Brianna Wu Exposed By

Brianna Wu Exposed By

Earlier today, I wrote a column on Brianna Wu. I didn’t pull any punches, and it was tough as shit. Some GamerGate people have been up in arms over the tone of my writing recently, and this set them off into open warfare against me. I’ll just let them, and the rest of you know right now: The content on this site, and my style of writing, will not change. I don’t care where the criticism comes from, I will not stop. I damn sure won’t stop because a few bitter Redditors from KotakuInAction, and some do-nothing trolls on Twitter want me to. They can all fuck off and stop reading the site, if it offends them that much. No apologies are forthcoming from me.

Now, since we’ve gotten that our of the way, let me just drop a little bit of knowledge. I’ve come across an old LiveJournal of Ms. Wu’s, and I’d like to share a little sampling with you all. I’ve already posted a little bit on Twitter, but here’s a full section:

I don’t especially feel that gays are allies when it comes to women. I think that we usually get along well, but I have occasionally felt that gays see us primarily as competition for the penis. When I watch drag queens, I can’t help but feel insulted – as if that offensive cartoon is what they think feminine truth is there are so many issues women have that gay men never have to think about. Our increased health care costs, equal pay issues, access to reproductive health care and the threat of rape and violence. Concordantly, there are many gay issues that don’t affect me – I’ve never had to worry that society didn’t approve of my sexuality or marriage rights.

It does help that our enemies are the same, the fundamentalist conservatives that would deny us the right to make our own choices. The lunatic fringe would deny me the right to make choices about my body, and they’d just as quickly send the gays off to sexual reeducation camp. We are united against the patriarchal oppressors that think they know what’s best for us.

Wait, there’s more!

Everyone makes fun of Christians, it seems. In fact, the only other group it’s acceptable to slander as much as Christians is fat people.

My question to you is this: if we can all agree that it should be off-limits to slander niggers, broads, fags, chinks, wetbacks and nappy-headed hos, why should any of us feel so openly empowered to make fun of Christians?

To be honest, I haven’t had time to comb through this whole thing. If people haven’t picked it clean by tomorrow, I may run another story. I just wanted to drop this short tidbit tonight, for those saying we never uncover anything here at Of course, those people are full of shit. All you have to do is look at my history. But, keep up the good work, haters. You definitely keep me motivated.

Here’s a dedication for you guys:


Twitter Battle UPDATE:

Ethan Ralph

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  • Tanooki

    it is even less socially accepted to make fun of fat people than to make fun of christians.

    society has deemed christianity the only religion you can make fun of and not see repercussions.

    • Michieie

      To be fair christianity and all of the branches that follow Jesus (catholics, etc.) are acceptable targets.

      I just laugh at everyone for anything.

      • DrTechnoBabel

        True. I mean, when we’ve basically run the western world for 1000+ years, it’s not really ‘punching down’ to crack a joke at our expense. I don’t see a problem with jokes targeting religion, as long as it’s not overtly hateful. And that goes for any religion, not just Christianity.

        • destroy_all_monsters

          Please don’t buy into that “punching down” horseshit. Being a bad person is being a bad person.

          • DrTechnoBabel

            Oh, absolutely. If you’re a shitty person, it doesn’t matter what race, orientation, religion, or whatever you are, you deserve to be called out on it, and harshly (for instance, despite whatever problems Wu might or might not be having, her behavior is inexcusable and I’m not angry about Ralph being harsh when talking about her). I’m just saying that no Christian in America has the right to call persecution over a joke at their expense when they’ve more or less been running this country from the start. And I do think there’s a difference between say, a white guy making fun of a specific black guy, and a white guy making fun of black people as a whole. The first is a joke about a person, and the second is dangerously close to being racist if it isn’t already. ‘Punching down’ is just an overly simplified way to describe the latter, although admittedly one that seems to be misused by people wanting to shield themselves from the former.

          • Niwjere

            If I want to crack a joke with my black buddies regarding fried chicken and bicycle theft, they will hit right back with “wack-ass cracka” and the like. It’s all in good fun — we all know the stereotypes hold no water with one another. It’s no different from any other form of friendly insult. I’d never dream of cracking such a joke to an individual of whom I was not already a friend. Too much risk of being taken the wrong way.

            tl;dr: One person thinking something is racist does not make it racist across the board. Context is all-important here.

          • DrTechnoBabel

            Of course. Like I said, the rule’s incredibly over-simplified. Context can indeed change everything, and as such I don’t think any ‘rule of comedy’ is truly a hard rule, but more like the Pirate’s Code: a sort of guideline that may or may not be followed depending on the situation.

          • destroy_all_monsters

            I’ve never seen anyone use the “don’t punch down, punch up” meme or even a single part of it without it being an attempt on their part to justify their poor behavior towards others.

