” is just a chaotic bunch of random people at this point.

      And she claims she was against some of the censorship.

      Oh well I still don’t care.
      It’s just not my problem.
      NOA is still terrible at their job.

      edit-disregard that, she actually seems terrible, just not entirely terrible but still terrible

  4. This is only a good thing if one caveat holds true: that nintendo fired her for being bad for their games and not for her political views. When she says she was fired for not being a “good” representative, I hope she means “I suck(ed) at my job” rather than “I wasn’t obedient enough.”
    Yeah, she’s still an SJW scumbag, but if outrage is leading to firing (us or theirs), then this industry is truly doomed.

    1. I know right!? You’d think even these people would realize that trying to get out from under a reputation as a pedo apologist by having a known pedo publicly defend you is a pretty shit strategy.

  5. because relaxing child porn laws is something they didn’t want to support? WTF does GG have to do with it lol. fine if she thinks that way but keep that shit to yourself. you don’t talk about bombs on airplanes either.

  6. Fuck the people who are defending her. Some of the comments on KIA have been the most mixed, some great and some fucking retarded. Anyone one who thinks is this is awful needs to go and fuck themselves, seriously. She’s advocated CP and she defended a convicted paedophile. She is Anti-consumer fuck this cunt, I am glad she’s gone.

    1. A lot of GamerGatePlus on Twitter are defending her too. It seems that if an Anti-SJW is fired nothing happen, but as soon as a SJW is fired the cucks start with #IStandWithTheSJW bullshit. This is why nobody wants to comes out as a GamerGate Supporter. Theres zero benefit on it.

      1. Seriously fuck KIA, even when the GG banner was at it’s peak those fucking KIA fedora tippers at Reddit were it’s weakest link by a mile.

  7. i dont understand these rancid cunts
    well fuck she was a fucking pedophile advocator
    but im sure thats ok
    if it was a male the same out come would have happened
    but allot quicker

  8. The idiocy of those SJW goons is incredible and their tendency to just take at face value what is being said and follow it blindly, bears a striking resemblance to sheeps behaviour. It’s appalling how they don’t make a modicum of effort and think over it rationally. They just follow the usual twitter instigators and parrot their words blindly.

    First, they believe that a bunch of reports from GG will make a company as big as Nintendo to terminate an employee just because they’re pressured in doing so. It’s not like if that was the case, she could sue their asses back for unlawful termination after all in America people sue each other over trivial shit all the time. IF nintendo terminated her, they sure have gone through a lot of evidence to make sure they have some valid material should she intent some kind of legal action, they didn’t do so just because they got stronghanded into it.

    Second, the amount of double standards at play here leaves me flabbergasted. I thought they were supposed to be the paladins of equity? Shining knights hellbent in restoring equality in the world one hashtag and tweet at time?

    One of the many issues that was discussed in the Elliott vs Guthrie case and, one of the tweets that started the whole debacle was when Guthrie after having acquired real life information of Ben Spurr (creator of the “beat up Sarkeesian” game) asked her mob if she should release those infos so he would face just retribution.

    At this point, Elliott stepped in to defend the guy, saying that what he did not justify ruining his life. Feminist/sjws went and released information and procedeed to email his actual and potential employers to inform them what vile, misogynistic human being they employed/would hire in an effort to burn all the bridges around him.

    When interrogated in court, Guthrie said this was fine because he was 24 years old and thus, fully capable of taking responsibility for his own actions. Whatever outcome their letter to his (potential) employers had, that didn’t concern them as it was his action that put him in such a spot and they merely delivered a message.

    Now that the same thing has happened to Alison, the SJW crowd tightens their blinders around their heads and what’s happening to poor Alison is the fault of Gamergate and of the ongoing harassment women in gaming face in this repulsive, vile, misogynistic industry. Advocating child porn is now fine again whereas, back when Guthrie and her crew of psychopaths were painting Elliott as a pedophile, every last one of them was UTTERLY disgusted.

    Suddenly, the fault is not of Alison for holding views that are openly in contrast with the image of nintendo as a company but, for people to report such views to her (ex) employer.

    The irony and the hypocrisy in all of this, are staggering.

    1. On face value the “double standards” and “hypocrisy” you mention looks to be the case. However if you open your mind further and think deeper into it, I would argue that:

      GamerGate: Original and core principle is to stand and advocate for freedom of expression/creativity, free speech, anti-censorship, anti-PC, and ethical journalism.

