In 2015 I signed up for Patreon specifically to pledge to Brianna Wu.




Her Patreon has always clearly stipulated that the money will go to hiring someone to deal with harassment. This seemed like an important and logical cause for me to support. I’d seen her receive harassment as a result of GamerGate, and as advocate for Boston’s tech scene, it was a no-brainer for me to throw in a few dollars. Unfortunately, I now believe that Natalie O’Brien may not exist..

In various publications, Brianna has mentioned a woman named Natalie O’Brien. She has claimed that Natalie O’Brien is a pregnant woman who she hired as an administrator. I now believe that Natalie O’Brien may not exist and that Brianna Wu has simply pocketed the money for herself.




On the official Giant Spacekat website, Natalie O’Brien is currently listed as an administrator. As you can see, there is no description for her. There are no pictures of her, no social media, no information about her anywhere on the internet.

In this article, written by Krystal Wong, Natalie O’Brien is mentioned again as a pregnant woman who she has employed.




A quote from Natalie is included, though interestingly it was given through e-mail. I approached Krystal Wong for clarification regarding if she had ever met Natalie in person or spoken to her on the phone and received no response.


Here again, Wu brings up Natalie as the company’s administrator, claiming that she is the person who runs the twitter account @GSXOffice.

I initially became suspicious when having a conversation with a local friend involved in IT who had previous a business dealing with Brianna. When I mentioned that I donated to her Patreon, he suggested that I do a little more digging on the veracity of her claims. In doing so, I noticed several claims that seemed dubious. The one that concerns me most is of Natalie O’Brien because it is a purely financial matter and does not involve subjective ideas about politics or social justice. Simply enough, Brianna Wu has likely made over $30,000 over the course of her Patreon’s existence and there is no evidence that the person that she claims to be paying the money to (Or any other person filling such a role) exists.

In reaching out to fellow Bostonians in the gaming and coding community, I have not found a single person who knows Natalie O’Brien. Further, in reaching out to people who have supposedly worked at the Giant SpaceKat games with Natalie O’Brien, the only response I got was from someone who had never heard of Natalie O’Brien or a pregnant employee at GSK at all. When I contacted other members of Giant SpaceKat and Brianna Wu’s professional circle, I was met with ignored e-mails and immediate blocks on twitter.

This lack of an answer is even more damning than simply hearing that the employees had never heard of Natalie O’Brien. It’s one thing to not be aware of someone you work with, but it seems like an incredible overreaction to, instead of simply saying if you know the person or not, circle your wagons and refuse to speak on the subject.

The only person in Brianna’s social or professional circle who has been willing to speak publicly on the subject on Natalie O’Brien is former contract employee Emma Clarkson and she also doubts Natalie’s existence.




Some may be wondering why I’m posting this anonymously. My primary concern, is that as someone who is entangled in similar social and professional circles as Brianna, I’ve seen how quickly she can turn on and leverage her twitter followers against people, both in real life and on twitter particularly in response to criticism.

Secondly, as it becomes more and more obvious in the local community that Natalie O’Brien is fictional, I am, to an extent, a bit embarrassed for having fallen for this apparent ruse.

As for why I’m airing this grievance publicly, as previously stated, I have attempted to contact Giant SpaceKat employees in private and did not receive any response.

My request to Brianna is simple: I’d like to see proof that Natalie O’Brien, the (formerly) pregnant woman who is listed as an “administrator” for Giant SpaceKat, exists. Simply prove to us who have given you money month after month that that the funds went a legitimate cause. I think that is a fair request considering our financial support.

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  1. Hell she’s faked everything else in her life, why stop now?

    Games Developer? Fake

    Harrassed out of her own home? Fake

    Tries to say GG supporters will Sarin gas the expo she’s going to? Fake

    Hires this ‘O’Brien’ character? Fake

    Has a vagina? Double-Decker triple Fake

    This is nothing she hasn’t faked before. Only this time, I suspect she’s going to face REAL consequences for. And honestly? Couldn’t happen to a crazier nutjob.