            Of course jokes are one thing and not something people should take offense to – as long as they aren’t being used to demonize or other a group.

        • Michieie

          My country is primarily catholic and the city where I live is heavily christian. I still don’t care and bite at both of them.

  • David Reynolds

    I knew she was a snake, but goddamn son. ._.

  • You’ll have to dig deeper if you want to find something “incriminating”, I don’t see any issue with her exploring her concepts of sexuality on livejournal, which in the olden days was often used as a diary by people.

    Her current actions are definitely that of a loudmouth but I don’t see anything of “use” thus far.
    Sage, if I could. I will keep reading your site though.

    • destroy_all_monsters

      I usually agree with you but I see nothing in her comment that indicates her “exploring her concepts of sexuality” – merely looking for a scapegoat. De rigeur for feminists these days.

      The most ironic thing is that is exactly the kind of comment Janice Raymond and her ilk have used to other trans women for decades.

    • A Real Libertarian

      there are so many issues women have that gay men never have to think about. Our increased health care costs, equal pay issues, access to reproductive health care and the threat of rape and violence.

      I’d think Matthew Shepard would have something to say about “violence”, wouldn’t you agree?

      • destroy_all_monsters

        Not to mention the fact that in the US more men are raped than women – and women are a significant number of the rapists.

        • A Real Libertarian

          But, of course that’s “made to penetrate” not real rape.

          And they wonder why we aren’t buying their “rape culture” BS.

          • Kawlinz

            Yeah if he had an erection he must have wanted it is how it generally goes

  • Nin

    As a Christian, I don’t really mind the mockery. Heck, I find it amusing sometimes; FIST OF JESUS is a masterpiece of gaming.

    Just from what you posted, I see nothing really important, though in her website, she really, really seems to hate Hilary Clinton.

    • Niwjere

      Praise Zombie Jesus!

    • Derp_Meowslurp

      I don’t technically identify as a christian, but you do have to recognize the double standard and hypocrisy. It’s not just christians though, it’s straight white males that get openly attacked. This is a classic divide and conquer technique that is used to pit everyone against the majority. They can’t control the majority if the majority isn’t demonized in some way. They make the christian, straight white people into oppressors that must be fought against. They shame the majority into excepting any insult, no matter how extreme, and then use that shame to deny a reciprocal response to minorities. Otherwise you get labeled a racist, etc.

      There couldn’t be a more disingenious method of control than fostering hostility, this is evident in politics. Minorities vote for democrats largely b/c they are seen as a group that is standing up against the status quo. Even though they don’t do shit for minorities but enslave them to welfare and scare them into submission by tales of the white southern racist.

    • SiliconNooB

      That game kind of looks like a blast – I wish it was on console!

  • ZURATAMA1324

    Is it weird when I feel…
    I dunno, kinda sorry for her?

    She looks unstable.
    Both physically and mentally.

    • DrTechnoBabel

      Not really. I posted a comment on the last column where I pretty much said the same thing. I think she needs to talk to a counselor, at the very least.

      • ZURATAMA1324

        Unstably leaning, blinking uncontrollably, overly being fixated on her victim hood, weak voice, constant frown, sometimes avoiding eye contact, fucked up hair, pale/unhealthy looking skin, threatened facial expression… etc

        Overall, she looks, stressed, tired, anxious, and barely keeping herself together.
        And I personally won’t blame this on #GamerGate’s harassment since she has been looking like this even before #GamerGate.
        However, I do think she needs some help or at least counseling. (I wonder how her husband thinks of her condition.)
        While I disapprove of her character, she is a human too and deserves to be cared.

        • DrTechnoBabel

          Agreed, 100%. Honestly, I would even go as far as to say that she’s not just doing all this for attention (though that is more than likely at least some part of it). I think she genuinely believes that her life is in danger from #GamerGate, and that she has to speak out to get people to stop harassing her.

          Of course, that doesn’t at all mean that she’s RIGHT (like you said, her problems go back to before #GamerGate), or that people shouldn’t call her out on her actions and behavior, since there is no real excuse for that. I just think that her feelings of fear over being harassed are way more genuine than, say, Anita’s usual ‘martyrhood’ antics. I could be totally wrong, of course, and this could all be part of ‘the act’, but at least right now I really don’t think it is.

          • ZURATAMA1324

            Yeah, she is fundamentally different compared to Zoe Quinn or Anita.

            Zoe Quinn and Anita has a certain smug look when they talk.
            They probably know they are benefiting from this attention and victimization (whether it is true or not is a different question).
            Whenever they are on TV, they speak with pride and condescending tone, stirs the drama and then proceeds to link their Patreon page or name drop their projects.

            Brianna is… different.
            While her general action is similar to Zoe and Anita, her attitude as she does so seems uneasy.
            I wonder what lies behind the whole #GamerGate drama in Brianna’s life.

