Earlier today, I wrote a column on Brianna Wu. I didn’t pull any punches, and it was tough as shit. Some GamerGate people have been up in arms over the tone of my writing recently, and this set them off into open warfare against me. I’ll just let them, and the rest of you know right now: The content on this site, and my style of writing, will not change. I don’t care where the criticism comes from, I will not stop. I damn sure won’t stop because a few bitter Redditors from KotakuInAction, and some do-nothing trolls on Twitter want me to. They can all fuck off and stop reading the site, if it offends them that much. No apologies are forthcoming from me.

Now, since we’ve gotten that our of the way, let me just drop a little bit of knowledge. I’ve come across an old LiveJournal of Ms. Wu’s, and I’d like to share a little sampling with you all. I’ve already posted a little bit on Twitter, but here’s a full section:

I don’t especially feel that gays are allies when it comes to women. I think that we usually get along well, but I have occasionally felt that gays see us primarily as competition for the penis. When I watch drag queens, I can’t help but feel insulted – as if that offensive cartoon is what they think feminine truth is there are so many issues women have that gay men never have to think about. Our increased health care costs, equal pay issues, access to reproductive health care and the threat of rape and violence. Concordantly, there are many gay issues that don’t affect me – I’ve never had to worry that society didn’t approve of my sexuality or marriage rights.

It does help that our enemies are the same, the fundamentalist conservatives that would deny us the right to make our own choices. The lunatic fringe would deny me the right to make choices about my body, and they’d just as quickly send the gays off to sexual reeducation camp. We are united against the patriarchal oppressors that think they know what’s best for us.

Wait, there’s more!

Everyone makes fun of Christians, it seems. In fact, the only other group it’s acceptable to slander as much as Christians is fat people.

My question to you is this: if we can all agree that it should be off-limits to slander niggers, broads, fags, chinks, wetbacks and nappy-headed hos, why should any of us feel so openly empowered to make fun of Christians?

To be honest, I haven’t had time to comb through this whole thing. If people haven’t picked it clean by tomorrow, I may run another story. I just wanted to drop this short tidbit tonight, for those saying we never uncover anything here at TheRalphRetort.com. Of course, those people are full of shit. All you have to do is look at my history. But, keep up the good work, haters. You definitely keep me motivated.

Here’s a dedication for you guys:


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