More on this as it comes in, as this is basically all we have at this time…

    1. You rightwingers literally want to make it legal to run protestors over and you’re glad she tried blocking a ship with ppl fleeing war zones. Dude you’re a literal racist. This is so blatant.

      1. They aren’t people fleeing war zones, do your homework. They are economic migrants mostly young men of fighting age and a large percentage of them support ISIS. They hate the west and they openly state they want to breed us out.

      2. I literally want to make it technologically possible and legal to punch you in the face over the internet.

      3. You seem not to have read the article at the top. Thank you for your message from an alternate universe.

      4. Violent thuggish protesters are not peaceful and deserve to have force met with force. Illegal migrants are not legitimate refugees and have no legal right of entry into Europe. They should be treated as an invasion force. They are literally threatening the survival of Europe. Their choice, they can fix their own countries or face the consequences of invading ours.

        1. Yeah, I just find it amusing to mention it. This was one of the best moves she did as a journalist.

      1. Actually aware of that ? It slipped my mind. Sorry for the micro-aggression Lauren sir, my bad! ?

    1. You ppl want to make it legal to run over protestors in America and you think it’s journalism to block boats with ppl fleeing from war zones? You’re messed up in the head.

      1. Violent protesters blocking traffic and attacking people.

        Fighting men taking the war elsewhere.

        Oh right, they’re good little dindus. We should all just stay at home and parrot our sponsor’s narrative instead of actually getting out there and putting themselves in danger like Lauren does so we can see what the fuck is actually going on.

      2. your head is missing a brain if you consider leftist activists forming a human chain across a major road blocking traffic a form of protest. It is lawless militancy, endangering the safety of those in motor vehicles. Maybe this law will force the police chiefs to order their men to do their jobs and arrest these miscreant activists instead of standing down. I don’t care either way, I believe these activists should be knee capped or shot.

      3. you’re either misinformed, or a liar who is only spewing a part of the truth while leaving behind the other truth that doesn’t benefit your leftards agenda.

      4. They are muslim invaders….HIJRAH….immigration jihad. Most are military aged male muslims.

      5. You’re probably retarded if you think it’s acceptable to “protest” on a freeway.

  1. White American woman tries to stop another boat in another country. What could go wrong. It isnt civil disobedience when your overseas.

  2. Well fortunately it’s a hop, skip and a jump on the nearest plane to telling the Italian authorities to fuck off, as long as she has her passport, that is.

    1. Lol it’s the EU, she might have trouble getting off the continent without a passport but now that she’s back on the streets she wont have any trouble getting out of Italy.

  3. Ask yourself. Why are these Soros-styled non-governmental organizations running human cargo (refugees) from Africa to Europe?

    The invasion of Europe would not being going so well without these high-cost private navy’s creating open ocean terrorist superhighways.

    Who benefits?

  4. Wait. Luke said “German NGO refugee boat from leaving Sicily and going towards Libya”.
    German boat.
    Leaving Sicily.
    Towards Libya. Who were the refugees? Couldn’t have been Sicilians.
    Why are people saying they’re fleeing a “war zone”? In Sicily? The fuck?

  5. I wouldn’t call it a “refugee boat”. That connotes some row boat or raft of empty pop bottles making a one way trip in. A boat sent out to deliberately bring people back should be called a “refugee ferry”.

  6. I haven’t been doing social media for about a year, but apparently they’ve been falsely accusing Loren of terrorism and other icky things, so she’s made a response. And la Génération Identitaire will be putting up a website in the next few days to help organize activities.

  7. Thank God an American woman had the nerve to go and stop poor people from escaping a life of guaranteed death! She’s a true hero! Something else that people in other countries love is when uneducated children from America use their countries as staging grounds for their own half witted ideology.

    What a bunch of fucking retards you all are.

    1. These economic migrants? **** em! Let em save their countries! If they need to escape so badly, it says that what the build is something to escape from! Let em die!

    2. It can’t be an accident now that you have used the bug in Disqus to give yourself an upvote. Since I caught you again I guess that shows I am not a “retard”. Either you are still trying to fool us or you are quite a narcissist.

      BTW, we all have a life of guaranteed death.

      Lauren Southern probably got a fine for using fireworks. Her act revealed to the Italian coast guard the presence of the illegal refugee ferry.

      “Something else that people in other countries love is when ” soft-headed German leftists come to their country to import 3rd world refugees from countries with an active terrorist underground.

        1. Naw, Ethan Ralph likes free speech instead of freeze peach.

          “Freeze peach” is a recent lefty meme that since the First Amendment narrowly defines free speech as no government censorship people using it to mean wider open discussion are whining about “FREEZE PEACH”.

          Hah, hah, hah. Hah. chuckle.

          Don’t get the joke? Listen, “FREEZE PEACH”.

          Freedom of speech is an important principle of the Enlightenment. Now some self-designated liberals are mocking it to undermine it. Ethan Ralph has announced this site will give meaningful latitude to such as Quise.

          1. Not block him from the site, just to click his name, hit block user, and you never have to see his comments again.

    3. Are you a LARPING Quisling of George Soros post-modern nihilist army or just a brain dead moron foaming at the mouth?

      Is there a difference?

      Opened up your spare bedroom to any rapefugees lately?

    4. Have you looked at a map of the world lately? In order to get from Syria to Italy you have to either travel by land through multiple countries that aren’t warzones or you have to sail halfway across the Mediterranean bypassing both Turkey and Greece.

      These are not refugees, and even if they were refugees Europe still owes them nothing and should protect it’s own people even if it means these migrants die by the barge-full.

  8. That was idiotic of her. She’s lucky she didn’t do this with the Israel/Palestine situation. When idiot liberal loon Cynthia McKinney tried to interfere with the Israel blockade of the Gaza strip, she nearly got executed. (Frankly, she should have been executed, instead of deported back to us after detainment.)

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