    • I am under the impression that her Twitter comments are filled with people telling her to seek help. She takes this as an insult rather then a possible chance to reexaminate her life.

      • ZURATAMA1324

        Well, that is sad.
        But it is understandable.
        If someone told me I needed medical help, I would be tempted to say “No you people don’t know me shit.” since admitting one’s own weakness is hard. (Maybe she might be right. After all, we don’t actually know her personally.)
        Anyway, I hope someone contacts her husband or friends to coax her into it.

        • guest

          she is a he, trannys are fucked in the head. Literal autism, fuck them

  • Eggard Snark

    Who cares about the thoughts of people who are beyond reason?

    Fuck em.

  • The Deuce

    WTF? How do you even explain that first one? Reproductive rights? Insulted by the sight of drag queens? Never having to deal with “gay issues” like society’s approval of his/her sexuality and marriage rights?

    Did Wu’s sex change surgery come with a memory wipe or something?

    • destroy_all_monsters

      The reproductive rights and health care one is a particular doozy since only cis women have either.

      • The Deuce

        You know, this thing has me pretty much convinced that Brianna Wu’s “death and rape threats” were actually self-inflicted, what with the bizarre stuff about “eating her disembodied uterus” and “killing any future children she might have.” Sounds like an overly-conspicuous attempt to lampshade and affirm the fiction that she’s biologically a woman and always has been, just like in her LiveJournal entry.

        Edit: and to top it off, she appears to have a history of specifically talking about her nonexistent uterus:

        • destroy_all_monsters

          There is no denying this woman is several sandwiches short of a picnic.

    • Code : Verde

      A lot , but not all MtF Transgenders are absolutely batshit insane – Especially the ones that actually complete the surgery. I’m too lazy to google right now but if I recall correctly, it’s about a 70% or something suicide rate. I hate to generalize this early in the morning.

      • destroy_all_monsters

        The suicide rate is high largely due to the lack of acceptance and outright hostility towards transwomen. Something transmen never have to face. Certainly not to the same degree.

        However, if we’re going to call people “crazy” for being suicidal then cis men are the single largest group and are between 3 and 4 times more likely to commit suicide than cis women.

        • japan kawaii

          Sorry pal, there is no factual basis for claiming the high suicide rate is “largely” because of discrimination and cultural backlash. It is far more plausible that people who would be willing to go to such extreme lengths simply to alter their physical appearance (simply in order to fit into an advantageous social category, in many cases) have underlying psychiatric issues.

          There is also the question of how hormonal treatments affect mental health…

          To be clear, I have nothing against trans people or the decision to go trans. Just stating a fact even most trans people would accept.

          • destroy_all_monsters

            O rly? Then explain why men commit suicide at 4-8x the amount cis women do.

            Clearly then there’s something “wrong” with cis men too and their underlying psychiatric issues.

            Your Occam’s razor needs sharpening.

  • Mr Snow

    I say when they hit, hit back, and hit harder.

  • Ryan Lawson

    “gay men never have to think about…the threat of
    rape and violence.”
    Get the fuck out, and don’t come back until you’ve grown a brain.

    • destroy_all_monsters

      You don’t even have to be a gay man – just a man. She could have argued that transwomen are more likely to be victimized percentage-wise than any other group but that second group is always going to be men. Cis women are way down the line when it comes to violence.


      As a gay man that has been raped, let me just say…GO FUCK YOURSELF BRIANNA.

      • guest


  • HisShadowX

    You know who gave Brianna Wu power and the spotlight?! You all did! When she was making passive agressive threats who answered her prayers and harassed her? Some idiot GamerGate supporter. You want to stop her influence? Ignore her and her threats.

    • Dick Gozinia

      By commenting, you’re included. I smell a paradox.

      • Laytonaster

        This… statement… is… false…!

        Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

    • I’mTooDrunkForThisShit

      I don’t recall any of the threats she published saying they were from a GG supporter.

      • Code : Verde

        Any and all threats will be flipped to be from GG.
        There’s an interview where Wu says they were threatened when GG started 2 years ago.

        Let that sink in for a second.

        • Dick Gozinia

          if I let that sink into my brain, my brain is going to sink like the Titanic.

          remember that one episode of Star Trek where they go to the planet loaded with androids? The only way to destroy them is to give them paradoxical conundrums that blew her brain out? that’s what is happening with me right now.

    • Code : Verde

      If you haven’t noticed, the entire thing is a cabal. A scripted song and dance to make GamerGate look terrible.

      Action : Wu inserts themselves into the spotlight to play the victim.
      Action: Wu says really, racist and insensitive shit.
      Reaction : People ignore what GamerGate supporters are saying.

      Reaction: People get fucking mad and Wu actually gets a real threat compared to those imaginary ones.