      SJWs/feminists: Advocates for censorship, restriction of expression/creativity, policing content and thoughts and corrupt journalism through authoritarianism.

      Therefore from an unbiased and neutral point of view, I think it’s safe to say that GamerGate’s core principles is the moral one.

      That’s the difference.

      The ‘moral dictators’ on their high horses within GG have been lecturing others to not “act” like SJWs to fight back against SJWs, which is a fair point. And even myself, I always like to get things done in a civilized and moralistic manner whenever possible.

      However, SJWs/feminists do not reason with you. They do not logically debate with you. They do not operate on facts. Instead, they operate on lies, deceit, shaming and slander. They also have the complete backing of mainstream media and news outlets as well.

      Therefore the points I made above makes it clearer on why sometimes it will be necessary to ‘force’ the fight across, because standing back, staying on the moral high horse and being moderate gets you absolutely nowhere.

      Also, the act of promoting and defending paedophilia is serious. A childish face-punching flash game isn’t.

      1. Spot on.

        But in their twisted minds this time child pornography is an expression of sexuality and nowhere as dangerous as a game where pressing the left mouse buttons makes badly drawn paint bruises appear on a face.

        The SJW/Feminist crowd can’t be reasoned with, it’s the kind of crowd that bitches about everything just cause regardless of the length you go to satisfy them. They want a black actress to play as a lead role in a movie? Give them that and they’ll bitch that her skin wasn’t “black enough”.

        The movement has no principles or core beliefs, they are constantly changing them on a case per case basis, they’re not interested in promoting the creation of a better environment. What they care about is to victimize themselves and take defense of whatever they perceive to be the weakest party in a controversial episode. They are basically a rooster weathervane, swinging whatever way the wind blows.

        If it had been a man in the place of Alison Rapp, they would be singing Nintendo praises this time telling what kind of great company they are for taking such prompt action against someone who promoted the endangerment of nintendo’s core audience. But since it’s a poor girl and they do need to demonize gamergate, it’s obviously not her fault at all she’s a mentally ill pedophile apologist but of course it’s gamergate’s for making this information known to her employer.

        I agree with you, there’s no taking the moral high ground with those people, they need a taste of their own medicine time to time. She’s a disgusting pedophile apologist and she was found to have a second job. Again, GG delivered the message but it was her actions that doomed her. Good riddance.

  9. Nintendo tend to fuck up a lot when it comes to censorship and pandering to SJWs, but employing someone that vile can’t be good for business. Good job.

    So long, fucker!

    In all seriousness though, as a dev working on my first game, I’d be infuriated if anything I made got butchered like Fire Emblem did, especially after all the work I’ve put into the story and characters already and I’m not even done yet. I’d be out for blood if my creation was ruined and bastardized like that.

    Glad to hear she’s gone, especially after her attempted normalization of pedophilia.

  11. Good riddance to this fucking SJW-feminist degenerate and fuck all those white-knighting manginas.

    And fuck NeoFemiNAZI as well.

    “politically motivated life-ruination campaigns”

    “absolutely infuriating “games culture” is going to care more about
    overwatch butt shot being changed than campaigns to destroy women’s

    “GG’s hate campaign”

    Oh the fucking irony of Social Justice Warriors and feminists. Someone tell these degenerates to go and look in the mirror before they start accusing others of doing what they claim to be doing.

    1. Also I would like to add, there is possibly a ‘downside’ to this.

      And this ‘downside’ is that she got fired (rightly so of course) most likely only because she is a vile paedophile-defending creep. She probably did not get fired because of the censorship.

      If it weren’t for the paedo issue, this cunt would still be in Nintendo’s offices butchering and ruining games.

      Ideally she would’ve been fired for BOTH the paedo issue AND the censoring of games.

      So if you’re one to celebrate this as a stand against censorship in video games, think again.

      1. Almost guaranteed, it was the pedo business and most likely the rest of the treehouse will remain on board with the censorship to some degree.

        But a win is a win regardless, we take those.

        Edit-The situation is confusing, nothing seems sure anymore.
        Gonna have to give it some time to settle down.

      2. The only way to know for sure is if Nintendo themselves issue a statement about it, but I doubt they want to deal with this shit and the negative backlash. I’m sure they’re already bracing for the incoming wave of SJWhiner tears.