      1. Or that her life ran parallel to comic book character Batman .

        That was stupendously hilarious to read on twitter.

        More like Bat-shitcrazy-man

  2. I know its terrible to say this but considering the odd of suicide among people who undergo transition surgery etc, but when is wacky wu going to drink a tall glass of bullet straight from the gun?
    hopefuly not for a long time her unique breed of idiocy and madness is entertaining especially when it’s falling apart.

  3. This one is going to go down hard for tax fraud, it’s not a question of IF but of WHEN.

    1. I would agree with that if only the IRS was impartial with it’s enforcement… But it’s hard to say whether they are or not, Lois Lerner took the 5th after all.

  4. So this dude/chick (ironically using the moniker InformUs) just listened and believed and is only now asking for a receipt?

    Top kek and if you’re reading this give me a call, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    1. This is one of the ways SJWs ultimately destroy their own habitat, for their lies and bullshit to get them a living they have to prey upon the gullibility of well intentioned strangers. Ultimately even the most gullible tend to eventually wake up and their fluffy well meaning world view begins to give way little by little to complete cynicism. These people are creating a world one person at a time that will have no place for them in it.

        1. Well it’s already partly here and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Unfortunately the thing that will most likely kill off the elements who are destroying trust and cohesion within society is an absence of trust and cohesion in society.

  5. there’s an easy way to counter this. have natalie come on a video and explain who she is. not having Natalie speak at all easily casts doubt onto her existence.

    This is the easiest thing for Wu to show evidence too, and yet she doesnt do it. Ergo, she’s fucking lieing through her teeth. This is her “My girlfriend lives in Canada” middleschool arguement

    1. Exactly, it would be easy to prove, of course I wouldn’t put it past Wu to put a fake up there. Still, if there was some kind of video I feel like most people would have to let it drop.

    2. Go check out how your expectation fits within my comment on Wu. When you don’t really produce games, there’s a lot of time to produce long-con scams.

  6. Would it be rude to say that / or ask why we should care that someone who sponsored this fraud in the first place? The writer made their bed and now they want to cry to the people that she was against (Saying that cause Wu is against gamers and those that side with Wu would be against us)

  7. Apparently she’s lining up a 3-way call to “crush the smear piece” lol what is it 1993, phone call? Maybe Miss Techzilla should get with the times. You can trust her after all the lies.

    1. she can’t be that stupid to think people would accept that as truth. people are expecting photos or vid as evidence, not a voice on the other end of the line.

      1. Go see my comment that incorporates your observation. The pieces of a puzzle make no sense alone, but when fitted together,,,

  8. As much as we can easily believe that Wu is a faker and a scammer through her past actions, we also know that Wu has a history as a self-victiming scammer, re: “chased from my home” when pics show she wasn’t.
    One thing that jumps out at me from this article is that the writer claims to have contacted Wu and other Space Kattys inquiring about O’Brien and that tripped the blocking and wagon-circling. Are we now to believe that the writer believes that Wu and crew would have zero clue as to who is posting this? If this were legit, no, they’d know and the harrassment harpies would be unleashed upon them with fake claims of threats, etc.
    I suggest to you that this ALL a Wu production and that there actually IS a Ms. Or Mrs. O’Brien (a low profile individual), and the purpose is to A) Stir up controversey/anger/conspiracy/snarky tweets etc. from gg remnants. B) go through several doubt inducing steps to prove she’s real, like this 3 way call, maybe followed by a few written posts claiming she fears fot her and baby so thats why no pivs/vid. C) Meanwhile, the stalled, rusty Patreon of Wu begins churning over sympathy bucks again, as th’ hardcore SJWs activate on ggr’s mocking Wu. D) Finally after 3, maybe 4 weeks of being gg/MRA victim number one again, O’Brien “finds” the “bravery” to come forth in an actual vid, “proving” that Wu haters are the hateyist hateful hate-mob hating in poor wittle Wu.
    And i credit this latest victim soap opera creation to Frank FuManWu, evil shitlord and shaved Wookie fetishist.
    Ignore this ridiculous clown womany-man.
    Your welcome. See the clerk

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