      Action: Felicia Day inserts herself into the spotlight by saying really fucking racist shit. Claims public information is “dox”.
      Reaction: People ignore what GamerGate supporters are saying.

      My personal Reaction: Learning that both Felicia Day and Feminist Frequency support going back to Ye Old 1900s Racism is a shock to the system. Treat gamers in a way white women treated blacks during suffrage? Cross the street and shun them? Gotcha.

      It’s like calling someone a Nazi or a Pedophile in Europe. Once those accusations are made, nobody will listen to what the accused says.
      Have the cure for cancer? If a prominent person is paid to call the one who holds the cure a pedophile, nobody will want to touch the cure for cancer.

      tl;dr : GamerGate is fighting against those who hold the microphone and those who control the microphone put the most irritating fucktards they can find into the spotlight to divert attention away from the problem.

      • Fharl

        The closest analogue to your Nazi/Pedophile accusation in mainstream America is insanity.
        No one believes you when you’re crazy. Your problems are imaginary, especially if you think your psychiatrist is doing something wrong.
        And that’s pretty much what the journalists are trying to set up here, so they can be the psychiatrist for a sick and mentally broken audience that raves the most loony things. They hold the microphone, as you said, and use soundclips to paint their audience as the madmen.
        Assholes, the lot of them.

  • David Gray

    Tone policing sucks.
    I can be a rather hard person myself, so I appreciate that people can be upset, but nobody is entitled to not be offended.
    People using #gamergate can, will and should disagree. We aren’t building a brand, we’re not here for consensus on a dogma or ideology.
    We are loosely allied to hold the media accountable for its corruption and collusion.
    We can not abide a single narrative being driven by a shared agenda across the media. Nobody ELSE should want that, because it is LITERAL propaganda.
    Good ideas do not NEED a propaganda machine; gamergate proves this by growing even when attacked and demonised constantly. Any honest onlooker can *plainly* see the media narrative is horrible biased and factual *absolutely* incorrect.

    Keep on trucking Ralph. Sometimes I cringe with how direct and blunt you are (I think I’d probably be more circumspect in article form) but tone policing gets us nowhere and “being comfortable” is overrated.
    Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable.

  • SiliconNooB

    Pay no heed the detractors, you are doing good work!

  • NotoriousPAT

    So Brianna was born a man? Just want to be clear here.

    • Niwjere


    • destroy_all_monsters

      She’s a transwoman if that’s what you mean.

  • Guest

    Apparently Wu is a trust-fund baby:

    • destroy_all_monsters

      If this is a fact then what’s her issue? The biggest problem for most transwomen besides being ostracized is *money*. Because people don’t want to hire transwomen and because transitioning is woefully expensive.

      • Kawlinz

        And you need a lot of time off

  • Godmars

    “When I watch drag queens, I can’t help but feel insulted”


    Didn’t think her once being a “him” wasn’t that big a deal – still don’t in regards to GG – but, wow. Just, wow if “she” actually said that.

    • destroy_all_monsters

      You don’t look any better by putting scare quotes around she.

      There is a certain type of transwoman that hates everything to do with masculinity and men as a result of their gender dysphoria. This has, in extreme cases like hers, led them to parrot cis women feminists talking points. Ironically this largely supports so-called TERF talking points as a result.

  • Shane Phillips

    I say keep it coming, I love your style, and the fact that you out these people for what they really are.

  • Andy

    “access to reproductive health care ”

    Wu. you dont even have a womb….. You are a guy.

  • kasey307

    That’s a he-she?!?
    That explains why she was referred as he in the other story.

  • Kibu

    “My question to you is this: if we can all agree that it should be off-limits to slander niggers, broads, fags, chinks, wetbacks and nappy-headed hos, why should any of us feel so openly empowered to make fun of Christians?”

    Wu could have worded this better…but you know what? In that she has a point. Probably the only time you’ll see me agree with her.

  • Sean Northrup

    Ok, as an openly gay man, let me just say that I will gladly slap the fucking taste out of this crazy cunts mouth for that retarded, homophobic shit that she said. You do NOT get to talk down to gay people because you have a vagina. Last I checked, straight women have it pretty fucking golden compared to gays. They might get their clits shaved off with razor blades in africa, but there aren’t fucking laws putting them in jail or to death for being who they are.

    • Rogowski

      That’s the thing, ‘she’ doesn’t have a vagina. ‘She’ is a MtF trans.

    • guest



    (s)he talks shit about gay men, but forgets that (s)he was born a man, who is now married to another man? what the fuck

  • Diego Brando

    She is clearly deranged, and I am getting the impression that the meaning of the word “Reflect” is totally lost on “it”. But what we definitely need is journalist/writers such as you, Ralph (I’m guessing that is your nickname, I made a disqus account solely to make this one comment), that does not pander to it or it’s cronies, to ‘knock it down a peg’ so to speak.