        1. Yeah. Nintendo are going to need the support now.

          The moment Rapp’s sacking became public, the Social Justice Whiners were always going to go after them. So hopefully Nintendo will stand firm to set a precedent to show that these fucking degenerates cannot always get what they want.

    2. son, based on your writing and your icon, i feel like you really can’t say anything about having educated yourself on feminism or anything besides your own ego so uh….grow up??

      1. Based on actual psychological profiling from the DSM regarding internet comment trolls, those who offer all but one salient point in a response are generally the ones seeking to do harm to a commenters reputation/denigrate the conclusion the commenter has reached. If you want to appear educated, you could do a little more to articulate your own point(s), instead of challenging someones beliefs based on your own misled inadequate projections.

        Just saying.

  12. Bwwwhahaahaha! Look at all the butthurt clowns defending this pedo defender. Such hypocrites too because if that was a GamerGater they would supported what the company did.

  13. 2016 – the year video games started to become great again.

    The butthurt and tears on that @UnburntWitch account is epic.

  14. She got sacked for being a crap PR manager.
    Who in their right mind uses their official company account to promote pedophilia, spew misandry and antagonize the company’s consumer base?
    Bitch should learn to separate her personal life and ideology from her job, but then again this is something extremely hard to do for SJWs, that’s why they end up in bed with each other.

  15. Whatever happened to that sack of shit Chris Kluwe? I would have expected him to be defending that cunt Rapp. I personally would love to see Wu”s Nintendo collection. I doubt that haggis has purchased anything Nintendo related in the last decade.

  16. Idiot woman cheerfully espouses going easy on people who get caught with child porn, all while representing a company with a child-friendly image, and somehow it’s our fault when the company tells her to GTFO?

    Not even the The Flash working as a bank teller could pass the buck as fast as Alison did.

    1. Honestly I think the advent of Twitter has contributed to more people sticking their foot in their mouth than anything before. I hope in twenty years she realizes that some things should not be broadcast in a public place where potential employers and employees can read it.

    2. I think she meant 2d Loli related stuff, but i wouldn’t know, havent heard about her until now.

  17. I think there is another side to this. You don’t post the stuff she posted on Tumblr and Twitter and not expect a backlash. The only people who know the truth is Allison and Nintendo HR. After reading some of the comments on her Twitter feed she is playing the victim card but in a smug way. She is not a victim of anything but the consequences of her decisions.

    1. Yeah, but sadly, this is nothing new with these scumbags. Everyone still wants to play up the narrative that gamers hate a woman with an opinion, so I’m absolutely not surprised that these chucklefucks are willfully ignoring her defense of pedophilia. I’m also not surprised that Rapp called the police acting paranoid that someone’s out to get her. What will surprise me, and pleasantly so, is the day these professional victims are arrested for slander and crowdfund scamming.

  18. Wu claiming Wu has ever been silenced or even just shut the fuck up for ten seconds, pricleess.

    1. LOL. Wu threatening to boycott Nintendo. I’m sure they’re going to be hurting for cash because Wu doesn’t buy two 3DS games this year.

      1. I find it tempting to say “SJWs don’t have to be your audience. SJWs are over”, but the thing is, SJWs were never their audience to begin with.

  19. As I just said on Twitter: If nothing else, #GamerGate at least showed the world who among are species would banged a child up the ass in a darkened alley with no remorse.

    Here’s a hint: It’s the people defending Alison Rapp.

      1. Saw that over on RS McCain’s website. Ohhhh myyy. Moonlighting as a camgirl, Alison? Really? You weren’t making enough dosh as a PR flunky for Nintendo?

        Her supporters are going to look like complete toolboxes.

  20. “I just… I need a minute. From all I have heard they seemed to be a safe and inclusive employer. But this succumbing to a hate group is completely reprehensible. Nintendo should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.”

    Don’t like Nintendo succumbing to a hate group, huh? So where the fuck were you when they were censoring Fire Emblem? Also, if anything, getting rid of a vocal hater of men and gamers is the safest and most inclusive thing an employer can do. Now all the men and lovers of games at the company (of which I can assume there’s a lot) can feel safe, and all it costed was a single problem employee.

