BREAKING: Louise Mensch No Longer Leading Heat Street, Was Sidelined in Mid-December

BREAKING: Louise Mensch No Longer Leading Heat Street, Was Sidelined in Mid-December

I called this, right down to the letter. Louise Mensch has been sidelined at Heat Street and she’s no longer leading the site. She is still on the payroll, probably because she has dirt on Rupert Murdoch.

From Politico…

Louise Mensch is no longer leading News Corp.’s libertarian-leaning website Heat Street. The company and Mensch made the change in mid-December.

“I’ve been very lucky; requested in August that I move on to create the other two new media properties I had in mind for [NewsCorp.] when I started. At first they said play yourself into the wicket a bit, but when we hit 8 million [in traffic], they said yes,” Mensch said.

“Louise and [Heat Street publisher and managing editor] Noah Kotch have done a fantastic job launching Heat Street (the site went from zero to 8 million readers by November), and in the wake of that success, Louise continued contributing articles to the site and is now incubating several further digital projects for News Corp. (which she’s been seeking to do since late summer),” News Corp. Chief Communications Officer Jim Kennedy said in a statement. “In that regard, she is working closely with Chief Strategy Officer Anoushka Healy at our headquarters in New York. She has, throughout, been News Corp VP of Creative and Strategy and Noah has been publisher and managing editor of Heat Street at Dow Jones.”

But a News Corp. source suggested another reason for the change: Mensch’s activity on Twitter and elsewhere had become a distraction for the otherwise successful website. Mensch has been incredibly active on Twitter, often attacking President-Elect Donald Trump, and talking about various theories regarding intelligence leaks and Russia. She also popped up in John Podesta’s hacked emails where she suggested an idea for an ad for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Like I said, called it

Even with TrendsMap, the company in question, blowing her phony shit out of the water in one of the most famous publications in American history, Mendacious Mensch insists on continuing to push this blatant lie. In fact, it’s pinned to the top of her Twitter profile as we speak. How long until Rupert Murdoch and his clan realize that she’s actually an albatross around the neck of Heat Street and decide to cut her loose?

I’d be very careful if I was her. Her psychosis might end up costing her that cushy Heat Street editorship one day.

Well, I guess this means she had nothing to do with the hit piece that minority hire Ian Miles Cheong wrote on me, so at least there’s that. Still, I’d warned her several times that her unhinged allegations about Trump were going to soon cost her the Heat Street editorship. I even said it wouldn’t last until the end of 2016, if I recall correctly. I can’t find the quote/tweet, so you’ll have to take my word on that. But either way, even without that quote, my prediction came through.

Ah well, she’ll still be making lots of shekels from the Murdoch clan…so I don’t think there’s any need to take up a collection for her. I do wonder how this will change the tone over at Cuck Street, or if it even will. Only time will tell.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • GuitarAnthony
  • Herbert☆VonDoom

    let see how lolberterian heatstreet is without the nutter faux one gone. I wonder if Ian is still going to be her little bitch boy.

  • Icarus

    She’s really been going at it on Twitter over the past few days. I think she might be an escaped mental patient who’s ran out of medication.

  • I unfollowed Mensch on Twitter this morning, not on account of anything she had said, but purely because of the volume of tweets.

    • Hzle

      I muted her until the US election was over – when she gets the bit between her teeth she is… persistent to say the least.

      It was absolutely wonderful when she was defending Tim Hunt. For that I’d forgive her almost anything..

  • youareivan

    heat st was never particularly relevant to me but pepe-gate solidified my contempt for both it, mensch, and mr. cheong. how can anyone trust positions taken by mr. cheong when he has vacillated between opposing positions so frequently. the only thing dependable about him is that his position will change when it’s profitable for him.

    also, the only thing more pathetic than claiming to be a nazi is someone who claims to be a nazi in order to impress friends.

  • The Gator Gamer
  • MaskedCuccos

    It’s the Russian hacker.

  • Mr0303

    I bet Putin himself arranged this to happen.

  • MKFenris

    >Libertarian leaning

    No self respecting Libertarian outlet would be in the bag for Clinton.

  • DFP

    I’ll only return to reading Heat St. after they’ve decisively fired her and retracted their baseless labelling of my good friend Pepe.

    • They’re going to have to make good on that “Keijo is child porn” bullshit, too. Retractions all around.

  • MrSonicAdvance

    I know there’s bad blood between you, but ‘minority hire’ IMC? Come on now!
    Full disclosure, I can’t bring myself to hate on Louise as I am convinced she is a spectacularly splendid lay and you never know… 😄

  • John Brexiteer

    Has she blamed Trump, Putin, Brexit, and or Farage yet.

  • Brooke

    “Mensch’s activity on Twitter *and elsewhere* had become a distraction for the otherwise successful website.”

    I’m wondering if this might be a reference to Louise being involved in that bogus group PropOrNot. The early nutty tweets from the account of that group-& their irrational hostility to Russia-sounded exactly like Mensch.

  • Typical

    Minority hire makes you sound bitter dude… I’m sure he was hired for his professionalism and utmost regard for ethics.

  • robert franklin stroud

    She’s insane which means she is like most Liberals/anti-Trumpers

  • Mouth

    Louise did this to herself. Backing Hillary, NeverTrumper and seeing Russian hackers everywhere. She went off the deep end.

  • SJW leftist revealing her true colors. Shock horror.

    Wonder if she’s going to join the Misandrist’s Women’s March to protest against Donald Trump after he officially becomes President?

  • Whaler31

    I remember reading a tweet about the Mensch getting the axe from heat street over a month ago, but couldn’t verify it. The mentality of these feminist freak leftists is hard to fathom in their depth and scope. They just don’t know when to throw in the towel.

    • “They just don’t know when to throw in the towel.”

      How on earth can feminists be in the situation of “throwing in the towel” when they are still so god damn powerful and influential on society, academia, education and politics?

      One or two feminist freaks may get mocked and fired every now and then, but the fact that women’s groups and feminist organizations are a billion-dollar industry says that we have not even landed a single jab on them.

      People need to think of the bigger picture here instead of just “Louise Mensch got sidelined hahaha feminism is dying”.