  21. Just got done reading this + updates. After witnessing the salt, I’m sorry but there’s only one appropriate response and nothing else needs to be said by anyone. That response is the following:




    hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhhahahhahah! are you kidding me oh my god look at those idiots go repeating a year and a half old bigotry toward gamers against corruption with classics like “gamergate hate campaign” and lolololol brianna wu invoking #Gamergate tag yet again, the group of people who ruined her life and if she had to do it all over again she totally would! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha lol I’m done, shut it all down gamergate will be over by the end of 2014 lol

  22. “They did it to me
    They did it to others
    They did it to @alisonrapp”


  23. >Break terms of contract
    >Get caught breaking contract
    >Gets mad at being found that company found out she broke contract
    >Doesn’t wanna own up to mistake.

    Look Mrs. Rapp, do you honestly think it solely GGs fault you got fired? Let me tell you who has more power than anyone else in the world. Mothers. When parents find out a paedo-defender works a company, they get mad. I can tell you right now that Nintendo probably had a lot of pressure from parents to fire her. It was the smartest business move to fire her.

    1. We all know she’ll be fine after she cashes in on victimizing herself…

      Plot twist: No one gives her money after this public debacle they are causing. AWKWARD!

    2. I had to laugh at her stupid arrogance. “Oh so what if I had another job and broke your contract! It’s all those nasty GGers for telling you the truth cause I never would!”

      Not like it’s her breaking the contract still, the essay, the support of child porn and misandry!

  24. Wasn’t this the chick that defended pedophiles? When I saw that I was hoping she would get fired. She’s a sick bitch. We don’t need these feminazi crazies in the gaming industry.

  25. Wow this really hit home with them huh? I’m surprised how many people who had said “I’m done with gaming journalism whatever” responded to this. The tools they’ve been using to silence others have finally been turned on them and they are scared.

    That last tweet of hers’ where she says she wants the industry to lead in progressiveness is particularly cringey. Progressive only works with rock music.

  26. Oh boo hoo! Alison Rapp got fired for putting up that essay about being in favour of pedos and wanting to excuse child pornography. I will stand by Nintendo as they made the right decision. Brianna Wu is an idiot and so are 100% of the SJW’s trying to support Alison.

  27. I love the mental backflips. She does something that is AGAINST HER CONTRACT but she thinks it’s ok. So when it comes to light that she did do those things and nintendo is like “Oh you broke contract? you’re fire” does she show any remorse? No! She is ONLY upset that she got found out! It’s friggen amazing. How can someone do something that they were told not to do and then play the victim?

    1. It’s amazing! It’s like, is she even living in the real world?! But then again, she is into misandry, child porn and all sorts of sick shit, so maybe she took a blow to the head.

        1. I actually googled those to see what the shoot was about like, if she was three as “nintendo employee” then I saw a clothed close up of her and lost my nerve, I don’t want to see her ugly ass in any state of undress.

  28. As many times as similar statements have been made, I’m still not sure if I should laugh or facepalm every time a SJW cries foul over being served their own medicine. Particularly the people who are all “You can’t fire someone for what they do off the clock!” When that is one of their favorite go to methods of attack when they don’t like someone, even if they have to blatantly fabricate lies.

    The sad thing is that I get the feeling that this is going to make some people double down on their crusade to fuck up our vidya.

  29. I can’t help but think the “second job” thing is more of a cover story than anything else. They already were figuring out, from outside sources, that Rapp was bad news: They just needed something rock solid to hang her with. Lo and behold – she was busted doing some NSFW modelling on the side which was not compatible with NoA’s corporate image as a family friendly company.

  30. Rapp lost her job because she was incredibly shitty at PR and couldn’t maintain a professional appearance and separate her professional life from her personal life. But that didn’t stop the former (and likely current) Game Journo Pros from running a narrative of harassment and victimhood about the boogeyman of GamerGate. It’s not like Rapp wrote a thesis defending pedophilia or anything (hence Butts showing up to chime in) that might make a games company look bad. It’s not like her extremist, left-wing rhetoric was spilling over and reflecting on a company that wants no part of that nonsense. It’s not like she was moonlighting for another company against Nintendo company policy (there’s also a rumor she was doing something involving nudity, which is a big no no). Yeah, fuck her.

  31. oh man! The Anti-GG meltdown is sssssooooo delicioussssssss, their favorite obedient gaming company has defied their will. so much butthurt in those tweets, it’s GLORIOUS

  32. Taking Nintendo’s statement about the second job, and the growing evidence that this second job related to cam whoring with their products, I will say this in her defense: I do not believe that is the reason she should have been fired. I’m all for women being allowed to do what they want with their bodies on their time. Sex positivism and individual economic agency and all of that jazz. I do understand the PR and contractual issues that this secondary line of work causes in our current societal climate, but I do not find the punishment ultimately fitting, legal and deserved though it is.

    That being said, I’m hardly sad to see this bitch end up like this. I’ve ever found the whole “Lets get these people fired for doing and saying and believing things that we find completely disagreeable” line of tactics to be distasteful and generally beneath me personally, but the rules of war are ever decided by the person who sets the lowest common denominator. Let her squirm. She’s only being hoisted by her own progressive petard.

    The rest of it is just icing on the cake.

  33. This is awesome, one of the best victories from GamerGate. I am also not surprised that the GamerCucks from KIA are pissy that a fellow SJW has been fired.

  34. 2016 is shaping up beautifully. So many SJWs are getting wrecked. When Nintendo found out she was friendly with pedos, they dropped the axe. Their company caters to children.

  35. Well of course these pedo’s lose their shit over this.

    Unlike their campaigns Rapp was reported for shit she actually said, advocating for pedophilia and child porn, while working for a family and kid friendly company.

    Kudos to Nintendo for firing her. The Moonlighting thing is weird but she’s still just as fucking fired.

  36. Alison Rapp’s a Jew.
    forehead goes directly over into nose.
    classic and stereotypical feature.
    pictured from the side, her nose is also yuge. (also notice the ‘bump’ in the middle)

    her name is also a Jewish last name.
    pedophilia is a classic Jewish personal trait. (and encouraged by the Talmud, the actual book that guides Jews. see *several* Talmud pages photocopied below in replies.)

    all this combined is the reason the dailystormer has been behind taking down Alison Rapp since February.
    weev had dug up contact info for her bosses & the dailystormer board flooded them with complaints.

    the name Rapp was also used in a classic case of dog whistling in the famous neocon/zionist franchise by Vince Flynn: hero of the series is named Mitch Rapp and the Israel/US ties are prominent.

    look at something you’d always disliked, and there’s a Jew behind it.
    the story isn’t really about SJWs. it’s about Ashkenazi.

    1. had to put this here. one Talmud page of many encouraging pedophilia.

      hope you like your Judeo-Christian values, goy! you’re being force-fed them.
      as someone who’s studied Islamic scripture (Hadith), it’s striking to realize where Mohammad got his ideas from. after all, his teachings are heavily lifted from the Talmud.
      that’s one reason why the Jews are now importing Muslims into EU: their value sets overlap heavily.
      it shouldn’t surprise anyone, since they’re both *Semites* (at least the Muslims causing trouble).

      (Judeo Christian is a fraudulent concept invented in the 1930s after the Jews had declared war on Germany in 1933. many years before Hitler felt the need to camp them. the US was a lot swifter with its camping of Japanese.)

    2. more Talmud pages about pedophilia being A-ok with Jews

      Jews don’t live by the old Testament. that’s a red herring used to deceive the goyim. they live by the Talmud.

  37. How nice of all the terrible people in the industry to come out in support of her. Makes it real easy to know who to avoid.

  38. I like how she and all the idiots are say ” IT’S GG MAN. THEY ARE AFTER WOMEN IN THE GAMING INDUSTRY MAN” and yet there is zero proof of any group being after her. For all they know it could be er 10-20 people being trolls or douchebags.

  39. This is the only good part about Trump winning the elections, he will remove SJW political benefits.

  40. Yeah I’m just gonna take a page from their book and listen and believe to Ninty. She was fired for moonlighting, GG dindu nuffin!

    Bye bye Alison, thanks for the lulz babe 😛

  41. love how they somehow turned this into “GG bullying women out of the industry”. also why is it that when this happens to them all of a sudden everyone wants to take the moral high ground?

  42. Funny how being “held accountable” isn’t such a “progressive” smugfest when it happens to a SJW. TS Rapp.

    P.S. Where are the nudes? ?

  43. What is this like a 25 year old girl who should be making 30k a year and she’s an internet celebrity now or something. She advocates child rape. I’m confused as to why this girl is famous or why she can’t go wrap burritos or pour coffee until she gets another 9 to 5 job.

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